Best Shooter Equipment – For All Levels – Mafia City

In this post, we’re gonna be seeing the best shooter Equipment Combinations from level 35 all the way upto level 43. The reason I’m not covering lower levels is because Shooters are only effective if you have elite troops. They don’t work upto Mansion 30, so there’s no point in building low level shooter equipment.
As far as shooter equipment is concerned, there are 4 main stats that matter. Shooter Attack, Shooter Health, Shooter Defense & Enemy Defense Reduction. So, we’ll be seeing how much of these stats you’re able to increase with each of the builds shown in the post. All the stats shown in the post are before augmentation & other equipment buffs. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Shooter Equipment – Mafia City

For level 35 to 39 non spenders, you’d want to use the Level 35 Shotgun, Desert Eagle, Diamond Watch & Lavish Leather Shoes. You’d also want to use the Level 25 Terrorizer’s Suit & Level 20 Kingpin Pants. You get a total of 90.40% shooter Attack with this build.

For level 40 to 42 non spenders, you’d want to keep the shotgun, terrorizer’s suit & kingpin pants from the previous build & upgrade the rest to a Level 40 Beretta, Level 40 Tanzanite Ring or Breguet Watch & Level 40 Dress Shoes. This setup will increase your attack to 95.20%

For Level 43 or Higher Non-Spenders, you can use the Level 43 Langer’s Watch, Nobility Trousers & Level 43 Allen Koltin Shoes along with the other level 40 or lower equipment mentioned before. This build will give you 112.48% Shooter Attack

If you’re a spender who’s invested in the Massacre Set, you replace the Beretta from the previous build with the Massacre’s Knife & keep all the other equipment pieces which will increase your shooter attack by around 2%.

If you can get warlord equipment, you’d want to use the Warlord Knife & Warlord Shoes. This will reduce your attack to 98.78%, but also give you 17.34% health.

If you can get supreme equipment, then you’d want to add in the Supreme Gun & Supreme ring which will further reduce your attack to 80.60% but increase your shooter health to 36.02% & also give you 6% Shooter Defense.

Finally, if you can get the ultimate set. You have 3 options.

The first option is to use the Ultimate Gun, Ring, Jacket & Boots which will give you the most Shooter Attack.

The 2nd option is to only use the ultimate Gun Ring & Jacket along with the Warlord Shoes which will give you the most shooter health.

And the 3rd Option is to use the Full Ultimate Set which will reduce your attack & health slightly. However, it’ll give you more defense & also enemy defense reduction.

The Ultimate Set Stats shown in the video above are all assuming you get a 10% Shooter Attack buff on each piece of equipment. However, most players won’t be able to do that so your Stats with the Ultimate Set might actually be a little lower.

So, those are all the different combinations of equipment you can use for shooters.

For Godfather’s Equipment, there’s no special Godfather Equipment for Shooters, so you can use the Coat, Knife, Gun or Watch, whichever you can afford.

For Roadsters, you can Start off with Black Sally for 5% Shooter Damage, then upgrade to Blue Star for 10% Damage, then Whirlwind which is slightly better than Blue Star, then you can upgrade to night ripper which reduces Shooter Damage by 2%, but gives you a huge boost in Crew Defense, especially Bulker Defense. After that, you could upgrade to Van Helsing if you want to give up the Shooter Damage for some shooter attack. However, in my opinion, keeping the damage is a lot better.

After that, once you’re able to unlock Twilight Blade & higher roadsters, you can go Twilight Blade, Black Lightning, Slingshot & then Hellfire. Since they all give Ops Capacity Buffs which I think is extremely important in the game.

So, those are all the shooter builds you can use based on your level & whether you spend or not.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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