Stats don’t depend on Mansion Level – Mafia City

I gotta admit, the title is a little clickbait otherwise nobody would click on this post. But, what I’m actually trying to say is that Mansion Level has a very small impact on stats & in fact there are 2 other factors that are far more important that nobody talks about. In this post, we’re gonna see how much of an impact Mansion Level actually has on Stats. & It’s probably gonna surprise a lot of you because it’s not as much as you think it is. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Stats Don’t Depend on Mansion Level – Mafia City

However, before we begin this post, I’d like to show you the results of 3 polls that I posted in the past few days

In the first poll I asked players to vote whether 600% Biker Attack was good for a player or not. Around 49% voted ‘Yes, their stats are good’. Only 11% said that their stats are bad & the remaining 40% of players said that they needed more information to judge whether their stats are good or bad.

Now, this is one way of looking at stats. You can look at the numbers a player has and solely based on numbers, you can judge whether their stats are good or not. So, maybe for some players, anything above 500% is good & anything below 500% is bad, while for others, that number might be 300% or even 700%. If you’re judging stats this way, you’re not gonna consider any other factors like Mansion Level or the Other 2 ones that we’re gonna talk about in this post. So, in my opinion, it’s not a very effective way of judging a players stats & the answer to this poll should simply be ‘No’, because you still need a lot more information to be able to tell if their account was built properly or not.

In the 2nd poll, I gave an extra piece of information, the players Mansion Level. I asked if a player has an Elite 1 account that has 800% Stats. Is that enough information to judge whether their stats are good or not.
In this case, about 76% of the players voted ‘Yes, their stats are good’ while only 6% said their stats were bad & only 18% asked for more info.
& I read the comments of this post to see what kind of info they wanted from me & most players said that they needed to know the other stats of the player, like the Health, Defense, Damage & Charge damage of all 4 troop types to be able to judge whether their stats are good or not.

So, finally I did a 3rd poll where I gave that info. It was the same Elite 1 account that had 800% Biker Attack, but this time, I told them to assume that their other stats are also ‘decent’ for someone with 800% Biker Attack. So, this would mean that they have enough info to make up their minds & their answer should easily be yes. But, surprisingly, this time almost 50% of the people voted that their stats are bad & only 33% voted that they’re good.
Why did this happen? Well, it happened because I added an extra piece of information that nobody asked for, & that is, the amount that they had spend. At the very start of the poll, I mentioned that they had spent a total of $100,000 on their account. & I chose such a huge number on purpose, because I wanted to make it obvious that their stats are bad. But I was still surprised that about 33% of players voted that their stats are good.

So, the first thing we’re gonna take a look at in this post is why their stats were bad for those of you that voted for the first option.
Let’s say, we only have $100,000 to spend on an account. Let’s consider the cost of maxing out a few things. Let’s say we get to SVIP 10 for $3,500. We buy the Ultimate Set for $8,000. We max out our vigilante skills for around $10,000. We invest around $17,000 to augment our equipment & about $18,000 to get a bunch of emblems.
Finally, we invest $40,000 in babes which still leaves us with around $3,000 to spend. So, now let’s take a look at the stats that we get from all of this spending.

Leader equipment gives us 540% Biker, Emblems give 547%, these 2 combined already put you above 1,000%. Then we get another 511% from babes. 360% from vigilante skills & finally 23% from the SVIP 10 Buff.

All of these combined, puts us at around 1,982%. Although there are a few things that I considered in these percentages that I shouldn’t have. Like the Legendary Set, the creature queen babe & we’ve also assumed that they player only uses emblems that give biker attack.
Even if we subtract 500% to account for all of these differences, we’re still left with almost 1500% stats. So, clearly, 800% is terrible for anyone who’s spent $100,000.

