Gold Rush Event – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the new Gold Rush Event & also the new building & investments that come with this event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Gold Rush Event – Mafia City

The Gold Rush Event is currently only available to 24 Cities. It’ll become available to everyone on the 8th of October.

There seem to be 3 phases to this event. The Pre-Expedition Phase, The Target Expedition Base Phase and The Battle Phase.

The Treasure Hunt Phase of the Pre-Expedition Phase seems to be very similar to the Diabolic Expedition Plan of the Land of the Infamous Event where you’re required to attack Innocents members on the map to get Map Pieces which you can then synthesize to get rewards. You can attack upto 200 of these members daily or just 100 if you use the blue devil roadster, to get double rewards.

The Map Pieces can be traded among clan members just like the old event & there are also personal & city ranking rewards which again look very similar to the old event.

I managed to synthesize 11 map pieces earlier today & got the following rewards:

The first one gave me 9 8 hour speed ups which is equivalent to 3 days worth of speed ups.

The remaining ones gave me 1.5M Cash, 62,500 Metal, 20,000 Metal, 250,000 Arms, 250,000 Arms Again,120 Godfather Coins, 500,000 Cargo, a 1 hour speed up, an 8 hour speed up & 1.5 million cash again.

So, the rewards were mostly resources with some speed ups & godfather coins.

After the treasure hunt phase, which lasts for 2 days, there will be the Arms Cache & then the Odyssey Phase which will both also last for 2 days each. I’m assuming these phases will be similar to the 3 Phases in the Diabolic Expedition Plan of the Infamous Event.

After the Pre Expedition Phase ends, the Target Expedition Base Phase Begins, this will last for 2 days, the First Day will be the Decision Making Phase where officials can place bets on the location of the Headquarters that their City wishes to choose.

And the 2nd Day will be the Showcase phase, where the system will allocate each City Expedition Base with a location based on the bets.

Once the Showcase Phase ends, players will be able to enter the Mount Endeavor Map to fight!

The Season League is divided into 4 tiers, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. After the event ends, cities will get promoted or demoted based on their rank in their group.
For Bronze, the top 8 Cities will be promoted,
For Silver & Gold, the top 4 will be promoted & the bottom 4 will be demoted
And for Diamond, the bottom 8 will be demoted.

There’s also a new building that comes with this event, it’s called the council hall. You can only unlock this building if you mansion is level 17 or higher. This building can not be upgraded beyond level 1 & it’ll show you info about the Viceroy Officials.

The Viceroy Gets a 20% Attack & Defense Buff & also a Crime Ops Size increase of 5%. They also get to appoint officials & servants which get various buffs & debuffs & they can also distribute packs.

As usual, there are 8 Official & 8 Servant Positions.

There’s also a new investment call the Renegades Investment which gives buffs for the event. The first 8 investments in this category give you general buffs for your account that increase your regular stats, they don’t just apply to the event.

The Remaining investments seem to be event specific investments that will only give you buffs during the event.

I have no idea what these Renegades are, but I’m assuming they’re gonna be a new troop type that can only be used during the gold rush event.

There are various investments to boost their stats.

So, that’s all the info that I have about the new gold rush event. Let me know what you guys think this event is going to be like in the comments down below.

Before I end this post I’d like to thank all my patrons for the support:

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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