Roadster trick for Leader Skills

In this post, I’m going to be showing you a little trick that you can use to reduce the cooldown time on some of your Leader Skills. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Roadster Trick for Leader Skills – Mafia City

In the game, there are a few roadsters that help reduce the cooldown time of your skills. Using them while activating a skill causes the skill cooldown time to go down slightly, allowing you to use it more frequently.

The Cheapest Roadster that reduces Skill Cooldown Time is Frostbite which almost costs 31 silver points & gives a 5% Skill Cooldown Time Reduction. However, the only problem with this roadster is that it’s a limited edition roadster, so you won’t be able to sell it’s parts & get back your roadster points after you buy it.

After that, you have Lady Silver which also gives 5% Skill Cooldown Time Reduction, but costs more than 10 golden points. The only good thing about this roadster is that it’s not limited edition, so you can sell it’s parts after you’re done using it.

After Lady Silver, you have Diamond Daisy which reduces the Skill Cooldown Time by 10% but costs almost 15 golden points. This is the most cost effective Skill Cooldown Time Reduction roadster that gives 10% reduction, there’s also Phoenix which gives the same amount of reduction but costs way more roadster points to unlock.

Now, let’s take a look at the skills that you can use these roadsters for.

In the battle tree, you can use one of these roadsters while using the beck & call skill which doesn’t require any special roadster. You can also use it for the Ringleader skill which will reduce the cooldown from 1 day 1 hour to 22 hours 30 minutes since you don’t need to have any specific roadster while activating it, but once it’s activated, you can switch to your attack roadster to do more damage. Unfortunately, for rescue & deathfight, you won’t be able to use these roadsters since they’re triggered whenever you attack a turf & not when you activate them. So, you’d want to use an attack roadster instead.
For the Battle Fanaticism Skill, you can again use the roadster as it’s similar to the Ringleader Skill.

In the growth tree, for the shakedown skill, you can either use the Tidal Wave Roadster or Diamond Daisy depending on your resource production. If your resource production is over 400%, then the 40% buff will only boost your production by 10% of the total production or less. So, it’s upto you whether you want more resource production or whether you want to use the shakedown skill more frequently.

For the gathering speed skill, you can first use Diamond Daisy to reduce the cooldown & activate the skill. After it’s activated, you can then switch to the Queen Roadster or any other Roadster that you use for Gathering Speed & then use an 8 hour gathering speed buff to reset the gathering speed get max gathering speed with your gathering Roadster.

The last 3 skills in the Growth Tree are Resource Protection, Fabrication & Quick Wits. All of these skills don’t require any special roadster, so you can use Diamond Daisy or Phoenix while using them.

In the Support tree, you can use diamond daisy for all the 5 skills, Energetic, Craftsman, Roadblock, Ravage & Retry as none of these skills require any special Roadster.

Finally, there’s the Raid Assault Skill that you can unlock from the invest center. You can use Diamond Daisy right before using this skill & then immediately switch to your attack formation after this skill is used.

So, this is how you can use Skill Cooldown Reduction Roadsters to use some of your skills more frequently. Sadly these Roadsters do not reduce the cooldown of Mastery Skills, so there’s no use using them while activating those skills.

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