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This post is gonna be about the new Vigilante Arena event. I’ll be explaining the rules of the event & I’ll also be giving you a few tips to do the events. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Vigilante Arena Guide

To be able to participate in this event, you need to be Mansion 15 or higher & you also need to have at least 3 Vigilantes. This event is quite similar to the 3v3 Tournament. The qualifying matches for this event are first conducted in groups of 50 cities & the top 10 from each group are allowed to enter the All Star Matches. And it’s also mentioned that the Champion of the All-Star Match will receive a Mystery Reward, which they haven’t spoken much about. But since they mentioned it in the inro, I’m guessing it’s gonna be something good.

So, as I said before, this event is very similar to the 3v3 tournament. You get to set 3 defensive formations & 3 offensive formations. You have to use at least 1 vigilante per formation. You can not have a formation without any vigilantes like you can in normal battles.

You also, can not use the same vigilante in 2 different formations. So, let’s say, if I’m using Firelord in one of my 3 Offensive Formations, then I won’t be able to use him in my other 2 offensive formations. But, I’ll still be able to use him in one of my Defensive formations.

Another, important thing is that you need to update your formation every time there is a change in your Vigilante Attributes. So, for instance, if you level up your vigilantes, you’ll have to update your formations for the new stats to take effect. If you equip your vigilantes with equipment, you’ll again have to update your formations for the new stats to take effect.

The second rule states that Battles will be carried out automatically and the match will be determined by three battles, whoever wins the most battles out of the 3, wins the match. This is pretty self explanatory. If you win two out of the 3 battles, then you win the match otherwise you lose the match just like in 3v3.

You only get to challenge players that are ranked above you just like in the city tournament. You can not challenge players ranked below you & if you challenge a player & win, you’ll swap ranks with that player. The ranking system is a more like the city tournament than 3v3 because you don’t increase your score for winning matches like you do in 3v3, but you directly get to swap ranks with the player you win against.

You get 5 free challenges daily & if you win a challenge you get to immediately challenge another player. But, if you lose a challenge, then there will be a 5 minute cooldown for challenging another player. You can spend gold to remove the cooldown & you can also spend gold to get 5 more challenges. However, the cost of getting more challenges increases with every purchase.

The rules also state that Leaders ranked 51st to 500th can hide their 3rd defensive formation. Leaders ranked 2nd to 51st can hide their 2nd & 3rd defensive formations & Leaders ranked 1st will be able to hide all 3 of their formations.

Now, here’s the most important part of the rules. It says, only attributes related to Vigilantes will take effect within the vigilante arena. This includes Vigilante Skills & Vigilante Equipment. Passive Attributes will be shared with all Defensive Formations while Active Attributes will only be activated when the vigilante is leading.

So, this is what the rules say, but I’m going to now show you what actually happens in the battles right now so that you know what the current rules actually are. So in the next 3 battles I’m gonna show you, my opponent was using a 2 star Angie in one of his defensive formations. & I know that it was his defensive formation because I was the one challenging him. So, according to the rules all of his 3 formations should get the 5% passive Vehicle Health & the 10% passive Biker Defense Buff. However, when I looked at the reports I found that only his 3rd formation got those buffs which means that passive stats are not shared even in defensive formations. What this means is that the passive stats are no different from active stats for the vigilante tournament. So, vigilantes that give the most battle stats whether passive or active are good to use in the tournament.

And in the end, the rules also state that the rankings will not be reset and each day’s Rewards will be based on the rankings when the day resets (i.e. 12:00 am city time). This is something that makes this tournament very unique because unlike the city tournament & the 3v3 tournament where you get rewards only when the tournament ends. In this event you get daily rewards based on your final ranking at reset. So, you’ll usually see a lot of action on the leaderboards a few minutes before the reset everyday.

So, those were all the rules of the event. Now I’m gonna give you a few tips to do the event.

The first thing you want to do is try to keep all 6 of your vigilantes at almost the same level or at least 4 of your vigilantes at around the same level.

The reason why you want to level them up is because your vigilante stats or attributes are also considered for the tournament and leveling up your vigilantes increases their attributes. The reason why you want to keep all your vigilantes around the same level is because it’s much easier to level up low level vigilantes than it is to level up higher level ones. To give you an example, it takes less experience to level up a vigilante from level 1 to 20 than it does to level up a vigilante from 21 to 24.

As far as vigilante stats are concerned, the stats that you get from your vigilante investments aren’t considered in the tournament. This is probably a bug & it should be fixed in the next tournament however, for this tournament, your vigilante stat investment aren’t considered.

The way the tournament works is something like this, you get a basic march of 50,000 troops & as you add vigilantes, your march size increases based on their command & skills. If your vigilante has, let’s say 150 command then your march size should go up by 1500. However, if 50 out of the 150 command comes from vigilante investments, then your march size is only gonna increase by 1000. So, that’s how you can tell that the vigilante investments don’t work in the tournament.

Also, do not forget to activate buffs & the ringleader skill while setting your formations. You can get extra stats from attack, defense & march size buffs & also from the ringleader skill just like you can in the normal tournament.

If you have vigilante equipment, you can put them on your vigilantes as well while setting your formations to get more stats. And there’s one more tip that I’d like to share but I can not because my friend that figured it out want me to keep it a secret for this tournament. So, I’ll be sharing it once the tournament ends.

However, if you have some tips for the vigilante tournament, please let me know in the comments down below. I might also make a separate guide on formation & vigilantes for this tournament later as I’m still trying to figure out how this tournament works. For formation I’m currently using the normal bulker biker formation that I use for the tournament however, vehicles seem to be doing pretty good in this tournament as well. So I might increase the number of vehicles in my formation.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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