4000% Biker Attack – Mafia City

Finally, it is possible to get over 4000 Biker Attack in the game, at least theoretically & in this post I’m gonna give you a breakdown of how you can get there. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

4000% Biker Attack – Mafia City

This post is going to cover the max biker attack that you can get considering all the updates upto the 4th of March since I posted a detailed spreadsheet about that on my patreon recently. This means, that I’m not considering the stats that you get from the new vigilante Sei or other features that were added in the March 11th Update, so the max possible biker attack should be slightly higher than this post. I’ll be comparing the 3000% spreadsheet from my last post on this topic with the 4000% one to show you exactly why the max stats went up so much.

First We have family businesses, which used to give 140% biker attack, but now they give you 290% which is 150% more biker attack since the last video. This was mainly because of the new family business investments that we added during the T12 update.

Then you have Turf Skins, that used to give 335% Biker Attack & now they give 470%, that’s a 135% increase because of all the new turf skins that they keep adding.

Then there’s Babes that have increased the max biker attack by 131.7% mainly because of the new babes and also the level 7 skills that were added recently. Their stats went up from 379.7% to 511.4%

Then you have vigilante passive skills which caused the max biker to go up by another 115%. This is mainly because of new vigilantes like Glori & Daphne that give 20% Biker Attack each.

You have Combine Turf Effects that give 90% more biker attack now.

Emblems give you 72.6% more stats because of the 4 new emblem slots on your Godfather’s Equipment.

Next up, The collection feature is a completely new feature that can give you another 37% biker attack.

You get 30% more from the new Combine Ops.

You have vigilante active skills that give you 30% Extra Biker Attack since now you can use the Paul + Director combination instead of Paul & Vlad.

Then you can get another 25% From the Family Reputation Buffs since they increased the max reputation level from Adoration to Adoration + 5

You have the Godfather’s Monument that gives 16% more.

The new Godfather’s Augmentation Feature that can give you upto 15% more biker attack.

Then you have the Elite 6 Biker Camp that can give you 10% more Biker Attack.

And finally you have some new vigilante skins, avatars, extra plantation & svip store levels & clan tower buffs that give you less than 10% each.

There have also been small buffs to Leader Equipment, Vigilante Equipment & the Godfather’s Multiplier because of the Extra buffs that you can get from an Elite 6 Pawnbroker.

So, in total, the biker attack has gone up by 891.5% since my last video. Mainly due to Family Businesses, Turf Skins, Babes & Vigilante Skills. The new Maximum Theoretical biker attack is 4119.9% & it could be a little more now since I haven’t considered all the features that were added in this recent update.

So that was the difference between the old & new biker attacks.

As far as total biker Attack is concerned, Emblems, Babes, Turf Skins & Leader Equipment are the 4 sources that give the most stats in the game.

After those 4, you also have Family Businesses, Vigilante Skills, Combine Ops, Combine Turf Effects, Vigilante Equipment & the Godfather’s Monument that give a lot of stats.

A lot of new players like to focus on investments. However, investments only give you 57% stats. So you’re definitely not getting anywhere by just doing investments. You need to also focus on Hitman Services & Family Businesses since they’re just like investments but give way more stats.

So, I hope this post helps you decide what you want to focus on to improve your stats. If you want the spreadsheet that gives you the complete breakdown of biker attack & all other stats in the game, you can find that on my Patreon.

Before I end this post I’d like to thank all my patrons for the support:

Level 20 Bosses: ₱Ⱨ₳Ɽ₳ØⱧ ༒ ₮ɆⱤⱤØR (C981), ꉣꏂꋪꊰꏂꉔ꓄꒒ꌦ ꊰꉔꀘ꒯Uꉣ (C981)

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Level 5 Bosses: Jon Phillips, Lavialle Xavier, Sidney Heath, Saharudin31, Psychaos (C158), Adam Quinn, Chris, Sage (C519), Fluffy (C509), XxXReaperXxX (C507), Wbm23, Calculated Gamer (C178), Padrino⁶⁶⁰ (C660), Nik0708, Cali Bug (C602), Casper, Punisher (C454), Achilles (C429), Don Hugo(C313), Eric Shün, Tank God, Sidney Rich, Nicholli410 (C569) Максим Суворов, Dginny (C591), MarkDeLux (C557), Pops Buggliosi (C742), samuel brito jr, Aussie God (C126), AreZi, Tracey, Aussie Assassin (C300), Aaron Henry, 805 Baller, CarolFkinBaskin (C768), John Fukn Wick, cloths, One9GT, SquirrellyDan, ¥¥¥Aries¥¥¥, Rykt3r (C496), Smittyson (C716), Superwog (C176), 601money (C927), Harley Quinn (C735), Doctor (C361), Julia313, Anubis, Daryl Parrett, Micado (C469), LW, Enriico Monti, J Silent M, Stitch (C361), CUTIESHORT, Dana Perry, Temperance 77 (C249), António Pimenta, William Perry, Everlasting, Jaffe De Jaffe (C950), City 124, EmilyGrace, King Cyrus (C962), Charles Van Veen, Angela Mistrulli-Cantone, Myat945, Bounty六六六, тєƒℓση ∂ση 887. Chris, HughGRection69, Ana Abramusic, Saikosa, johnsmith, Madam Rose (C579), 07GSXR, Hellraiser (C388), Jon, Ainz Ooal Gown. If you wanna support me on patreon, here’s the link: https://www.patreon.com/flaviogaming

So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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