International Friendship Day Event – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be explaining how the international friendship day event works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

International Friendship Day Event – Mafia City

This event is quite straightforward compared to most other events in the game. All you need to do in this event is collect maps from the daily tasks, from gathering & from street forces & then you’re required to used these maps to play the claw machine minigame.

You can get upto 11 maps per day, 2 from hitting street forces, 2 more from gathering resources & 7 from the daily contracts. You get 1 map each at 70, 120 & 260 points & 2 maps each at 340 & 420 points.

The way the minigame works is as follows.

The minigame has a clamp that moves back & forth horizontally.

You’re required to tap “Grab” when the clamp is above a chest to start lowering it.

When the clamp is in range of the chest, the chest will be highlighted, this is when you’re required to tap the “Grab” button again to catch the chest.

The chests can only be grabbed when the clamp is moving down, the cannot be grabbed while the clamp is moving up.

Each player get 4 tries at the start of the minigame, this means that the clamp can be lowered 4 times before you run out of tries.

Each stage has a total of 7 chests, so you’ll need to at least 7 tries to clear all the chests. You can buy extra tries during the minigame using gold by clicking the button on the top right of the screen. The first extra try costs 90 gold, the 2nd one costs 120 gold & the 3rd one costs 150. This means that in order to clear all 7 chests, you’ll have to spend at least 360 gold per minigame. Maxing out the minigame gives you a friendship day token along with the 7 chests which can be used to get points in the event. Each token is worth 100 points.

If you miss a chest during the minigame, you’d have to spend 180 more gold for every miss as the 4th try & all the extra tries after that cost 180 gold each.

Apart from the extra tries, you can also buy 2 more power ups. The first one slows down the lowering speed of the clam & the second one allows you to claim all the chests in the game.

I wouldn’t recommend using the first power up as it doesn’t slow down the horizontal movement speed of the clamp & for the 2nd power up, I’d recommend using it once since it only costs 400 gold & you need to spend 360 gold anyway to clear all chests, so the effective cost for using that power up once is only 40 gold.

However, after using it once, it’s cost goes up to 700 gold for the next round which is a little too much for me. So, I wouldn’t recommend using it a second time.

You can also use 3,000 gold to play the minigame. Using gold allows you to play the minigame with an infinite number of tries & you can also claim all chests for just 100 gold. This is a great way for spenders to get points quick in this event.

Since you can get 11 maps per day & the event lasts for 7 days, this means that you can get a total of 77 maps over the course of the event.

Since each minigame costs at least 360 gold to max out, you’d have to spend at least 27,720 gold to max out this event to get 7700 points.

This event is only worth doing if you’re gonna finish in 1st place as it gives you a permanent Friendship Day Chat Bubble.

I’d recommend that you collect as many maps as you can & wait for the last day to see if any player is going crazy on this event. If you think that there’s a player or multiple players in your city that are going crazy on this event, then I wouldn’t recommend spending any gold on this event. Just end the minigame after you get the 4 gold & orange chests.

However, if you notice that everyone in your city has a very low score, then it might be a good idea to go all in on the last day to try & win the permanent chat bubble.

There are 3 types of chests that you get from this event. The chests can be used to redeem various rewards. From the purple chests, I’d recommend getting the roadster points, gem boxes & maybe event the VIP points. From the orange boxes I’d again recommend getting roadster points, VIP points, gem boxes & also leader experience & finally from the gold boxes I’d recommend getting everything except the resources & speed ups.

So, that’s all I had to talk about the Friendship Day event.

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