How to Improve Stats – 3000% Biker Attack – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be showing you all the different ways of improving your stats & how you can get over 3000% Biker Attack in the game using these ways. This post obviously applies to both spenders & non-spenders as we’ll since it covers, both the free to play & the pay to win ways of getting stats in the game. To make this post go faster, I’m gonna compare the last post that I made about 2000% biker attack with this one & only talk about the additions made since then. If you haven’t checked out that post yet, I’d highly recommend doing so either before or after reading this one. Here’s the link: 2000% Biker Attack You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

How to improve stats – 3000% Biker Attack – Mafia City

For investments, the max biker has gone up by 7% because of the extra investments in the crew capabilities section that you unlock after reaching Elite 2 & higher. For Himan Services, it’s gone up by 20% because of the addition of page 4 to the Advance Combat Service List.
The Family Business investments are a completely new feature & fully maxing them out will give you a 140% biker attack. You also get 30% extra from the family reputation buffs.

The Crew Rank up feature is also a new feature which adds another 28% biker attack when maxed out.

For Equipment, the stats have gone up buy 115.4% in total because of the extra buff you get from augmentation cards & the battle fanatacism skill.

For godfather equipment, everything has remained the same. However, I had forgotten to include the 7% buff that you get because of the multipliers from investments, hitman services, James & an elite 5 pawnbroker.

Then there’s the 28% Biker Attack that you get from Poison Ivy & another 28% that you get from Alteration which has remained the same.

The amount of stats that you get from Emblems has gone up by almost 40% because of the extra 10% stats that you can get from page 4 of the equipment services at the contract agency.

There’s the SVIP 10 buff which still gives you 23% more biker attack & the level 13 SVIP store buff which still gives you another 52%

Then you have the skill tree which gives you 20% more biker attack because of all the extra skills added after death fight.

The leader active skills & clan investments still do not give any biker attack buffs.

The amount of biker attack that you get from vigilante passive skills has gone up by 75%, i.e. it’s increased from 60% to 135% mainly because of Jose & Violet.

The amount that you can get from active skills has remained at 80% with the Paul & Vlad combo.

There are vigilante skins that now give 8% more stats than before because of Tracy, James & Janes’ new skins

Then there’s vigilante equipment which I forgot to include in my last video on 2000% biker attack. You can now get a total of 156% biker attack from using 2 Annhilator’s sets on your main vigilantes. This includes the vigilante equipment buffs that you get from the Contract Agency.

Then you have babes who used to give only 265% biker attack, but now that has increased to 379% because of all the new babes added since my last video & that includes the 4 family babes.

Then there’s babe dresses that used to give only 19% biker, but now they give 31% mainly because of all the new dresses that were added in one of the recent updates.

Then there’s Turf Skins that used to give 215% biker but now they give 335%. That’s a 120% increase.

You have Combine Turf Effects that didn’t exist when I made my 2000% Biker Attack video but now they give 100% Biker Attack

There’s Combine Ops Effects that now give 70% more stats than before.

The Biker Attack Buffs that you can get from the Godfather’s Monument has gone up from 65% to 116%. That is a 51% increase.

There are still no elite buildings in the game that give you biker attack buffs.

The maximum buff that you can get from items has still stayed 45%

The maximum official buff has increased by 18% because of the Chief Legislator buff that you can get from Las Vegas which gives you 18% Crew Attack & Defense.

Finally, there’s still the overlord title that gives you 5% more biker attack & the 3rd Anniversary Clan Badge that gives 3%.

So, in total, theoretically you can get upto 3227.40% biker attack in this game.

So, that was the breakdown of the biker attack stats in the game which also covers all the different possible ways of increasing your stats.

If you want to know a detailed breakdown of all the other battle stats in the game like Biker Charge Damage, Bulker Received Damage, etc. You can find that excel sheet on my patreon.

Also, since I get a lot of requests to make a post for the maximum possible stats for non-spenders. I’ll be making a post about that as well very soon.

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my patrons
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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

4 thoughts on “How to Improve Stats – 3000% Biker Attack – Mafia City”

  1. It will be interesting to hear how to improve bikers charge and health. What is the maximum % of these characteristics? As for me they are very important, at least not less important than an attack.
    Besides, it is very difficult to impove them.

    1. There are too many stats in the game. I have a spreadsheet available on my patreon for all battle stats in the game if you’re interested.

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