Redemption Codes, New April 9th Update & Level 12 Plantation Store – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be talking about the redemption codes & also about all the new features added in this recent update. I’ll also be showing you what you get from a level 12 plantation store at the end of this post. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

There are 6 redemption codes for you to choose from. However, you can only use one code per account so make sure you pick the one that you want.

To use these redemption codes, you need to click on your avatar at the top left. Then go to settings & then select redemption codes.

Here are the 6 redemption codes on the screen along with the rewards you get from them.

ZYMCWX – 150,000 Cash & Cargo, 25,000 Arms & 6250 Metal
HLXJTX – 100 gold, 5 Red Wine, 1 lightning streak ops (7 day)
FMBZJZ – 50 min building speed ups, 50 min training speed ups, 50 min general speed ups
GSJBJC – 8 hr Truce, 24 Hr Defense Bonus (+20%), 24 hr Attack Bonus (+20%)
XKFWZB – 100 gold, 5 Red Wine, 1 Stardust Eve (7 day)
VPZXVD – 900 VIP Points, 1 day VIP
All of these codes also give you the permanent Opulent Easter 2020 Avatar Frame.

So, those were all the redemption codes that you can use in the game. Again, keep in mind that you can use only one, so choose wisely. Also, the event ends on the 18th of April so make sure you use these codes before that.

They’ve also added a whole bunch of new features this update.

The first thing they’ve changed is the wealth battle. You can now get points for killing troops in nightclubs during the wealth battle & the top 5 players with the most points at the end of the event will receive the massacre title which gives 2% Crew Defense for anywhere between 3 to 30 days depending on their rank along with a lot of other rewards. During this event, you only get 1 point per kill regardless of the level of troops you kill.

They’ve now added level 6 storehouses to the storehouse event.

They’ve also added more investments in the crew capabilities section that give a total of 7% more crew attack, defense & health. 14,000 more ops capacity & 20% more training speed & crime ops speed.

They’ve added a new Mr. Rabbit Avatar that you can get from the Mr. Rabbit’s event which is probably gonna start soon because there’s no such event going on right now.

And they’ve also added an auto play feature for the lucky poker at svip 5 which automatically flips the first card & continues spinning the wheel. I wouldn’t recommend using this feature because it’ll skip the ones that give you 10k gold as well.

They’ve also added 2 new decorations. They’ve added the Panda Forest Lodge Turf decoration that gives 10% Bulker Attack & 5% Crew Attack when maxed out and the Centaur Archer Ops Effect that doesn’t give any buffs.

They’ve also added a lot of Godfather Monument Achievements.

The Jungle Ruins Turf Decoration Achievement that gives 3% Bulker & Shooter Attack.

The Fusion Samurais Crime Ops Achievement that gives 5% Crew Attack & Defense

The new year Name Tag, Avatar & Chat Bubble Achievements that give 2% Biker & Shooter Defense Each

The Deadly Rhythm Turf Effect Achievement that gives 2% Biker & Vehicle Attack

The Legend of Legends flag column achievement that gives 2% Biker & Shooter Defense

and the Mystical Fortunes Column Achievement that gives 2% Bulker & Shooter Health

So, those were all the new features added in this recent update.

And finally shoutout to MC Brutal from city 388 for unlocking the level 11 plantation store. So now we finally know what a level 12 plantation store gives you. It gives you upto 500 latent energy per day, one golden emblem chest & upto 300 SVIP points. You can also get 4% more Crew Attack from the exclusive boost section.

So, that was the level 12 plantation store.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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