Last update of 2020 – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the new features added in the last update of 2020 i.e. the December 31st Update. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Mafia City – The Last Update of 2020

They’ve mainly added a bunch of new decorations this update like they usually do in most of their updates, so I’m not gonna go over them. But there are a few other things that they added that I wanted to mention in this post.

First, they’ve changed the level for unlocking Elite Blueprints in the SVIP Store from level 14 to level 5. However, it’s still pretty expensive to get blueprints this way since it costs 50 SVIP Points to get 1 blueprint. That is equivalent to spending 1000 VIP points for each blueprint.
& for the level 14 SVIP Store, they’ve added the 1 Hour Defense Debuff item.

They’ve also now made it so that Raids will automatically be disbanded when a target disappears. This will be very useful for most raiding events since most players end up spending way more time raiding during these events because of disappearing targets.

& the last feature I wanted to talk about is Oath Gifts. You can now literally block players to prevent them from collecting gold from your Oath Gifts. So, next time you drop an Oath Gift in the City, make sure you block every player from your enemy clan before doing so, so they’re unable to collect your gold.

These 3 were the only important changes that they made in my opinion in this recent update.

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my patrons

Level 20 Bosses: ₱Ⱨ₳Ɽ₳ØⱧ ༒ ₮ɆⱤⱤØR (C981), ꉣꏂꋪꊰꏂꉔ꓄꒒ꌦ ꊰꉔꀘ꒯Uꉣ (C981)

Level 10 Bosses: Purple Swirl (C153), Philipp Roth, NIGHTKING (C313), Yuyul Dollkiller (C562), Kamikaze77(C407), Hero ¥ (C898), KO Boss (C590), PWA80, BadASSDaD (C120), عبدالله آلسبيعيء, ₦ï¢₭¥ ĐɆɆ (C751), AscMirzo, Thoress, kalhouli (C837), [Oldboy], 12cz, Zubair Rafique, verbeurke16

Level 5 Bosses: Jon Phillips, Lavialle Xavier, Sidney Heath, Saharudin31, Psychaos (C158), Adam Quinn, Chris, Sage (C519), Fluffy (C509), XxXReaperXxX (C507), Wbm23, Calculated Gamer (C178), Padrino⁶⁶⁰ (C660), Nik0708, Cali Bug (C602), Casper, Punisher (C454), Achilles (C429), Don Hugo(C313), Eric Shün, Tank God, Sidney Rich, Nicholli410 (C569) Максим Суворов, Dginny (C591), MarkDeLux (C557), Pops Buggliosi (C742), samuel brito jr, Aussie God (C126), BrianBozElloy (C549), AreZi, Tracey, Aussie Assassin (C300), Aaron Henry, 805 Baller, CarolFkinBaskin (C768), John Fukn Wick, cloths, One9GT, SquirrellyDan, ¥¥¥Aries¥¥¥, Rykt3r (C496), Smittyson (C716), Superwog (C176), 601money (C927), Harley Quinn (C735), Doctor (C361), Julia313, Anubis, Daryl Parrett, Micado (C469), LW, Enriico Monti, J Silent M, Stitch (C361), CUTIESHORT, Dana Perry, Temperance 77 (C249), António Pimenta, William Perry, Everlasting, Jaffe De Jaffe (C950), City 124, EmilyGrace, King Cyrus (C962), Charles Van Veen, Myat945, Bounty六六六, тєƒℓση ∂ση 887. If you wanna support me on patreon, here’s the link:

So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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