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For those that want to download Warpath on iOS, it is available on the app store now, it was released on the 16th of March. (Here’s the link: So, if you’re an iOS user, you can give it a try & see how you like it. If you’ve recently downloaded Warpath, let me know in the comments down below how it’s going for you & whether you’re liking it or not (Here’s the android link if you want to download it: This post is mainly gonna be for beginners, to help them get started in the game. I’ll try my best to explain a few things that you should and shouldn’t be doing in Warpath when you’re just starting off & I’ll also try to give you a long term plan for the game. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Warpath – Beginner’s Guide

In the early stages of the game, it is extremely easy for you to find gold on the map. All you need to do is scout to clear the fog around you & then once you’ve cleared enough fog, you can zoom out switch to search mode to quickly find plunder on the map. You’ll easily be able to get at least 5 to 10,000 gold along with a ton of materials just by doing this.

Now, since it’s so easy to get gold early on in the game, a lot of players end up spending all of the gold they get to speedup materials & research which is a terrible way of using your gold.

When you get a ton gold early on, the best thing you can do with it is to invest pretty much all of it into your VIP. You get some free stuff every single day you login based on your VIP level. So, for example, if you’re VIP 4, you’ll get 1 free coupon to summon a unit every single day. If you’re VIP 7, you’ll get 2 of these. You also get access to the VIP Store from where you can usually buy speed ups & other useful items for less than half the price. So, other players that don’t invest in VIP will be spending at least twice the amount speeding up their building materials & research.

Overtime, all the gold that you save up & the free stuff that you get daily will stack up & give you a huge advantage over your opponents. So, even though it might seem like you’re slowing down yourself in right now by investing in VIP immediately. In a few weeks, you’ll notice that you’re growing at a much faster rate than players of your level because of the VIP benefits.

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Another Good place where you can spend your gold is the black market. From here I’d recommend buying anything that costs resources from anywhere except the 2nd row. You’d also want to buy anything that costs gold as long as your getting an 80% or higher discount from anywhere but the 2nd Row. The reason you want to buy items that have a more than 80% discount is because most items in the VIP Store are capped at a 75% discount. There’s only 1 item there that has a discount of more than 75%. So, in most cases, an 80% or higher discount is much better than any other deal at the VIP Store.
I’m not going to go into the exact reason why you’d want to avoid buying items from the 2nd row as it’ll unnecessarily make the video long. However, the short explanation is that investing in speed ups, is way more effective than investing in building materials directly. This is because you’ll be able to get a lot more value from your speed ups if you have a high production speed.

So, these are the 2 main places where you want to spend most of your gold. Try to avoid spending gold avoid spending gold anywhere else in the game unless you fully understand what you’re doing.

If you’re a spender, you’d want to get to VIP 8 as soon as possible, it requires a total of 180,000 VIP points to get there which is approximately $300 if you invest all the gold that you get from buying packs into VIP. VIP 8 where you unlock this ‘power play’ contract that cost $50 per month. It gives you 1 extra research queue, 5000 gold daily & a few other bonuses for 30 days. This means that you’re getting at least 150,000 gold for just $50 which is great value in the game. There’s another similar pack in the game called the Arms deal that costs only $10 & gives another extra research queue plus 1000 gold per day & a few more bonuses for 30 days. That’s another 30,000 gold for $10

With just these 2 packs you’ll be able to get 180,000 gold in total & you’ll also be able to triple your research speed since you’ll be able to do 3 researches at a time instead of just 1.

Apart from these 2 packs, you’d want to max out the Grand Entrance & Secret Weapons packs whenever you can since they give great value. Unless you’re trying to grow extremely fast, you should avoid buying any other packs that you see in the Gifts section as you’ll usually find much better packs during special events that happen once or twice a month.

There are also some special limited time packs that last for 2 hours whenever you reach a certain commander level or a certain stage in the campaign mode & even when you level up commanders to certain levels. These again give you almost double value so you don’t want to miss them whenever they show up. You can also delay upgrading your commander level or you can delay making progress in the campaign mode if you want to save these limited time packs for later.

Finally, there are also these daily specials for $1, $2 & $3 that are worth buying everyday if you’re a spender.

Finally, I wanted to talk about research & what I was focused on when I was just starting out. This is all just my opinion & it’s what I had done which caused me to be pretty weak at the beginning, to get a significant edge over other players in the long term. You can choose if you want to do it or not based on your playstyle.

Whenever it came to research, my main goals was first to unlock 5 Collection Convoys so I could maximize the amount of resources that I was gathering every single day. Since you can not create farm accounts to get resources in this game, the only free way of getting resources is to gather as much as you can. Obviously, while you’re mainly focused on the ‘Industry Section’ you want to focus a little bit on the ‘Military Section’ as well & do the bare minimum research that you need to do to unlock at least Tier 3 troops so that your troops aren’t that weak.

Once I got the 5 Convoys, my next focus was to max out Production & Research speed. Doing this would significantly reduce the time it would take to make building materials, but not only that, it would also reduce the amount of time that was required to do research in Military Section. This meant that even though I was weak because of spending days on the Industry Section, while other players invested directly into Military to get stronger, I’d be able to catch up to them a lot faster since now my Military Research time had gone down significantly. I ended up saving months of speed ups when I switched my focus to the Military Tree because of this.

However, before switching to the Military Section, my final goal was to completely max out the Industry Section. This is because the only thing left to max out in the Industry Section was collection efficiency. Maxing out collection efficiency would let me gather resources at a much faster rate than other players which would mean I’d be able to upgrade a lot faster than them. Also, since I had already maxed out research speed before that, I managed saved a ton of speed ups on these collection speed researches as well.

Finally, after fully maxing out the Industry Section, I switched my focus to the Military Section.

Back then we didn’t have the City Honors & Base City Defense Research Sections. However, my advice would still almost be the same. You want to mainly focus on the industry tree, do the city honors research whenever you have enough badges & the military research upto Tier 3 or 4. Once you’re done with the Industry Section, you can switch your focus to the Military Section & also start slowly investing in the Base City Defense Section as well.

As far as Buildings are concerned, if you’re focused on growing extremely fast then you’d want to focus mainly on your production workshop and research center as those are the 2 main buildings that’ll speed up your growth in the game. Upgrading your command center is also good if you can get some extra airdrops.

If your main focus if to get strong quickly. Then you simply do the opposite of what I did. You focus on Military & Base City Defense Research & for buildings, you’d want to focus on getting your Barracks Higher so you can train more units.

So, that was my advice to all beginner players out there. I hope you now have a better idea of where you should focus on based on your playstyle & where you should & shouldn’t spend your gold.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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