How to Save Upto 20% on Mobile Games – Amazon Coins

A lot of people have asked me to make a post about this topic in the past, but I always ended up getting busy with other posts so I couldn’t make one about this. But, this time it’s different since Amazon was kind enough to sponsor me for this post. So, here’s what we’ll be talking about in this post. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

How to save upto 20% on mobile games – Amazon Coins

First, I’d like to give a shoutout to Amazon for sponsoring this post. Here’s my link: & by using this link you’ll be able to get the discounts that we’re gonna be talking about right now. And also, it’ll help support me so I can keep making helpful posts for you guys.

Amazon Coins are available on Android devices & in the following countries (US, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and Spain). By using them, you’ll be able to save upto 20% on in app purchases for Mafia City as well as for other games that are available on the Amazon App Store.

Once you click my link below, you’ll be taken to this web page from where you’ll be able to buy 50,000 Amazon Coins worth $500 for just $400 (i.e. you get a 20% discount on this purchase). If you don’t want to spend $400, then you can click on the ‘check out all of our packs’ box below it to see the other available offers. However, the discounts there will be lower than 20%. My link is for players that are from the US, however if you’re not from the US but from any of the other countries where these coins are available, then you can simply switch to your country by changing the flag & searching for amazon coins & you’ll be able to purchase these coins too.

Make sure you first follow all the instructions on the page to migrate your Mafia City Account to the Amazon App Store & once you do that, you should be able to spend Amazon Coins to buy in Game Packs.

So, if Amazon Coins are available in your Country & you’re using an android device. I don’t see any reason for you to not use Amazon Coins. So if this is something you’re interested in, then be sure to follow my link:

If you want more info on how amazon coins work, you can continue reading this post.

So, this is gonna be the post where I explain a few more details about amazon coins, including a solution for iPhone users to make use of Amazon Coins. Unfortunately, they’re not available in my country so I couldn’t test them directly. However, I did ask 2 players (shoutout to hank from city 275 & Awesome Jindo from city 272 for helping with this post) from the game who were already using these coins for more info on how these coins work. So, I’m gonna share all of that info with you guys in this post.

First let’s talk about Android Devices, if you’re using an Android Device, then In order to be able to use Amazon Coins, you first need to download the Amazon App Store. You’ll be able to download the App Store through my link in the description.
You’ll have to enable intallations from unknown sources to be able to install it. It’ll most likely ask you to do this before you install the app, so that shouldn’t be a problem. If it doesn’t ask you, you’ll be able to find instructions on how to enable it in my link below.

Once you’ve installed the App Store, then next you’d want to uninstall the PlayStore version of Mafia City that you have on your Phone. Before you do that, make sure that you bind Your Account with both Facebook & Gmail so that you can recover it when you download the game from the Amazon App Store. Amazon recommends that you use Facebook to bind your account, so that would obviously be the much safer option. One of the players that was helping me with this post, did manage to get access using Gmail. However, it took some time to do so. So, I think it’s much better to just bind your account with Facebook. Write down your player ID as well just to be safe.

Once you’ve uninstalled the PlayStore version of Mafia City you simply search for Mafia City on the Amazon App Store & download the game. Then login with Facebook & you should be able to use Amazon Coins on your account.

If you’re using an iPhone, unfortunately, you won’t be able to download the amazon app store directly on your phone. However, if you have a pc or laptop, then you can run Mafia City on an android emulator like bluestacks or nox & you should be able to download the amazon app store there & use these amazon coins.

The emulators work just like android phones, but on pc. You again download the amazon app store on the emulator, then download mafia city, bind your account with Facebook on your iPhone & then login to the account using Facebook on the Emulator & you should be able to use Amazon Coins on it.

Finally, I wanted to talk about the discounts. The discounts that you see are before tax & not after tax. There may be certain extra taxes that you may have to pay based on the region you’re located, so make sure purchase a small amount first to see how taxes are having an impact on the amount you pay & if you’re still making a profit after taxes, then feel free to buy more coins.

Also, don’t buy a ton of coins right after downloading the amazon app store or your account could get flagged for suspicious activity.

Before I end this post I’d like to thank all my patrons for the support:

Level 100 Bosses: Anonymous

Level 50 Bosses: ༒Soju Godzilla༒

Level 20 Bosses: ₱Ⱨ₳Ɽ₳ØⱧ ༒ ₮ɆⱤⱤØR (C981), ꉣꏂꋪꊰꏂꉔ꓄꒒ꌦ ꊰꉔꀘ꒯Uꉣ (C981)

Level 10 Bosses: Purple Swirl (C153), Philipp Roth, NIGHTKING (C313), Yuyul Dollkiller (C562), Kamikaze77(C407), Hero ¥ (C898), KO Boss (C590), PWA80, BadASSDaD (C120), عبدالله آلسبيعيء, ₦ï¢₭¥ ĐɆɆ (C751), AscMirzo, Thoress, kalhouli (C837), [Oldboy], 12cz, Zubair Rafique, verbeurke16, ꋊꂦꍟ꒒ꍏꋊꀤ, BrianBozElloy (C549), Im a Unicorn (C766), David Justin

Level 5 Bosses: Jon Phillips, Lavialle Xavier, Sidney Heath, Saharudin31, Psychaos (C158), Adam Quinn, Chris, Sage (C519), Fluffy (C509), XxXReaperXxX (C507), Wbm23, Calculated Gamer (C178), Padrino⁶⁶⁰ (C660), Nik0708, Cali Bug (C602), Casper, Punisher (C454), Achilles (C429), Don Hugo(C313), Eric Shün, Tank God, Sidney Rich, Nicholli410 (C569) Максим Суворов, Dginny (C591), MarkDeLux (C557), Pops Buggliosi (C742), samuel brito jr, Aussie God (C126), AreZi, Tracey, Aussie Assassin (C300), Aaron Henry, 805 Baller, CarolFkinBaskin (C768), John Fukn Wick (C766), cloths, One9GT, SquirrellyDan, ¥¥¥Aries¥¥¥, Rykt3r (C496), Smittyson (C716), Superwog (C176), 601money (C927), Harley Quinn (C735), Doctor (C361), Julia313, Anubis, Daryl Parrett, Micado (C469), LW, Enriico Monti, J Silent M, Stitch (C361), CUTIESHORT, Dana Perry, Temperance 77 (C249), António Pimenta, William Perry, Everlasting, Jaffe De Jaffe (C950), City 124, EmilyGrace, King Cyrus (C962), Charles Van Veen, Angela Mistrulli-Cantone, Myat945, Bounty六六六, тєƒℓση ∂ση 887. Chris, HughGRection69, Ana Abramusic, Saikosa, johnsmith, Madam Rose (C579), =Lars Warez= (C921), 07GSXR, Hellraiser (C388), Jon, Ainz Ooal Gown, Cali Bug, Anton, Jub Jub (C1035), yourDream, Harry, Paula Harris, Madonia Family (C267), KamakaziKid, Presidential.JPG, Sage (519), MarginalOrganism. If you wanna support me on patreon, here’s the link:

So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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