Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC – Building Guide

This post is going to be about the buildings in the game Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC. There are many different buildings in the game, some of which are very important to upgrade while others aren’t. In this post I’ll be going over the buildings one by one explaining the benefits of upgrading them & my opinion on whether or not they are worth upgrading. If you’re looking for the upgrade requirements for each building, you should check out my Requirements List

1. The Tribe Center

This is the main building which you have to upgrade in order to be able to upgrade all your other buildings. You cannot upgrade your other buildings beyond the level of your tribe center.

Upgrading the Tribe Center to certain levels also allows you to unlock new buildings:

Building Unlocked
Temple of Wisdom
Trap Workshop
Beastiary, Rune Altar, Scavenger Hut
War Horn
Oracle Totem
Magic Spring

Apart from these benefits, upgrading the tribe center also helps increase your Resource Collection Speed (When upgraded from level 6 to 13) & it also increases the amount of safe resources that you receive from Collecting.

Even though the Tribe Center doesn’t give a lot of good direct benefits from upgrades, it is still the most important building in the game as all your other buildings depend on it.

Keep in mind that the upgrade cost for all the buildings in the game can be significantly reduced with the Heimdall & Freya Rune Sets.

2. The Wall

Upgrading the wall is a pre-requisite for upgrading the Tribe Center. You’re always required to get your wall to the same level as the Tribe Center to be able to upgrade the Tribe Center to the next level. Upgrading it increases the maximum capacity of your Traps and also increases your durability. The higher your wall durability is, the longer it takes for you to teleport to a random location after being set on fire from enemy attacks.
Each attack adds 30 minutes of burn time to your wall, while the wall is on fire you usually lose 1 durability every 18 seconds. Thus, if left unattended, the fire can take out 100 durability every attack. The fire can be extinguished for 50 diamonds to stop the durability loss immediately regardless of the burn time left. 80 durability can be recovered for free every 30 minutes or you can buy the Durability Recovery item from the market for 500 diamonds to fully restore the durability. When the wall durability reaches 0, your Tribe Center will be moved to a random location in the Continent (With a burn speed of 1 durability every 18 seconds, it will take 100 attacks to add a 50 hour burn time to fully burn a wall with 10,000 durability.)
As the Wall is a pre-requisite for your Tribe Center, it automatically becomes a very important building even though the upgrade benefits are not that lucrative.

3. The Troop Training Camps

There are 4 different Training Camps:
1. The Barbarian Camp (Trains Guardians & Warriors)
2. The Rider Camp (Trains Vanguard Riders & Mounted Archers)
3. The Beastiary (Trains Catapult Behemoths & Raider Behemoths)
4. The Shooting Range (Trains Archers & Javelineers)
Each camp can train 2 different troop types. Thus, there are 8 troop types in total. Upgrading these camps to the following levels allows you unlock more powerful troops:

Troop Tier
Training Camp Level
Tier 1
Training Camp Level 1
Tier 2
Training Camp Level 4
Tier 3
Training Camp Level 7
Tier 4
Training Camp Level 10
Tier 5
Training Camp Level 13
Tier 6
Training Camp Level 16
Tier 7
Training Camp Level 19
Tier 8
Training Camp Level 22
Tier 9
Training Camp Level 26
Tier 10
Training Camp Level 30

Upgrading the Camps only allow you to unlock Higher Tier troops. They neither increase training speed, nor do they increase training capacity.

As troops are only unlocked when your camps reach certain levels (as mentioned above), these buildings become extremely important at those levels, because Higher Tier troops of each of the 8 types are always stronger than lower tier ones of the same type.

4. The Rune Altar

The Rune Altar is where you can craft various runes which you can then equip to receive various buffs. There are six different rune types: Ked, Bez, Cis, Sal, Ayt & Gur. You can only equip one of each type at a time.

On upgrading your Rune Altar to level 10, you will also be able to craft special rune sets (For example, The Massacre Set) which give you various extra set buffs for equipping multiple runes from the same set at the same time. The set buffs stack upon the original buffs from runes.

Upgrading the Rune Altar increases your crafting speed & it also reduces the Runestone Cost for crafting runes. This building isn’t very important to upgrade in my opinion as the crafting speed increase & cost reduction is only 1% per level. Thus, it will hardly save you any speed-ups and runestones per upgrade. It makes sense to upgrade it to level 10 though to unlock the Rune Set Crafting feature.

