Spring Festival 2021 – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the Spring Festival Events. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Spring Festival Celebration Event – Mafia City

There are 3 main events for this Spring Festival, so we’re gonna go over them one by one.

The first one is the Recruitment Frenzy, where you can recruit one of the 4 new vigilantes. Keep in mind that these vigilantes are Limited Time vigilantes, meaning, you’ll never be able to recruit them after the event is over. So if you want to unlock them, make sure you do so during the event.

The event will be available for a total of 14 days during which you’ll be able to recruit these vigilantes using Recruit Raffles, that you can get from signing in daily as well as from packs.

If you do 10 recruitments during the event, you’ll get the Purple vigilante Taurus for free. This can be done without spending anything, simply by logging in for 9 days during the event. The 20th Recruitment will give you a Gold Vigilante Box which can be used to redeem any one of the 3 golden vigilantes of your choice.

After that, every 20th Recruitment will give you 300 fragments of one of the Golden Event Vigilante. Make sure you use all your Spring Recruit Raffles before the event ends, since you won’t be able to use them after the event.

To get all golden vigilantes to 1 star it would cost at least $175 while to get them to 2 stars it would cost at least $575. This is assuming you get extremely lucky on the 20th Recruitments & only get the vigilantes that you need on all of them. Make sure you save your Vigilante Recruitment Box for the end of the event so you can plan how you want to use it based on the fragments you’ve already got from the event.

So, that’s about the Vigilante Recruitment Event.

Apart from this there’s also the Spring Garapon Lottery Event that’s going on. This is similar to the other Lottery Events that we had in the past, you’re required to do tasks to gain experience & unlock rewards. You can also buy the $5 & $20 invites to get extra rewards for this event. I’d highly recommend buying both of those if you spend as the $20 card gives you an ops effect along with a ton of other rewards. All of those rewards are worth way more than $25 even for most small spenders.

Finally, there’s the Spring Festival Celebrations Event that’s going on which has 3 sub events.

There’s the Sign-In event that gives you Recruitment Raffles throughout the event.

There’s the Spring Festival Blessings event where you can send blessings to other players to get rewards. You can get upto 140 blessings daily from from doing 3 tasks, 68 from attacking Street Forces, 19 from Gathering Resources & 53 from trading at the Black Market. This means that throughout the event, you can easily get the 3rd Giftbox just from doing these tasks daily. However, you can also get some extra blessings by Raiding Nian Beasts on the map. Unfortunately, there’s no information about the Maximum number of blessings you can get this way, so I can’t tell you if you’ll be able to get the 4th box without spending.

Finally the last sub event is this Nian Beast Event. This event requires you to submit Materials to spawn Nian Beasts on the Map, once you have enough materials to make a firecracker, the R4s & R5 will be able to use them to spawn these Nian Beasts on the map. Everytime a firecracker is ignited, your entire clan will get some rewards & a Nian beast will spawn. The Nian Beast can then be raided to get some extra rewards.

So those are all the new events that are currently going on in this game.

I’d also like to thank my patrons:

Level 20 Bosses: ₱Ⱨ₳Ɽ₳ØⱧ ༒ ₮ɆⱤⱤØR (C981), ꉣꏂꋪꊰꏂꉔ꓄꒒ꌦ ꊰꉔꀘ꒯Uꉣ (C981)

Level 10 Bosses: Purple Swirl (C153), Philipp Roth, NIGHTKING (C313), Yuyul Dollkiller (C562), Kamikaze77(C407), Hero ¥ (C898), KO Boss (C590), PWA80, BadASSDaD (C120), عبدالله آلسبيعيء, ₦ï¢₭¥ ĐɆɆ (C751), AscMirzo, Thoress, kalhouli (C837), [Oldboy], 12cz, Zubair Rafique, verbeurke16, ꋊꂦꍟ꒒ꍏꋊꀤ

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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