& you’ll be surprised to find out that you can achieve all of these stats in the game even as a Mansion 26 or as a Mansion 24 for that matter.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at the Max Stats that you can get at Mansion 26, Mansion 30 & At Elite 6. This is gonna show us how much extra stats we unlock whenever we upgrade our Mansion to these levels.

If you have an Elite 6 Mansion, the Max biker attack you can get as per my 4000% Biker Attack post is 4,119.9%

If your only a Mansion 30, this number becomes 4,067.9%. It only goes down by 52%. 10% Because of the Extra Buffs you get from the Elite 6 Mansion & 42% because of the Extra Buffs you get from Elite Investments. The percentage you get from all the remaining sources remains the same.

For a Mansion 26, it goes down by another 857% all the way down to 3,210.9%.
Out of the 857%, only 2% comes from investments. While the remaining 855% come from Turf Skins, Turf Effects & Combine Ops Effects because you need to be at least a Mansion 30 to get buffs from these 3 sources.

So, basically since most players don’t max out decorations, they’re only getting a 2% increase in biker attack by upgrading from Mansion 26 to Mansion 30 & upto a 7% increase in defense & health which is barely gonna make a difference in their stats.

The reason I’m making this post, is because I’ve seen a lot of people who like to stay at a lower level Mansion & not upgrade higher just because they think that their stats are not good enough for the higher level Mansion & in fact doing that only slows down their growth even further.

I’ll give you an example of how that happens.

Let’s say that there are 2 Mansion 29s with 150% stats each. One of them upgrades to Mansion 30, while the other thinks that their stats are not good enough for Mansion 30 so they’re going to wait till they get to 200% to upgrade to Mansion 30.

Now, since the first person has upgraded to Mansion 30, they’ll be able to unlock T10 troops a lot faster. This means that their base stats are gonna go up substantially.
They’ll be able to use T10 bikers instead of Tier 8 bikers which would increase their base biker attack by around 40%, their base biker defense by 38% & their base biker health by 40%.
They’ll also be able to upgrade their T7 bulkers to T10 bulkers which gives them a 67% increase in their base bulker defense & a 61% increase in their base bulker health.
Keep in mind that these % increases are not the regular percentages that you see in battle reports, but they increases in the base stats. If you want to convert them into the regular percentages that you see in the battle reports, you’d have to multiply them with your current attack defense & health percentages.

For example, our player that has a +150% Biker Attack basically has a Base biker attack of 100% plus the bonus biker attack of 150% making their total biker attack 250%. However, when they upgrade to T10, they get a 40% increase in their base attack, which means their base is now gonna go upto 140% & so their bonus will also go up to 210% making their total biker attack 350%.

So, while the Mansion 29 player is still sitting at +150% Biker, the Mansion 30 player has already upgraded to almost +250% just by unlocking T10 troops. This will obviously not show in the stats section in the report. However, this is the strength of the T10 troops that they just unlocked.

This means that the Mansion 30 player will be able to do much better in a lot of events because of their stronger troops winning them better rewards & helping them grow a lot faster. They’ll also be able to get way ahead of the Mansion 29 in the slammer so they’ll also get way more family gold to boost their stats even further.

Finally, they’ll also be able to upgrade their Hitman Hotels & Family Business Zone to level 30 which will give them slightly more hitman coins & family gold per day compared to the Mansion 29.

What does the Mansion 29 get for staying at that level? They just save a bunch of resources which they’re probably going to invest at the invest center or they’ll use to max out a bunch of useless bulidings like the security center, black market or the vault which is even worse. They’ll maybe get like 1% or 2% stats from the invest center while still getting fewer hitman coins & family gold than the Mansion 30 account every single day.

So, there’s really no benefit in staying at a lower mansion level. In most cases it’s just better to upgrade your mansion whenever you can after you’ve maxed out key buildings like the diner, invest center & troops camps if you’re below Mansion 30 & if you’re above Mansion 30, you’d also want to max out elite investments which are quite cheap because they make your troops significantly stronger by strengthening their elite skills, but not the investments in the crew capabilities & advanced arms section because those tend to be way more expensive than elite investments at higher levels.