5. The War Horn

This buildings allows you to Rally troops of your clan members to attack enemies together. Upgrading this building will increase your rally troops capacity. Apart from the normal resources, this building also requires ‘Horns’ for every upgrade which you can get from certain events or by spending diamonnds. Also, this building cannot be upgraded beyond the level of your Clan Chamber. Increasing Rally Capacity not only allows you to gather more troops during rallies but it also allows you to send more troops to build Clan Buildings. Always make sure that the player with the Highest Rally Capacity enters clan buildings first to get maximum troop capacity.

This is an important building especially for people that use rallies a lot during attacks or for people that usually enter clan buildings first while building them. If you don’t Rally a lot, this building is not of much use.

6. The Tavern

The Tavern allows you to supply vulnerable resources to other clan members that also have The Tavern built (Safe resources cannot be supplied). Every time you supply resources to someone you lose a certain percentage of them during transportation. Upgrading this building will increase the Supply Capacity per squad & also reduce the Transportation Loss.

You should only upgrade this building if you supply your members with resources on a regular basis, otherwise it is not an important building.

7. The Oracle Totem

The Oracle Totem allows you to pray in order to receive resources. You can pray for free a few times per day based on the level of this building. You can pray to receive Resources or Runestones at the Totem.

Once your free prayer chances are exhausted, you’ll be able to pray more using prayer stones or diamonds. The maximum number of times you can pray per day is 200 times including the free times. Each prayer costs 1 prayer stone. For diamonds, the cost starts at 2 diamonds per prayer for each resource or runestones & the cost increases by 2 diamonds for every prayer made for that particular resource or for runestones. The maximum cost per prayer is capped at 50 diamonds after which it stops increasing. Each prayer made for a specific resource or for runestones increases the amount of that resource or runestones you’ll receive from the next prayer. Thus, it makes more sense to pray for the same item multiple times especially if you’re using your free prayers or prayer stones.

Upgraing this building increases the amount of free prayers per day, it also increases the amount of resources & runestones received per prayer. It makes sense to upgrade this building if you have enough resources & no other important buildings to upgrade as it is the only good source of runestones in the game & the upgrades will let you earn a lot more runestones per prayer. You should try using this building for runestones as much as possible and avoid getting resources from it unless you’re in dire need.

8. The Trap Workshop

The Trap Workshop allows you to make traps which help when you defend against enemy attacks (provided you have troops in your tribe when defending). Just like Troop Training Camps, upgrading the Trap Center only unlocks new traps & doesn’t increase trap making speed or trap making capacity. You can not make traps for more than 10 hours at a time, so the trap making capacity depends on your trap making speed which you can increase by invoking Glyphs & through the Clan Rituals.

There are 3 types of traps & 5 tiers for each type. The 3 types are as follows:
Chompers – These traps counter Guardians & Warriors
Trapping Vines – These traps counter Vanguard Riders & Mounted Archers
Killer Bees – These traps counter Archers & Javelineers

You unlock them at the following levels:

Trap Workshop Level
Trap Unlocked
Level 1
Tier 1 Chompers
Level 2
Tier 1 Trapping Vines
Level 3
Tier 1 Killer Bees
Level 6
Tier 2 Chompers
Level 8
Tier 2 Trapping Vines
Level 10
Tier 2 Killer Bees
Level 12
Tier 3 Chompers
Level 14
Tier 3 Trapping Vines
Level 16
Tier 3 Killer Bees
Level 18
Tier 4 Chompers
Level 20
Tier 4 Trapping Vines
Level 22
Tier 4 Killer Bees
Level 24
Tier 5 Chompers
Level 27
Tier 5 Trapping Vines
Level 30
Tier 5 Killer Bees

Unlike troops, you cannot make an infinite amount of traps. The maximum amount of traps you can hold is based on the level of your wall & upgrading the wall will allow you to hold more traps. You can also increase your maximum trap capacity by invoking the Wallcraft 1 & 2 defense Glyphs.

I wouldn’t classify the Trap Workshop as an important building as the traps hardly do any damage in battle. It is way better to focus on your Troop Training Camps to unlock higher tier troops & improve your defense instead of focusing on this building.

9. The Temple of Wisdom

The temple of wisdom is a building where you can invoke various Glyphs to strengthen your Tribe. There are Currently 6 different types of Glyphs:

Resource: These glyphs mostly help you increase your Resource Production and Collection Speed.

Development: These glyphs help you increase your building and healing speed. They also help increase Energy Recovery speed & march speed for attacking Wildlings. Apart from that they also increase Troops’ Load, Reduce Troops’ Food Upkeep & Increase Wounded Capacity.

