Opening Over 1000 Gem Boxes – Mafia City

Hey! What is up guys? It is me Flavio here back with another Mafia City video. In this video I’m going to be showing you what you get from opening over 1000 gem boxes. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Opening Over 1000 Gem Boxes – Mafia City

I had been saving up gem boxes for months now to make this video & recently I opened over a thousand gem boxes to find out the probabilities of getting high level gems from common, rare & quality gem boxes.

A lot of players also claim that opening gem boxes one by one decreases the probability of getting high quality gems. So, to test that I also opened 500 rare gem boxes one at a time & 500 rare boxes all together while making this video to see if there’s any difference.

So, here’s what I found.

For the common gem boxes, I opened a total of 1574 at the same time. Out of those, 454 gave me green gems & 1120 gave me grey. So that means the probability of getting green gems from a common gem box is around 29% & the probability of getting grey is around 71%.

For the Quality Gem boxes, I opened a total of 1472 of them at the same time. From those I got 419 blue gems & 1053 green gems, again making the probability of getting blue & green 29% & 71% respectively.

Finally, for the purple gems. I opened a total of 500 boxes all at once which gave me 59 purple gems, 151 blue gems & 290 green gems. Making the probability of getting purple around 12%, blue around 30% & green around 58%.

For the remaining 500 purple gems boxes that I opened one at a time, I got a total of 53 purple gems, 159 blue gems & 288 green gems, which led to a probability of around 11% for purple, 31% for blue & 58% for green.

So, I think you can easily conclude that the drop rates pretty much stay the same regardless of how you choose to open your gem boxes.

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And for those of you that want to see me open all those chests. You can watch the sped up version of the chest openings in video above.

2 thoughts on “Opening Over 1000 Gem Boxes – Mafia City”

  1. Hello,
    Try to open 10 at a time. That s the best way so far to get mor frequent gems at the color of the boxes from my experience. For sure better odds than opening them 100 at the time or 50 at a time. Worth checking.

    1. The point of this post was to show you that it doesn’t matter how you open these boxes because each box has it’s own assigned probability. However, if you have evidence that can prove that opening 10 at a time does give you better odds, I’d love to see that.

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