Card Matching Event – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the Card Matching Event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Card Matching Event – Mafia City

The event first requires you to select a vigilante out of the list before you can begin the card matching game. You’ll be able to get fragments of the selected vigilante by playing the game. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter which vigilante you select because you shouldn’t be playing this game for vigilante fragments, but you should instead play it for Godfather Coins which give you the best return on investment.

If we compare the $5 packs of all the items you can get from the Card Matching Event, you’ll be able to easily understand why you should aim for Godfather Coins.

So, the $5 Hitman Coin Pack gives you 800 Hitman Coins while the event only gives you 640.
The $5 Jewelry Card Pack gives you 150 Jewelry Cards while the event only gives you 100.
The $5 Experience Pack gives you 930K experience while the event only gives you 400K experience.
The $5 Vigilante Experience Pack gives you 510K experience while the event only gives you 400K vigilante experience.
The $5 Vigilante Fragment Packs give 300 fragments each while the event only gives 50 or 100 fragments.

So, all these rewards that we’ve seen are clearly worth less than $5. However, we’re still left with Roses, Investment Speed Ups & Godfather Coins.

As far as Roses & Investment Speed ups are concerned. I couldn’t find any $5 packs for these items. Also, you can easily obtain these items by spending gold at the yacht, smuggler or the shop.

As far as Godfather Coins are concerned, a $5 pack would only give you 1200 of these godfather coins. However, the event gives you 1800 which is worth a lot more than $5. This is why you should be aiming for Godfather Coins in my opinion.

Now that we know what we’re aiming for, here’s a strategy that you can use to maximize your return.

The first thing you want to do when you start the game is flip the bottom left card. The first flip is always free so if you do not find a card that gives you godfather coins, you’d wanna restart the game & flip the bottom left card again until you find one that gives you godfather coins.

Once you’ve got a godfather coin card on the first flip, you wanna flip the card at the top right of the godfather coin card using your token & you’ll most likely find another Godfather Coin Card. Once you’ve flipped the 2nd card, regardless of what you find, you should always restart the game & repeat the whole process.

I only got to try this out 4 times before making this post & it worked twice for me. However, the person that told me about this said that it worked 7/8 times for them & 4/4 times for their clanmates, So, you should definitely give this a few tries yourself. I’ve added a screen recording from one of my friends using this strategy at the end of the video, so you guys can see how effective it is. (2/3 times)

I’d like to give a huge shoutout to CcWin from City 516 for sharing this trick. Also, I’d like to thank Mysti from City 300 for testing it for me.

Hope you guys found this post helpful.

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