Eid al-Adha Event – Mafia City

In this video, I’m gonna be explaining how the Eid Al-Adha Event works. But before that, I wanted to thank you all for sending me flowers in the pageant event. Right now, I have over 70,000 flowers which is more than enough for me to advance to the next round. So, thank for you all for your support & I think you guys should save up some flowers for the 2nd round which starts in less than 2 days. Ok, so now, let’s talk about the Eid al-Adha event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Eid Al-Adha Event – Mafia City

The Eid al-Adha event is an event that requires you to score points by using Mutton that you can get from Carving Lambs that you raise.

Each Lamb that you carve gives you 10 pieces of mutton & each piece of mutton that you use gives you 10 points. However, it’s much better to hold a barbecue by using a 100 pieces of mutton at the same time to get better rewards.

To get rewards for this event, you need to first collect lambs & raise them. You can get 5 lambs daily from street forces & another 5 by scoring 420 daily contract points & you can get 20 more by scouting Sale Barns on the map.

Once you get some Lambs you can place them 5 at a time in your ranch to raise them. For each lamb you place, you have to spend 1 Haystack. You can get upto 10 haystacks per day for free & you can buy more haystacks by spending 1000 cash per haystack.

After you place a Lamb in the ranch, it needs to stay there for 2 hours at least to mature. However, you can speed up this process by using speed up items. Once your Lambs have matured, you can carve them to get mutton & place 5 new lambs.

During the event, you can also help other players raise their lambs by visiting their ranches to get some small rewards.

Once you’ve collected enough Mutton, you can hold a Barbecue to get points & rewards. You also get some extra points during the event based on the total amount of personal points you’ve scored. To get all the rewards, you need to score 15,000 personal points during the event which should at least take 5 days.

I’d recommend going upto 15,000 points in this event as I think it’s totally worth doing this event for those personal rewards. However, the barbecue aren’t really worth it in my opinion.

So, that was my guide to the Eid al-Adha event in the game.

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