How much does it cost to train 1 Billion Power – Mafia City

In this post, we’re gonna try to figure out what would be the minimum cost to train a billion power in the game by buying packs. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Cost of Training 1 Billion Power – Mafia City

For this post, we’re only gonna consider the cost of buying enough speed ups to train T10 Bulkers. So, we’re gonna ignore resource costs & we’ll also be ignoring the cost of latent energy since we’re not talking about T11 & T12 troops.

First, we need to know what the maximum Training Speed for T10 troops in the game is so that we can minimize the number of speed ups it takes to train so many troops. So, let’s do a breakdown of T10 Training Speed First.

You can get upto 95% training from the Invest Center. &10% Tier 10 Training Speed from Hitman Services.
If you have the Golden Kingpin Set fully augmented to level 20, you can get upto 42.43% T10 Training Speed from there. Then you can get upto 50.7% training speed from a fully augmented Golden Godfather’s Diary.
You can get 29% from the God Slayer Roadster.
If you use level 6 Training Speed Emblems on all 6 pieces of equipment as well as on your godfather’s equipment, then you’ll be able to get 49.8% more speed from there.

You get 30% from the SVIP 10 Buff, 4% from the Plantation Store Buff, upto 37.5% from the Skill Tree, 20% from Vigilante Passive skills for T10 Bulkers since there are 3 passive vigilantes that buff T10 Bullker Training Speed, while there are only 1 each for all other troop types. You can also get another 5% from Tracy’s Skin.

You can get upto 176% more if you have 8 Elite 6 Clubs.

Then you have the Mayor, Governor & Las Vegas Buffs that can give you upto 32% more training speed. There the ops mobilization mayor’s skill that can be used in the city to give everyone 10% more Training Speed.

You can get another 5% speed from the Rank Up Pocket Watch Collection Item & finally, if your city manages to capture certain Rookie Casino’s, then you’ll get an extra 10% training speed while you’re on the Las Vegas Map.

So, in total, the maximum T10 Bulker Training Speed you can get in the game is 606.43%

Normally, at 0% training speed, it takes around 167 seconds to train 1 T10 Bulker. So, with a 606.43% boost, that number would go down to around 23.64 seconds per T10 Bulker.

Each T10 Bulker Gives you 8.2 power, so in order to train 1,000,000,000 power, you’d need to train around 122 million T10 bulkers. However, if you’re level 59, you’ll be able to unlock this skill that gives you 10% more troops while training. So, you’ll only need to train a little less than 111 million troops since you’ll get the remaining 11 million for free. At 23.64 seconds per bulker, it would take you a little over 728,000 hours to train these many troops.

One of the best training packs in the game is the $5 pack that can be found in the daily offers section. Each pack gives you 186 hours & 40 minutes of training speed ups.

If we assume that we only buy this $5 pack to train the required T10 Troops, it would still cost you almost $19,500 to just get the speed ups to train these troops, but would take over 10 and a half years to get.

If you buy the $5 & $10 tiers daily, the cost will go upto almost $23,000 & you’ll need over 4 years to train.
If you spend $35 daily & buy all 3 tiers of this pack, i.e. the $5, $10 & $20 tiers, it’ll take you almost 2 and a half years to train 1 Billion Power & will cost you a little over $30,000

& Finally, if you want to get training packs really fast, then you can buy the $100 packs unfortunately, there are a lot of different $100 packs for training speed & not all of them are available everyday. Most of these $100 packs charge for Training Capacity Increase Items which cost a ton & not just speed ups. That’s why you get very few speed ups from them. The best $100 pack I could find recently was the Raging Battle Pack 3 which gives 768 hours & 20 minutes of speed ups per pack, which means that you’d need to spend a total of almost $94,800 just to get enough speed ups to train 1 Billion Power. But, you’ll be able to do it a lot faster than the other 3 ways mentioned earlier.

However, these costs are before applying the 20% discount you get by using Amazon Coins. If you use Amazon Coins to buy the $100 packs, then that $94,000 will go down to almost $75,000 saving you almost $19,000 on packs.
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& keep in mind that these costs are assuming you have the maximum training speed in the game which is extremely hard to get.
Also, keep in mind that we’ve ignored T11 & T12 troops for this post which cost way more than T10 because they also require latent energy.

If you want to download the Training Speed Spreadsheet, you can find that on my Patreon, not just for T10 Bulkers, but for all Troop Types from Tier 1 to Tier 10.

So, that’s how much it costs to train 1 Billion Power. Let me know in the comments down below whether you guys agree or not.

Before I end this post I’d like to thank all my patrons for the support:

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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