Godfather Family Dynasty – Ettore Capo

This post is going to be about the capo Ettore. We’ll be taking a look at which skills and troops are good with him. Here’s a video that I made about this capo.

So, Ettore is also a precision capo just like Owen, Michelle and Duane. This means that he’s good with precision skills. He also buffs other troops just like other capos. However, massacres get the most buffs. More importantly, he has a unique feature that no other capo in the game has – He can increase the training speed of the troops that you train depending upon his star level. Here are the various benefits that you get for upgrading him to higher star levels:

1 star – 5% increase in training speed

2 star – 10% increase in training speed

3 star – 20% increase in training speed

4 star – 20% reduction in resource consumption for training

5 star – Unlocks his skill which trains 1 to 4 troops randomly free of cost (cooldown period: 40 hrs)

To reap the benefits of all these buffs, he needs to be assigned as an officer in the grand hotel. A 5% increase in training speed is not bad. It reduces around 45 minutes of training time for every 16 hours of training.

Ettore is a good capo to use passively (i.e. to reduce training time). However, I wouldn’t recommend using him in battle not only because starring him up is impossible without spending a whole lot of money on the game, but also because his star level doesn’t grant him any buffs in battle (unlike Owen & Giuseppe who’s star level helps strengthen troops).

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