Japan Koinobori Treasure Event – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be talking about the Japan Koinobori Treasure Event. But before I begin the post, I’d like to mention that the Cinco de Mayo event has just started & if you’re wondering how to do it, you can check out my guide on the Dragon Boat Festival Soccer Event.

Ok. So the Koinobori event is somewhat similar to the treasure events that we had in the past. In this video, I’m gonna be talking about the changes that they made & the rewards that you get from this event. However, if you want tips on how to get experience quickly for this event then I’d highly recommend checking out the post that I made about Daily Challenges for the Treasure Event. For the Koinobori event, you can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Japan Koinobori Treasure Event – Mafia City

The only change that they’ve made to this event is that now the cards have a total of 35 levels instead of 30. Everything else seems to be pretty much the same.

Ok. So here’s what you get if you buy all 3 cards and max them out.

You get a total of 10M cash, 35M cargo, 5.6M arms & 1.2M metal.

You also get 307 treasure chests along with 8 keys that you can use to unlock 8 of those chests. To get the remaining 299 keys though, you’ll have to buy the key packs.

Then you get 6600 godfather coins which are worth around $25. You get 34 silver points which are worth around $50 since the normal $100 roadster point pack only gives you 63 of those. Then you get 8,000 family gold which is a little more than the 6,000 you get from a $5 pack. Then you also get 10,120 hitman coins which should be worth around $45 & 280 hours of speed ups.

You get 1 purple & orange gem coupon & 6 Premium Gem Boxes.

You also get 1 grand emblem chest & 2 historical emblem chests which, I would say are worth around $5. You also get 1650 advance male & female vigilante fragments which are worth a little more than $5 each.

Then you get 300,000 vigilante experience, 7 advance teleports, 520 jewelry cards which are worth around $15

12 advance crime ops accelerations, 80,000 family reputation, 200 Substance Z, 1 Single Crew Training Capacity Buff, One 35% 12 hour attack buff & a 35% 12 hour defense buff, some new emotes & finally a new ops which normally costs least $300 in the game.

So, you’re getting more than $450 of value by just spending $25 on this event, so I think it’s definitely worth buying both the platinum & black cards for $5 & $20 each.

So, that’s how the japan koinobori event works. Again, if you want tips on how to do the daily challenges for this event or tips for the Cinco de Mayo Soccer event, then don’t forget to check out the links in the description & also at the end of this video.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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