So, now let’s talk about the factors that you stats depend on.

The first one is quite obvious, it’s the amount you’ve spent on the game.

If you’ve spent a total of $100,000 on the game & you only have 800% stats. Then your stats are garbage regardless of your mansion level. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Elite 5 with 800%, an Elite 1 with 800% or a Mansion 20 with 800%. The only exception would be if you have a really low Mansion level like Mansion 5 or 6 because in that case it would really difficult to improve your stats because of not being able to access features like the contract agency, family business center, etc. which give a ton of stats.

I already explained why 800% is bad if you’ve spent $100,000 at the beginning of the post, so I’m not going to go over it again.

The 2nd factor that impacts your stats is the amount of time you’ve been playing this game for.
If you’ve only been playing the game for a Month or 2. Your stats will usually be much lower than someone who’s already been playing for a year & has spent the same amount as you.
There are 2 main reasons why the amount of time is important.
The first reason is because the longer you play, the more events you’ll be able to do, the more resources you’ll be able to farm & gather, the more street forces & mercenaries you’ll be able to attack. So, doing all of this will put you way ahead of newer players.
The 2nd reason why time is important is because the longer you play, the more you’ll have access to cheaper packs.
For example, if a player wants to max out a vigilante in a single day, it’s gonna cost them thousands of dollars to do so because they’ll be forced to buy the $100 vigilante packs which barely give any vigilante fragments. However, if they don’t mind waiting for a long time to max out the vigilante, it’ll cost them significantly less because they’ll only have to buy the $5 vigilante packs which are probably 10 times better than the $100 vigilante packs.

Obviously, the 3rd factor is your Mansion Level. Not so much because of investments, but Mainly to know what features they have access to. For example, turf skin, turf effect & ops effect buffs are only unlocked at Mansion 30, so there is a jump of 855% in the max stats just when you upgrade form Mansion 29 to Mansion 30 because of this new feature.

So, that’s pretty much all I wanted to talk about in this post.

I just wanted to show you guys why it is much more important to consider the amount you’ve spent & the time you’ve played for while judging your stats & not basing it solely on Mansion Level. In fact, Mansion level has very little relevance when it comes to stats. As we saw earlier, your attack only goes up by 52% when you upgrade from Mansion 30 to Elite 6 & it only goes up by 2% from investments when you upgrade from Mansion 26 to Mansion 30.

By not upgrading your Mansion Level when you have nothing better to do with your resources, all you’re doing is, you’re reducing your hitman coin & family gold income because your hitman hotels & family business center are gonna be at lower levels.
You’re restricting access to higher tier troops or certain elite skills which can make your march much stronger even though they don’t have an impact on your stats.
You’re reducing your max ops size because your restricting your diner upgrades.
Your reduced ops size & march power will lead to poor performance in events like family treasure, 3v3 & also poor performance in the slammer which will lower the rewards you get from these events.

All of this will only slow down your progress even further. It’s not going to help you gain any significant edge over other players.

Stats mostly come from spending & spending does not require resources. If you choose to stay at a lower mansion level to improve your stats, you need to ask yourself, where you’re gonna invest those resources & what stats you’re gonna get from them. Once you know the exact amount of stats you’re getting by not upgrading your mansion, that’s when you can decide whether you want to do it or not.

Finally, just incase anyone asks, the reason why I’m still Mansion 26 is because I plan on staying Mansion 26 forever. It’s great content for my videos & I also like burning elites as a lower level Mansion. However, for anyone planning to upgrade their Mansion at some point in the future, I usually wouldn’t recommend waiting to reach a certain level of stats before you upgrade.

So, let me know what you guys think in the comments down below. Whether you think money & time spent are more important than Mansion level while judging stats or whether Mansion level is still the most important factor.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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