Roadster Armaments – Mafia City

This is gonna be a quick post explaining how armaments work. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Roadster Armaments – Mafia City

Armaments were added to the game in yesterday’s update. They’re kinda like emblems that you can attach to roadsters.

To obtain armaments, you simply click on the Garage in your Mansion & then select Garage Depot.
There are 2 depots that you’ll find here. The rare depot & the premium one.

The rare depot can give you anywhere from white to purple quality armaments while the premium one can also give you orange & gold armaments including armaments from the Ghastly Set. You need rare armament raffles to get armaments from the rare depot & premium raffles to get them from the premium depot.

You can get both, rare & premium armament raffles by attacking mercenaries. I’m not yet sure if all types of mercenaries give you these armaments or only some specific types. & also whether the level of the mercenary that you attack has an impact on the drop rate. If I find out, I’ll let you guys know in the pinned comment of the video above & I’ll update this post as well.
Apart from mercenaries, you can also get upto 5 rare armament raffles for free daily, all you need to do is, you need to wait for the 5 minute cooldown to end to claim your armament raffle & obviously, you can also buy these raffles from packs.

The armaments that you get can either be used on your roadsters to get extra stats from them or they can be used to upgrade other armaments to make them stronger.

Keep in mind that these armaments work like emblems, so in order to remove each one of them, you’ll need to buy an armament removal tool using gold. So, make sure you only use armaments that you’re going to keep on your roadsters for the long term.

Once you have an armament, you can head over to the Armament workshop to equip them on to your roadsters. Keep in mind that there are 6 different armament types, Turrets, Artilleries, Body Plates, Hardened Glasses, AI Chips & Nitro Boosters.

Each roadster can only have 1 of each of these 6 types of armaments which will go in their respective slot. i.e. So, for example, you can not equip 2 turrets or 2 body plates on the same roadster at the same time.

Finally, there’s armament enhancement. Here you can enhance some of your armaments by using your other armaments to feed them experience.

Keep in mind that the armaments that you use as feeders will be destroyed, once you click on Enhance & they’ll be converted in to experience for the armament that you’re upgrading.

Once you have enough experience, your armament will level up & become stronger.

In case you want to deselect certain armaments, you can always tap on the individual armaments below the experience bar to deselect them one by one or you can simply tap forfeit to deselect all of them at once.

So, that’s how armaments work. Let me know what you guys think about this update in the comments down below & also let me know if you have any questions about this update.

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