Limited Lottery – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be giving you a few tips to select the items for the Limited Lottery. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Limited Lottery – Mafia City

But before we begin, I’m gonna be explaining how this event works. So, I think this event takes place for 3 days each twice a month. I’m not 100% sure though so let me know in the comments down below if I’m mistaken. During this event, you get a drawing chip for every 1000 gold you purchase excluding the gold purchased from the Exclusive Privileges, the Growth Funds & the Super Bonus Packs. You can also get 1 drawing chip per day by getting 340 Daily Contract Points.

You can use these Drawing Chips to draw items from the Reward Pool. Each draw increases your luck, which increases the chance of you drawing Tier 3 Rewards & once you draw an item from the 3rd Tier, your luck value will be reset to 0.

You can also get some extra Prizes for for drawing a certain number of times during the event. For example, drawing 300 times give you a new Turf Effect & drawing 1500 times gives you a new Turf Skin. If you’re a moderate spender, then I’d recommend saving at least 300 drawing chips before you choose to participate in this event, so that you can at least get a free turf effect from it. However, if you’re a non-spender, then you might want to aim at least for 100 Chips before you do this event, because, assuming that this event takes place only 6 days a month, it’ll take a little more than 4 years for a non-spender to get 300 Chips. Now, you can choose to wait 4 years if you want but then there’s also a risk that by then the game may shut down in those 4 years after taking everyone’s money.

Now let’s take a look at the reward pool & see which items, I think, are the best to select. So, for the Tier 3 pool, I like selecting the 3000 Godfather Coins, the 20 Silver Points & 12,000 gold.
The 3000 Godfather Coins because of how difficult it is to get Godfather Coins without spending. There are very few events in the game that give Godfather Coins which automatically makes this item very important.
The next item is 20 Silver Points. Now it’s difficult to assign a gold value to roadster points because there’s no way to directly exchange gold for roadster points at a fixed price. However, you can invest your gold in energy in order to get roadster points by attacking street forces. Assuming you attack street forces using the Blue Devil Roadster, you can either get 0, 2 or 4 roadster points per attack & each attack costs 10 energy. If we assume an average of 2 roadster points per attack & 40 gold for 10 energy. We can say that 2 roadster points are worth 40 gold or 1 roadster point is worth 20 gold. Now obviously, it’s not that simple to calculate because you also get extra experience & other rewards like VIP points while attacking street forces but it also takes a lot of time to grind street forces. If we assume it’s 20 gold per roadster point, then the 20 silver points will be worth 40,000 gold. Some of you might argue that, you get 4 roadster points on an average if you grind street forces only on roadster day so it should be 10 gold per roadster point & not 20 gold. Even if we assume that is the case, the 20 silver points will still be worth 20,000 gold which is still a lot better than most of these rewards.
For my 3rd pick, I choose the 12,000 gold which I can then use to attack level 27 to 30 street forces. The gold should be just enough to allow me to attack 300 of these street forces with Blue Devil. Assuming an average of 2 roadster points & 6000 experience per street force. I’ll be getting 6 silver points & 1.8M experience from all these street forces. Not only that, even if 10% of these street forces i.e. 30 street forces drop the special 1000 VIP Points Item. I’ll get a total of 60,000 VIP points by the time I finish attacking all street forces & 60,000 VIP points is the same as 3000 SVIP points. So, the 12,000 gold is clearly better than the 1000 SVIP Points & the 1.5M experience options.
As far as the Golden Gem Coupons are concerned, I’m not really a fan since you can easily get gems from the lucky poker instead of speeding them up at the lapidary complex by spending a ton of gold.
For hitman coins, you’re only getting 4,000 of them which is only around 4 days of production assuming your hitman hotels are at level 30 so I don’t think it’s worth getting selecting those coins.
And the 15M Cargo is probably the worst reward in the pool because you can easily get that much from your farms or by attacking other players or their farms during the kill event.

For tier 2, I like selecting the Godfather Coins & Gold again along with the advance teleport. The Godfather Coins & Gold for the same reasons as before. The 8 hour speed ups are worth 400 gold at the smuggler, the Roses are worth 40 gold each, so that’s 800 gold & the Advance Teleport is worth 1200 gold at the smuggler. That’s why I go for the Advance Teleport. Again, the experience & VIP points are not enough. You get way more by spending the 1000 gold to attack street forces & the hitman coins only give around 6 hrs of production.

For tier 1 Rewards. I select the Energy Drink which is worth 400 gold. The 300 gold item, the 6 roses which are worth 240 gold & the two 2 hour training speed ups worth 200 gold. The reason why I don’t select the random teleport & the Anti Spy even though they’re worth a lot more is because I have way too many of them in my items & I rarely use them. The reason why I chose the 2 hour training speed ups over the other speed ups is so that I can use them to train troops which I can sacrifice in governor for honor points which I can then use to get roadster points or godfather coins.

I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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