Warpath – Alliance Store Guide

In this post, I’m gonna show you which items you should & shouldn’t be getting from the Alliance Store in Warpath. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Warpath – Alliance Store Guide

The Alliance Store is a special type of store in the game from where you can buy items using alliance contribution coins.

You can get these coins through alliance contributions, assists, joining builds & collecting resources inside your alliance territory. You can then use these coins to buy various items in the alliance store.

For this post, I’ll be giving these contribution coins a gold value & then I’ll be comparing the costs of various items in this store with the other stores like the VIP Store & the Black Market to find out whether they’re worth buying or not.

In my opinion, the best way to assign a gold value to these contribution coins is to compare their value with the gold value of VIP Points, as VIP Points is the only item in the alliance store that has a fixed gold value in the game. 1 VIP Point costs 1 gold. While a lot of the other items can be bought for discounts from the VIP Store & Black market.

Since we know the gold value of VIP Points, we can now find out the gold value of contribution points by comparing them with with the cost of VIP Points in the alliance store. Since you can get 100 VIP Points worth 100 gold for 30 contribution points, the value of each contribution point should roughly be 3.33 gold.

Now, using this we can find out the gold value of all other items in the contribution store. If the items cost less gold than what they cost in the VIP Store & Black Market, then that would mean that you should buy those items from the alliance store. However, if they cost more at the alliance store, then it would mean that you’re better off buying VIP Points from the store instead of those items.

The first item is a premium resource pick which gives 500k resources for 80 contribution points which is equivalent to 267 gold. If you check the VIP Store for resources, you’ll notice that you’re able to buy 5 million resources for 1250 gold if you’re at the appropriate VIP level. This means that it only costs 125 gold for 500k resources. So, you’re better off buying resources from the VIP Store instead of the Alliance Store.

Then there’s the 8 hour Rush item which costs 240 contribution points that’s equivalent to 800 gold. If you again look at the VIP Store, you’ll notice that the 8 hour rush can be bought for just 432 gold, so again you’re better off buying this item from there.

The 3rd item is VIP Points which is one gold each. I’d recommend buying this item once you’ve bought all the other heavily discounted items from the alliance store.

The 4th item is Camp Coupons that are worth 60 points or 200 gold each. The cheapest way to get these items is from the VIP Store. However, even there they cost 270 gold per item, so I’d definitely recommend buying these Camp Coupons from the Alliance Store.

The 5th & 6th items are both War Machine Statues, you can buy the first 10 for 130 contribution points or 433 gold each & the next 10 for 265 contribution points or 883 gold each. Both of these are much better than buying officer statues from the VIP Store which cost 3200 gold at VIP 15 & 2800 gold at VIP 20. However, it’s upto you to decide how quickly you want to max out war machine. If you want to max him out slowly, then you’d only want to buy 10 per week which would cost you 1,300 contribution points every week & it would take 72 weeks & a total of 93,600 contribution points to max him out this way. However, if you want to max him out quickly, it would cost you 3,950 contribution points every week & it would take you a only 36 weeks but a total of 142,200 points. So, in the 1st case, you spend 36 more weeks to max him out, but you save 48,600 contribution points which can be used to buy 162,000 VIP Points. So, it’s upto you how you want to max him out. I prefer going the slow way once I have most of his skills at level 3.

Then you have Silver Materials, these are the best items to get from the alliance store. They only cost 15 contribution points per Silver Material which is only 50 gold. Even at the Black Market, you get these Silver Materials for 100 gold each which is with an 80% discount, the lowest price in the game. So, getting them for 50 gold is in fact a 90% discount & way better than the 80% deal there.

The next one is Airlifts, these cost 80 contribution points i.e. 267 gold. You can get these items from the VIP Store for 300 gold each. However, you can also get a ton of these from Jurisdiction Events so I usually don’t buy them from here even though I’m getting them at a lower price. But in case you’re someone who airlifts a lot & tends to run out of airlifts a lot, then it’s definitely worth buying them from here instead of the VIP Store.

Then you have Entry Permit, these can be bought for 240 contribution points which are worth 800 gold in the game. The only other way of obtaining these Entry Permits in the game is from the level 16 VIP Store where it costs 2,160 gold. This means that you’re getting these permits for almost an 85% discount from here & so I would definitely recommend buying them from here every week so you can stack up on them slowly.

Then towards the bottom, you again have Silver Materials, but this time you can get 5 for 165 contribution points i.e. you’re getting each for 110 gold which is slightly higher than the price you pay for silver materials at an 80% discount. So, it’s upto you whether you want to buy these or not. I usually don’t buy them.

Finally, you’re left with Golden blueprints which either cost 2,360 points which are worth 7,867 gold each or 4,720 points which cost 15,733 gold each depending on which blueprints you buy. Even though you can not buy these items using gold in the game, I still don’t think it’s worth spending your contribution points on them.

If you’re able to save up enough contribution points to just buy 382 of these golden blueprints at 2360 points each, you’ll be able to buy enough VIP Points to get to VIP 16 which gives you 1 free golden blueprint daily. Now this might seem like a lot, but if you combine it with the gold that you get from events, you’ll definitely be able to reach VIP 16 a lot faster.

In fact, with just 96 of these blueprints, you’ll be able to get from VIP 0 to VIP 12 which will give you 2 free officer statues daily & with just 45 of them, you’ll be able to go from VIP 0 to VIP 10 for 1 free statue every day.

So, in my opinion, it’s much better to just buy VIP Points from the alliance store as you’ll get much more value in the long term from doing so instead of buying blueprints from there.

So, that’s pretty much all I had to talk about the Alliance Store. Let me know what you guys get from the store in the comments down below & also whether or not you agree with my analysis.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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