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In this post, I’m going to be talking about the 2 new events. The unexpected occurrence & the unexpected design events. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

The Unexpected Events – Mafia City

Let’s start off with the Unexpected Occurrence Event. This event has 5 chapters & you can get 30 fragments of the new vigilante per chapter along with other rewards. Each chapter has 4 different tasks.

To finish chapter 1, you need to press the help button 10 times, donate 20 times, Gather resources 3 times & use 30 speed ups. For the gathering task, it doesn’t matter how many resources you gather or which tiles you gather from. Also, for the speed up task, you could easily finish it by using 30 1 minute speed ups.

To finish chapter 2 you need to donate 120 times, defeat street forces of any level 10 times, you need to trade 30 times in the black market & date a babe once. For this chapter, if you defeat a street force using the blue devil roadster, it’ll be considered as 2 street forces & not 1.

For chapter 3, you need to train 2,000 troops of any tier, you need to use 160 energy, you could use energy to attack street forces, mercenaries, gunmen or to finish the slammer, then you also need to make 1 equipment of any quality at the pawnbroker & use 100 speed ups of any duration

For Chapter 4, you need to attack enemy turfs 5 times. You could easily finish this by attacking your farm account if you don’t want to attack main accounts, you need to train 7,000 troops of any tier, you need to defeat 50 street forces & collect 10 gems at the lapidary complex. The green gems that you collect will be considered as 4 gems.

For the Final Chapter, you need to attack enemy turfs 20 times, use 500 energy, defeat street forces 50 times & kill 5,000 enemy troops.

So, those were all the tasks you need to do to finish the unexpected occurrence event.

The other event going on is the Unexpected Design event where you can get a permanent turf effect by purchasing at least 5,000 gold per day for 5 days during the event. Purchasing 5,000 gold a day gives you 5 golden dragon turf effect fragments for each day along with other rewards & if you do so for 5 days during the event, you’ll get an extra 25 turf effect fragments along with the permanent legendary dragon chat bubble, avatar frame & name tag. You should be able to redeem the permanent golden dragon turf with just the 50 fragments that you get from this event. If you wanna get the permanent turf effect by spending the least, then I’d suggest buying packs that give you more gold than usual like the $5 packs that give 3000 gold or the $1 packs that give 2000 gold.

Also, for the Santa Mafia Event that’s currently going on on facebook, you’re asked to choose from 4 options.

If you choose the Uzi, you get 24 hour 20% Attack bonus along with 50 minutes each of training, healing & general speed ups.

If you choose the Bullet Proof Vest, you get a 24 hour 20% Defense bonus along with 50 minutes each of building, investment & general speed ups.

If you choose the Sports Car then you get 40 normal roadster points & 50 minutes each of training, investment & general speed ups.

Finally, if you choose the Cigar, then you get the worst rewards. You get 150,000 Cash & Cargo, 25,000 Arms and 6,250 Metal.

Obviously, all of the 4 options give you the permanent Golden God avatar frame.

I’d like to give a shoutout to zyzoo from city 210 for sharing info about the Unexpected Occurrence event & Medusa from city 468 for sharing info about the Santa Mafia Event.

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my patons Kamikaze77 from city 407, Jon Philips, Zippo from City 72, Lavialle Xavier, Pope Bathory, K K, DJ Danny D, J. H, Sidney Heath, Psychaos from city 158, Adam Quinn, BiggRyan from City 642, Chris, Saharudin31, Sidney Rich, Jamsheed Karaa, Fluffy from City 509, Calculated Gamer, J Lopez & 12cz. If you wanna support me on patreon, here’s the link:

So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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