Hidden Grand Return Event – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be explaining how you unlock the Grand Return Event in Mafia City & also how it works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Hidden Grand Return Event – Mafia City

For those of you who don’t know, the Grand Return Event is a special Hidden Event that is only visible to players that return to the game after remaining offline for 7 or more consecutive days. So, in order to unlock this event, all you need to do is to go offline for 7 days & when you return on the 8th day, you should be able to see this event. I’d recommend going offline for 8-9 days just to be safe, since if you mistime your login, you’ll have to repeat the whole process again.

This event is a 1 month event. It’s somewhat similar to the treasure events in Mafia City, but it has a lot more tasks. There are 5 sections for this event, The first one is called the Mafia Chronicle Sigil, this is the section that’s similar to treasure events in the game. There’s a Normal Sigil that you unlock for free & then there’s an Advanced Sigil that you can unlock for $5.

Unlike the treasure events in the game where you automatically get experience for completing tasks, in this event, you need to use carving tools to upgrade your sigil which you can get by completing various tasks & also from the Returnee Shop.

Each carving tool that you use will give you 10 experience. In order to upgrade your Sigil from the first level to the second, you need 180 experience points or 18 carving tools. After that, the experience requirement goes up by 5 per level all the way upto level 50 where it costs 420 points to go from 49 to 50. After that, the cost of each level is fixed at 420 experience points. So, to go from level 1 to level 50, you need a total of 14,700 experience or 1470 carving tools which is quite easy to get in this event.

The Free Rewards, only include Chronicle Chests & Returnee Don’s Gifts. The chronicle chests take 10 minutes each to open & you usually get resources from them as rewards. The Returnee Don Gifts can be used to redeem various items including the Permanent Golden God name tag if you have 100 of these gifts. Unfortunately, you’re only able to get 65 of these gifts without spending. So, if you want the name tag, you’ll have to spend $5 to unlock the Advanced Sigil. The Advanced Sigil gives you a lot more rewards than the normal one & in my opinion it’s worth buying only because of the name tag.

The next Section is the Returnee Gift Section. You’ll be able to find 3 special gifts here that players can unlock using returnee coupons. Each gift costs 100 Coupons, so it’s 300 Coupons to get all 3 of them. In my opinion the best one is the one that gives you the chat bubble and avatar frame, so you should unlock those first. Then you should go for the one that gives vigilante fragments & after you get those 2, you can go for the resources & speed ups. The great thing about this section is that even non-spenders can get all 3 of these gifts just by being active & completing tasks regularly. There are 13 tasks in total & each tasks gives you 10 carving tools and 2 returnee coupons. So, you can easily get 130 carving tools and 26 coupons daily for free, just by completing the 13 tasks. This means that you should be able to get the 300 coupons required to get all 3 gifts as well as the carving tools required to get to level 50 within just 12 days if you’re completing all the tasks.
If you want to quickly finish the 2 gathering tasks in this event which require you to gather from 5 & 10 tiles respectively, you can simply send out 1 biker marches to a tile 10 times & both of those tasks will be done in seconds. Since you’re only required to gather from tiles 10 times & not actually finish them.
For the Training & Speed Up Task, if you’re low on time & didn’t train enough troops, you can simply train 2000 tier 1 troops & use some speed ups to finish them quickly. 2000 tier 1s usually don’t take more than 3 hours to train so, you could do this twice, to finish both the training as well as the speed up tasks.
For the 3 Street Force tasks, you’d want to use the Blue Devil Roadster as each street force kill that you get with that roadster is considered as 2 kills for this event, just like it is for most other events in the game.
The last few tasks are self explanatory, you rank up your crew members 5 times using substance Z, then spend 100 gold & then do 15 trades at the black market.
That’s how easy it is to finish all the 13 tasks in the game.

Then you have the Returnee missions section which are missions that are quite easy to complete, they include missions like Loggin In everyday, Training Crew Members, Attacking Street Forces & Upgrading your Mansion. For the Training & Street Forces, you can use the same tips that I just mentioned earlier.

Then you have the Advanced Missions which take Slightly longer than the regular ones to complete, however, they also give you much better rewards.

One of these missions requires you to clear Slammer Floors. It requires you to clear 900 Slammer Floors to get the final reward, you can either clear them normally or by using energy cans to speed through them if you’ve already cleared them normally before. Since you need to clear 900 floors, make sure you’re doing the slammer daily, otherwise you might not be able to complete this task. Then, there’s a task that requires you to spend 30,000 gold, there’s another one that requires you to rank up your crew members 100 times & finally the last one requires you to use speed ups

Then the last section is the Returnee Shop Section from where you can buy a lot of items at a discounted price. The only item that I would recommend buying is the 8 hour truce. You can also buy the advanced teleport if you want, however, I think it’s much better to get those from the Plantation or SVIP Stores.

So, that’s pretty much all there is to the Returnee Don event. If you want to get the Golden God Name Tag, Chat Bubble & Avatar frame, then I’d highly recommend doing this event. If you’re a non spender, you might want to do this event as well because of the free vigilante fragments that it gives you. All you need to do to get this event is you need to go offline for 7 days & come back after the 7 days are over & it should be there. Obviously, it’s much safer to go offline for 8 to 9 days just so that you don’t mess it up.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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