Godfather Family Dynasty – How to get Power fast

Before, I begin, let me caution you that Power in not a very good factor to determine a player’s strength. I personally prefer using a Players Mansion Level or a Players Boss Level (Troop stars & building and research power are also good metrics to assess a players strength) to decide whether a player is strong or not. Power is mainly dependent on troops & can fluctuate a lot. Just because a player has more troops than you doesn’t mean that his troops are strong enough to beat you.

Ok. So now we can begin.

In this blog, we’re going to be taking a look at how you can get more power in Godfather. This strategy is very good for players starting on a new server. Since the value of a player on a new server is perceived based on his power level more than his mansion level. Getting power fast right at the beginning will help you join a good family or in case you decide to create one, you will be able to recruit players easily since players would prefer to be in a family with a more powerful leader.

Ok. So, lets get into the tips.

Use all your speed ups

Try using construction speed ups to boost your progress early on in the game. This will accelerate your growth in the game & you should be able to get to Mansion level 5-6 in a few minutes just by using up all your speed ups. Obviously, you need to be careful while using speed ups. You should consider your VIP level and the amount of time left for the upgrade before using your speed ups. For example, if you are not a VIP and you just have 15 minutes left for a construction, then it would make more sense to use two 5 minute speed ups to complete the construction immediately (since non-VIPs get a free 5 minute speed up boost) instead of using a 1 hour speed up which would give you the same result.

Train a lot of troops – THE BEST WAY!!!

Troops can give you tremendous amount of power so you would want to train as many troops as you can to get a huge power boost, you may also use training speed ups if required. However, you need to be careful while training troops because of the unemployment problem. Training troops requires unemployed workers which are generated over time depending on the level of your population blocks. In case you run out of unemployed workers, you would need to use workers contracts to train troops & in case you run out of workers contracts, you would need to spend gold to train more troops. So I would recommend that you keep an eye on the number of unemployed workers you have before deciding to train a lot of troops. You can get more info about the unemployment problem in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjlgvA2z9QU

Upgrade your Mills Terrace

Although, all buildings in the game are important to upgrade. I specifically emphasize on the mills terrace mainly because it increases your march size. A higher march size will drastically increase the power of your marches which will help you capture & unlock more blocks by defeating the gangs occupying them. These blocks may not give you a lot of power for being captured, but every little bit counts.

Complete the time-based targets in time

It is important to focus on the time based targets mainly because most of these targets give you a lot of speed ups, resources and gold for completing them in time. These extra rewards will help you boost your progress even more by helping you upgrade your buildings much faster which will lead to you gaining more power.

Do your daily tasks

Completing all your daily tasks help you get a lot of VIP points which increase the free speed up limit of your buildings and research. Upgrading to VIP level 2 will give you a free 20 minute speed up. This will help you upgrade newly unlocked buildings like the guard house, garage and Iron Vault (Which require you to upgrade your mansion to a higher level before they can be unlocked.) to level 4 or 5 almost instantaneously. Apart from the free speed ups, VIP points also give you a lot of benefits like increased neutral gang licenses, increased martial arts arena attack chances and much more all these extra benefits will also help you increase your power in the long term.


Researching is another good way of getting power. Although research does take much longer than building upgrades & gives much less power than them. It’s still better to have some research going on in your library rather than keeping it idle.

Join a good family

Joining a good family helps a lot. It helps you get various buffs because of the family tech. It helps you speed up the construction and healing process since players can help others. You also gain access to the family store which has a lot of items available for sale which can otherwise be bought only by spending gold. The good thing about the family store is that you can buy these premium items using the silver that you get from donating to family tech. So, I would highly recommend joining a good family (usually top 3).

So, those were all the tips that I had for all you guys who want to increase your power in the game. Here’s a video that I made on this same topic – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g25x1mpYXZA It cover’s the same points. However, in case you didn’t understand any of the above points, you might want to take a look at it to get a better idea about what I’m talking about.

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