Season League Campaign Event – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the New Season League Campaign Event in Mafia City & I’ll also be sharing some of the things that I figured out about this event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Season League Campaign Event – Mafia City

The first thing I wanted to talk about was the Raids. The goal of this event is not to destroy the level 99 Overtaker’s Squad, but instead, it is to try to do as much damage as you can in a single raid. Since only the damage of your strongest raid is considered for the Raid Rankings in this event.

Another thing that a lot of people were confused about was the Power Points & Raid Points. So, now I’m gonna explain how those work

Your city’s power is determined by adding the powers of your top 35 strongest players. This isn’t mentioned anywhere in the game, however, I tested this in 2 cities manually by adding up the powers of the top 35 players & it was pretty close to the powers shown on the leaderboards. You can test it in your cities as well if you want.

The Power Points that you get is based on the number of cities participating in this event & your city’s power rank. It’s calculated by adding 1 to the number of participating cities & then subtracting your rank from it to get a number & then you simply multiply that number by 40 to get you score.

The Raid Points are calculated based on the Raid Rankings in the same way except instead of multiplying the number by 40, you only multiply it by 10.

Power Points = (No. of Participating cities + 1 – Your Rank) * 40
Raid Points = (No. of Participating cities + 1 – Your Rank) * 10

This Season, there are a total of 1224 Cities Participating which can be found by checking the ranking rewards for this event, or you can even go look for the Overtaker’s Squad in city 1224 & you should be able to find it, but you won’t find one in city 1225 which suggests that this event isn’t available in that city.

If you want to calculate the number of points you get for being ranked number 1 in the event, you can use the same formulas shown earlier to get 48,960 for Power Rankings & 12,240 for Raid Rankings. Your final Score is a Sum of both of these numbers. So clearly, power is way more important than Raid Damage in this event.

This is only the first Phase of the Event, once this phase ends after 4 days, there will be a grouping phase based on the final rankings. Each group will have 12 cities, so there will be 102 groups in total. Out of these 102 groups, only 1 will be selected to try out this event while the remaining groups only will be able to play this event once it’s released 3 weeks later. So, there’s a less than 1% chance that you’ll be picked to try this event out.

Those are all the important details that we know about the event right now. Nothing much has been shared about the main event that will happen after 3 weeks, so let me know what you guys think it’s going to be like in the comments down below.

Before I end this post I’d like to thank all my patrons for the support:

Level 20 Bosses: Papy Rock, HLR~BIG¥DADDY~614, Irish Tochino (C744), ᵐᶜ ЯΣΛPΣЯ

Level 10 Bosses: Purple Swirl (C153), Kamikaze77 (C407), Hero ¥ (C898), Yuyul Dollkiller (C562), KO Boss (C590), AscMirzo, Thoress, [Oldboy], BadASSDaD (C120), Zubair Rafique, 12cz, xoXO JULS Xoxo (C87), ꋊꂦꍟ꒒ꍏꋊꀤ, Ron Smerkonich, BrianBozElloy (C236), Im a Unicorn (C766), DaviD Justin, K a y, ✯VɆ₦₳₮ØɌɌƗ✯, MickaelGaribladi (C536), LooseGooseSlayer (C574)

Level 5 Bosses: Jon Phillips, Lavialle Xavier, Tank God, Sidney Heath, Saharudin 31, Psychaos (C158), Adam Quinn, António Pimenta, Casper, AreZi, Fluffy (C509), XxXReaperXxX (C507), Tracey, samuel brito jr, Nik0708, cloths, Rykt3r (C496), Dana Perry, 601 money (C927), Anubis, 805 Baller, Nicholli410 (C569), Aussie Assassin (C300), Achilles (C269), One9GT, J Silent M, Sidney Rich, Punisher (C454), Aaron Henry, Smittyson (C716), Chris, EmilyGrace, Temperance77 (C249), James White, MarkDeLux (C557), Podo100 (C793), Myat945, Saikosa, Jaffe De Jaffe (C950), тєƒℓση ∂ση 887, Jon, Carol Fkin Baskin (C768), Superwog (C176), Squirrelly Dan, John Fukn Wick (C766), Micado (C469), Cali Bug, Bounty六六六, Stitch (C361), Meg Ferri, City 124, King Cyrus (C962), Ana Abramusic, Madam Rose (C579), Hellraiser (C388), 07GSXR, Charles van Veen, HughGRection69 (C1095), Anton, yourDream, Harry, =Lars Warez= (C921), Matthew Everhardus, Felipe Santos, Ainz Ooal Gown, MarginalOrganism, Jub Jub (C39), Madonia Family (C267), KamakaziKid, Presidential.JPG, Sage (C519), Dominic Ford Sr., Antoning Fernandez, James Newman, Ghost x, Brandy, Brian Jeter Kyshaun, Mther of Dragons 269, Patricio 307, JoKeR, Inspectore(C991), Big STU (C975), Killer Rabbit. If you wanna support me on patreon, here’s the link:

So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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