Godfather Family Dynasty – The Troop Training Problem

This blog is  about the problem that a lot of beginners face while training troops. Even though it seems like they have all the resources required to train troops, they still are unable to do so & have to spend gold to train troops. If you’ve faced this problem and are wondering why this happens, you’ve come to the right place.

You can watch this video below to see what this problem is or you can read the post below the video as well to find out about the problem.

So, a lot of beginners face a problem training troops early on in the game. Whenever, players train troops rapidly in the start to increase their power, they eventually get an error message saying ‘No resource crates available’ and they have to spend gold to buy the missing resource crates even though they have enough cash & wood to train troops.

Apart from the normal resources in the game (cash, wood, steel and oil), training troops also requires a resource called ‘unemployed workers’. This is a resource that can’t be gathered, you can only generate more unemployed workers per day by upgrading your population blocks. New players usually don’t occupy and upgrade a lot of population blocks & hence they face this problem.

The population blocks increase your population & there’s something called unemployment rate which is a small percentage of the blocks population, for example, if the unemployment rate is 1% and your blocks population is 10,000, then your block will produce 100 unemployed workers (1% of 10,000) per day. Earlier, this unemployment rate could be doubled for 7 days using 300 gold before which would almost completely solve this problem (which is a solution that I have suggested in the video). However, now this buff doesn’t seem to be available for purchase for 300 gold.

So, how do you solve this problem?

There are a few ways to do that.

  1. You can wait for some more time to let your population blocks produce more unemployed workers for you.
  2. You can try your luck at getting good deals for workers contracts at the wharf. Since one workers contract can be used as 1 unemployed worker for training.
  3. You can spend gold to get workers contracts. I wouldn’t recommend doing this though, since it costs 10 gold And if you’re training tier 2 troops, then you would need 2 unemployed workers per troops that means it would cost 20 gold per troop which is too much to spend just for 1 troop in my opinion.

Those are the only ways you can solve this problem. A lot of people try firing their troops to see if they can get back unemployed workers by doing so. However, that will never work so don’t even bother trying.

Hope this post helped you solve your troop training problem! Leave a comment if it did or if you have other ways of solving this problem.

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