Battle: These glyphs increase your troop attack, defense and HP. Some of them also increase your training speed, march speed, Squad Capacity & some even grant you extra Squads. Although these glyphs may seem extremely important to most players, they in fact aren’t that important. When maxed out, all the Battle Glyphs together will only give you 15% Troop Attack, 15% Troop Defense & 15% Troop health along with 30,000 Squad Capacity. You can easily obtain way more stats from Brutes and Runes. The first 2 tiers of the battle Glyphs don’t cost a lot of resources and can be easily maxed out to get 8% Troop Attack, Defense & Health and 16,000 Squad Capacity. However, the costs of the 3rd tier Glyphs are exhorbitantly high & you should avoid slowing down your growth to finish them.

Elite Hunt: Invoking these glyphs allows you to attack higher level Elite Monsters & increase energy recovery speed. They also allow you to increase your March Speed, Attack, Defense, Damage & Health while attacking Elite Monsters.

GearThese glyphs allow you to increase Material Collection Speed, Reduce Runestone Cost & Time for crafting Runes, Increase Certain Runes’ & Dark Crystal’s stats, Instantly switch between Dark Crystals and Gear Sets.

Defense: These glyphs allow you to increase Wall Durability, increase defending troops’ Attack & Defense, increase trap capacity, trap making speed, trap attack & damage, turn part of lost troops to wounded in battles.

Upgrading the Temple of Wisdom allows you to unlock more glyphs & upgrade the already unlocked ones to higher levels. This is an important building as there are a few glyphs that are very important to invoke (For example, the Healing Oracle glyph which turns part of lost troops to wounded in battle).

10. The Watchtower

The watchtower allows you to scout & get information about enemies’ tribes. It also gives information about squads marching towards you. You can scout other players only after your watchtower reaches level 2. Upgrading it will give you more detailed information about enemies. I would recommend upgrading this building to level 18 as that’s the level that allows you to find out the exact number of troops in the opponent’s tribe which is usually sufficient information to decide whether you want to attack a player or not.

11. The Altar of War

Upgrading the Altar of War helps you increase your Squad Capacity & is a must to upgrade if you want to increase the power of your attacks. Increasing your squad capacity increases the probability of you winning battles & also enables you to attack higher level wildlings.

Always keep your Altar of War level at par with the level of your Tribe Center as it is an extremely important building.

12. The Cave

The cave protects some of your vulnerable resources from plunders & consumption by your troops. Upgrading it increases the amount of resources it protects. At level 30 it protects 740,000 food & wood each, 123,300 stone & 30,800 Elixir.

I wouldn’t recommend upgrading this building as the amount of resources it protects hardly justify it’s upgrade cost. High level upgrades cost millions of resources so even with a high level cave almost all your resources will be vulnerable if you’re saving them for an upgrade.

13. The Clan Chamber

Apart from increasing your reinforcement capacity (i.e. players will be able to send more troops to reinforce you if you upgrade this building) the Clan Chamber also increases the time reduced by each help from a clan mate & also the number of times you can get help from clan mates. You can not be reinforced if you don’t have a Clan Chamber.

This is an important building to upgrade especially if you’re not strong enough to defend yourself alone. A high reinforcement capacity will allow your clan members to reinforce you & possibly protect you from attacks or at least mitigate some damage.

14. The Resource Production Buildings

There are 4 types of Resource Production buildings:
Lumber Mills: These Buildings Produce Wood
Hunting Grounds: These Buildings Produce Food
Quarries: These Buildings Produce Stone (Unlocked at Tribe Center level 10)
Magic Springs: These Buildings Produce Elixir (Unlocked at Tribe Center level 15)

You can build a maximum of 10 Lumber Mills & Hunting Grounds each and a maximum of 8 Quarries & Magic Springs each. Upgrading these buildings will increase their Resource Production per hour & Storage Capacity. These buildings are not very important as you can get a lot more resources by plundering other players or farms.

15. The Warrior Cabins

Upgrading your Warrior Cabins allow you to train more troops at a time (increase training capacity) & also increase your training speed. These buildings are important to upgrade as they give a lot of training speed. You can build a maximum of 8 Warrior Cabins in your tribe & I would recommend building 8 of these.

16. The Witch Doctor Hut

The Witch Doctor Hut is a building that protects your troops from dying. When your tribe gets attacked, your troops will get wounded until these huts are full. Once these huts become full, they will start dying. Upgrading this building will increase the wounded capacity thereby leading to less deaths. These again are extremely important buildings & you can only build 8 of them. I would suggest building 8 & keeping them at par with your Tribe Center level especially if you have a lot of troops in your tribe.

This was the building guide. Hope it helped you get a better understanding about how the buildings in the game work. Don’t forget to check out the Requirements List if you’re looking for the upgrade requirements for these buildings.

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  1. Need learn about scout n attack. When I can attack.been getting attacked. Don’t know when can retaliate

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