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In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the purchase events that are currently going on in the game. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

The first event is the 5 day dress up purchase event that requires you to buy 5000 gold daily for 5 days during this event to unlock Diana’s new outfit. The outfit gives you 2% Crew Defense & 3% more bulker attack. It normally costs $500 to unlock this outfit. However, with this event, you can unlock it for $50 or even less. So, it’s definitely worth purchasing gold for this event.

Another Great purchase event that’s going on is the Exclusive Benefits event which gives you some rewards for purchasing a certain amount of gold. For example you can get 1500 Advanced male vigilante fragment for just purchasing 1000 gold.

And finally there’s the Ramadan Sales event that’s also going on which which is somewhat similar to the Black Friday purchase event. You can get packs that are way better than the normal packs in the game through this event. For example, the $20 normal emblem pack only gives you 3 historical & grand emblem chests & 6 rare emblem chests. However, $20 emblem pack that you get from this event gives you 10 each of historical, grand & rare emblem chests. The packs reset every hour so in case you don’t like the packs you currently see, then you can wait for an hour to find new packs.

So, those were all the events that are currently going on in the game. If you’re a spender then I’d highly recommend purchasing packs from Ramadan Purchase event to get gold for the Dress Up & Exclusive Benefits events.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you found it helpful.

4 thoughts on “Purchase Events – Mafia City”

  1. This purchase event like this comes at the end of November and this is the first time I think they have done this one for Ramadan. They do other specials throughout the year as well.

  2. Hello , you make very good job thank you. I wanted to ask you how often come this great purchase event which one you can get vig fragments if you buy some gold? 1 time in months?

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