Safe & Unsafe Resources for Beginners / How to empty farms – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be explaining the difference between safe & unsafe resources & also the reason why a lot of beginners are unable to get any resources from their farms even though their farms are filled with millions of resources. You can either watch this video, or continue reading this post:

Safe & Unsafe Resources / How to empty farms – Mafia City

There are 2 different types of resources in the game. Safe resources that you get from using resource items & then you have vulnerable or unsafe resources that you get from Gathering, from your resource buildings, from the black market & also from Daily Contracts & Resource Packs.

The only difference between unsafe & safe resources is that unsafe resources can be robbed by other players when they attack your turf while safe resources can not. So, all the resources that you get from your items, except for the ones you get from resource packs can not be robbed by other players. This also means that if you have a farm account, you can’t use your main account to rob those resources. This is obviously one of the main reasons why a lot of players get confused when they attack their farms that have millions of resources & get nothing from them. So, next time you’re attacking your farm, make sure you have enough unsafe resources in them.

There’s also a third resource type called protected resources. This basically includes the unsafe resources that are protected by your vault. If your vault’s capacity for cargo is let’s say, 840,000, then 840,000 cargo out of your total unsafe cargo will be protected while the remaining amount will be vulnerable i.e. other players will be able to steal those resources by attacking you. If you have less than 840,000 cargo, then all of it will be protected.

Whenever you attack a player, you not only get their unsafe resources, but you also get 50% of their uncollected resources. By uncollected resources, I mean, resources produced by their resource buildings which they haven’t collected yet. This is why you’ll notice that you get a few thousand resources whenever you attack a farm even though it doesn’t have any safe resources inside.

So, that’s the difference between safe & unsafe resources.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

5 thoughts on “Safe & Unsafe Resources for Beginners / How to empty farms – Mafia City”

  1. Hello I have been following your guides since I started playing and now refer others to your site. I have a question about Daily Contracts & Resource Packs being unsafe. Can you explain better which those are, are they resources you get from completing dailies and resource packs are they the one you buy with IRL money? Sorry I am still noobish and not sure on which types of rss these are. Thanks again for your great guides.

  2. Hey man.. I’ve been building up my farms for couple of months now and it’s good amount of resources in it but small problem….i upgraded my vault along side my mansion now they’re are in level 16..more than 100m but it’s can I turn this around?

  3. Hi _ I have noticed that I can only get 50% of my raiding load capacity whenever I hit my farms. For example a march that has 2 mil load capacity can only take home 1 mil worth of rss. Do you know why?

    1. The game considers arms & metal to be “heavier” resources so if you are referring to pulling 1 million vs. the full 2 million this would be why.

  4. Note,

    Let’s say your farm has many millions in crates/inventory boxes, and your farm has no use for it, because for example it has already enough build up and gathering troops….You can start to build/invest in a large project and cancel it…you will only get half the rss back, but they will be vulnerable and you main account can harvest/rob it from the farm….

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