Super Raids Explained – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be explaining how super raids work. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Super Raids Explained – Mafia City

Super Raid is a feature that you unlock on reaching SVIP 10 which allows all players joining your super raid to get your stats for that raid. You can also do Super Raids during the Maroni’s Arms Base events without being SVIP 10.

There are limits on the number of Super Raids you can do during the day based on the event you’re playing. The daily limit for Super Raids within the city is 5. For Clash of Mafia, Royale, Family Treasure, Conqueror’s Path & Las Vegas, the limit is 10 raid each per day & the limit for Governor is 20 Super Raids.

The super raid limits are separate for individual events. So, for example, you could do 20 super raids in Governor, 10 in Las Vegas & another 5 in your own city, all on the same day.

The first 2 super raids done in each event during the day cost bonds. The first one costs 500 bonds & the next one, 1000. After that, each raid will cost super raid orders as follows:

Raid Number
Super Raid Orders Required
3rd Raid
4th Raid
5th Raid
6th Raid
7th Raid
8th Raid
9th Raid
10th Raid
11th to 20th Raid
30 each
Super Raid Order Requirements

These raid orders can be obtained from packs once you reach SVIP 10. Each $100 pack that you buy gives you 12 raid orders. So, it’ll cost over $3200 just for super orders to do 20 super raids during governor.

Once you super raid, let’s say the Governor’s Hall & win, then all the troops inside the hall will lose the stats of the Raid leader immediately & each individual player will retain their own stats while defending. This is why you’ll notice that players from global clans that join super raids during governor normally exit from Governor’s Hall immediately after their clan enters the Governor’s Hall. Then it’s normally one or more of the strongest players who fill the Governor’s Hall all by themselves for defense.

Super Raids also tend to be much stronger than normal raids & they usually favor the attacker. It’s quite normal for players to win super raids against an opponents that have 300% to 400% more stats than them. This is normally why it’s extremely difficult to defend the governor hall because even weaker players can kick you out of the hall by setting a Super Raid.

So, that was all I had to talk about Super Raids.

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