Losing can be better than Winning – Mafia City

In this post, we’re going to see why it might make sense to lose on purpose in the Real Estate Competition. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Losing can be better than Winning – Mafia City

Over a year ago, I had made a post titled ‘Real Estate Defense Strategy‘ where I explained why it makes sense to set a weak defense formation on purpose so you can let other players progress further.

Recently I did a poll asking you guys whether it actually makes to set a weak formation in the Real Estate Event & about 52% of players said that it does because it helps everyone.

17% said that it helps everyone except themselves, 7% said that it doesn’t help anyone & another 4% said that it does more harm than good. While the remaining 20% didn’t know why you would use a weak formation in the real estate event.

So, the first thing we’re gonna do in this post, is we’re gonna see how using a weak formation helps everyone else & then were gonna see how it helps you & then we’ll see some common reasons why players don’t like setting weak formations in this event.

Here’s how the real estate competition works:

Whenever you win a battle, you get a certain amount of trophies. However, whenever you lose a battle, you don’t lose any trophies. You only lose a few resources.

With more trophies, you’ll be able to reach higher tiers & get better rewards every day.

By setting a weak formation, you’re allowing weaker players to get more trophies & therefore get better rewards. At the same time, you’re not losing any of your trophies, because, as we saw earlier, you don’t lose trophies for losing battles in this event. You only lose a few resources. And if you’re worried about the resources that you lose, you can always get them back by revenge hitting the players that attacked you.

So, I hope this makes it clear how you’re helping other players by setting a weak formation in the Real Estate Event while at the same time, not harming yourself.

Now, let’s see how you’re helping yourself progress further by doing so.

Let’s say you’ve made it to Diamond 1 in the real estate event & you have 600% stats. You’ve also helped players A, B & C who are weaker than you make it to Diamond 1 because they managed to get a bunch of free wins off of you. Their stats are only 400%.
Now if you’re lucky, you might face these 3 players a few times & get some free trophies for yourself by doing so, which will make it easier for you to get to Diamond 2.
However, what if you don’t face any of the 3 players that you helped get to Diamond 1. Will you still benefit from using a weak formation?
Well, the answer to that is most probably, yes.

Because, by helping these 3 weak players enter into Diamond 1, you’re also helping players that are slightly stronger than them, but slightly weaker than you get to your league as well.

The 3 weak players are not only giving free wins to you, they’re also giving free wins to players with 450% stats. A, B & C each could easily help at least 1 or 2 450% stat players to get to Diamond 1 & the 450% players will help some 500% players get there & the 500% players will help some 550% ones.

And since you’re at 600% stats, even if you face a few of these players while you’re in Diamond 1, you’ll still be able to get a few trophies which will help you get to diamond 2 faster.

This is how you help yourself as well by setting a weak formation in the Real Estate Event.

So, the moral of the story is that, it doesn’t matter whether others are setting a weak formation or not, you still indirectly benefit from it even if you’re the only one doing it.

To me, setting a weak defense formation is just like trading points in Clash of Mafia, but even better. Because in clash, if your opponent suddenly decides that they’re not going to let you have their buildings for free, then you stop getting free points & won’t be able to get better rewards. However, in the Real Estate Event, even if your opponents don’t set a weak defense formation, you still benefit from your own weak formation indirectly as we saw earlier. The only problem is that it’s hard to notice because it’s impossible to keep track of the players that you’re giving free wins to & then the players that those players are giving free wins to.

A few people mention that, they don’t like giving away wins for free & want players to earn them.

That I don’t really agree with because the Real Estate Event rewards you mainly for 2 things:
1. Is your stats (which is mostly based on the amount you’ve spent) &
2. Is your activity (because if you don’t battle in the real estate event at all, you won’t make any progress regardless of your stats)

If we assume that a majority of players doing the real estate event are quite active, then the only factor that has an influence on your tier is your stats which is heavily dependent on the amount you spend on the game. Let’s say it costs $0 to get to Gold 1, $100 to get to Platinum 1, $1000 to get to Diamond 1, & $10,000 to get to Prince.

By letting weaker players get to higher tiers, you’re only making it cheaper to progress in this event.

What this means is that, if you give free wins to a bunch of players, the cost of getting to platinum will go down from $100 to 0, the cost of getting to diamond will go down from $1000 to $100 & so on.

So, the players that earned a spot a diamond earlier will now be able to earn a spot in prince, the players that earned a spot in prince will earn a spot in king & the ones that had already earned a spot in king will be able to finish with much more trophies. It’s just that the price of earning a spot in those tiers has gone down.

Another argument that I hear is that, it doesn’t give players a chance to get enough reports to test out different formations.

To that, I would say, you can always test your formations by while you attack other players. You don’t really need defense reports to test formations. There are always going to be players who set strong formations in this event so you can always test your formations against them.
Also, a lot of players think that attack & defense are both very different in this game & that’s just not True for the 1v1 battles that take place in the Real Estate Event. Whenever you attack a player in this event, it’s almost as good as you defending against them. The only reason why you might notice a difference is because of random factors like how many times the Charge Skill Triggered or how many Critical Hits were done during the battle, etc.

Finally, I want to talk about why it might seem like setting a weak formation is not working.
A lot of people think that this strategy isn’t working because they eventually get stuck at a certain tier & are unable to progress further. However, this is always bound to happen as long as there are players stronger than you. As we saw in the earlier example, by using this strategy, all you’re doing is you’re reducing the cost of getting to higher tiers. So, if you were getting stuck at diamond when no one was using this strategy, now you’ll be stuck at prince if some people start using it.

The more people use this strategy, the higher you’ll be able to reach in the event. However, you’ll always get stuck somewhere regardless. That’s inevitable. It’s how the event was designed to be.

Also, if you use a bunch of farm accounts, you might be able to give some more players free wins by signing up for the event with those accounts using weak formations & it would be even better if you could do the event on those accounts & get them to higher tiers.

So, let me know what you guys think about using weak formations in the comments down below. Whether you use them or not & if you don’t use them, then why not?

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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