Godfather Family Dynasty – Family Challenge Event

This post will give you an overview of the family challenge event. Also, I’ll share some attack strategies that I use during the event to score more points.

Here’s a video that I made on this topic:

The family challenge event is a bit different from the normal events since players from all 8 mini servers in your main server get to compete against each other in this event for the top prize of 15,000 gold. There are 4 different families in the event, each family has different troops and gives you different rewards. The families are:

  1. The Barzini Family: You face assassins when you challenge this family and you get resources as rewards for challenging them.
  2. The Tattaglia Family: You face massacres when you challenge this family and you get bank notes as rewards for challenging them.
  3. The Cuneo Family: This family is filled with bombers and you win medals for challenging this family.
  4. The Stracci Family: This family has drive-bys and you can get wrenches from them.

Attacking these families will cost you family challenge coupons. Each attack costs 1 coupon. These coupons can be obtained by donating, gathering, beating block and neutral gangs and also by doing the story mode missions. The rewards that you get for doing these quests don’t depend upon the damage you do to the families. So, even if you attack the families with just 1 troop, you’ll get the same amount of rewards.

Now, let’s take a look at the attacking strategy that I use

Let’s take the cuneo family for example. Since it is full of bombers we would be using assassins as counters and 3 bombers as baits. Although the positioning of these troops will not give you a massive advantage, I still prefer to have my baits placed before my counter troops so that they get to attack before getting killed by the enemy. (You can watch the video above to get an idea about what I’m talking about.)

Even though the positioning will not do a lot in one attack. It’s benefit will magnify as you attack a many times. The strategy would work for the Barzini & Tattaglia family as well. Since the Barzini family has assassins, you would need to use Massacres as counters and Bombers as baits and against the Tattaglia family which has massacres, you would have to use Bombers as counters and drive-bys as baits. Now in case of the Stracci family which has drive-bys, I would suggest using massacres as your main since they have the highest attack & bombers as baits since they can dodge attacks. Now, it’s still possible that the drive-bys will attack your massacres first. However, it’s better than using drive-bys as your main since you would not get the 50% damage buff that the Massacres get.

In case you’re not using the correct troop positioning, then I would recommend doing so so that you can get a few extra points which will help you climb a little higher in the rankings.

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