Nightclub Event Guide – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be explaining how the Wealth Battle event or the Nightclub event works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Nightclub Event Guide – Mafia City

The Wealth Battle is a 7 day event where players get to occupy nightclubs for rewards. There are 30 nightclubs that spawn on the map during this event. The location of these nightclubs is refreshed every 24 hours with a 30 minute delay. The nightclubs only appear from day 1 to day 6 of this event. During the event, a level 5 nightclub will spawn somewhere inside the grey area while the all the other nightclubs will be located at Random Locations outside the grey area. However, the higher level nightclubs will usually be located closer to the center of the map, while the lower level ones will be located away from the center. The higher level nightclubs have a higher gathering speed & thus provide more points to your clan. Your clan will also get a gathering speed buff whenever it occupies a nightclub.

Each clan is only allowed to occupy 2 nightclubs during this event. Players can reinforce nightclubs occupied by their own clan. The maximum amount of troops a nightclub can hold is determined by the raid capacity & march size of the first player that enters the nightclub so it would always make sense to get your strongest player to enter the nightclub fist so that more members are able to reinforce the clubs. The players that reinforce the clubs get jewelry boxes based on how long they’ve reinforced the club & how many troops they’ve sent. These jewelry boxes can be used to redeem either normal, silver or Golden Jewelry boxes to get rewards.

You get 1 Jewelry Box for every 500,000 troop minutes spent in the night club. So, for example if you send 100,000 troops to the nightclub, then you’ll get 1 jewelry box every 5 minutes, Or if you send only 50,000 troops to the nightclub, then you get 1 jewelry box every 10 minutes. The level of your troops & the level of the nightclub you’re reinforcing do not matter when calculating the amount of jewelry boxes you’re gonna get.

So, it would make sense to send more troops to nightclubs if you’re going to be online to get jewelry boxes faster. However, if you’re going to be offline for a very long time then you could send fewer troops since you can only get 100 jewelry boxes at a time. With 500,000 troops inside, you’d get 100 jewelry boxes in just 100 minutes. However, with 80,000 troops inside it would take you more then 10 hours to get the same amount.

Some clans also set a max limit for reinforcing nightclubs based on the number of active players participating in the event so that everyone gets a fair chance to reinforce nightclubs.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to recall your troops to get your jewelry boxes. Simply send 1 biker to reinforce the nightclub & you should get all the jewelry boxes that are due from that nightclub.

And finally once the event ends, the clan that finishes first gets the 30 day wealth Name Tag & Badge along with other rewards.

Before I end this video, I’d like to give a shoutout to Calculated Gamer for figuring out the fact that troop level doesn’t matter while calculating the amount of jewelry boxes you’re gonna get from the nightclubs. If you wanna subscribe to his channel, here’s the link: . He’s got some really good videos about this game on his channel, you should definitely check them out.

I’d also like to thank my patons Kamikaze77 from city 407, Jon Philips, Zippo from City 72, Lavialle Xavier, Pope Bathory, K K, DJ Danny D, J. H, Sidney Heath, Psychaos from city 158, Adam Quinn, BiggRyan from City 642, Chris, Saharudin31, Sidney Rich, Jamsheed Karaa, Fluffy from City 509, Calculated Gamer, J Lopez, 12cz, Padrino Des impôts, Николай Яковлев, XxXReaperXxX from city 507. If you wanna support me on patreon, here’s the link:

So, that’s all I had to talk about the Nightclub Event. I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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  1. Hi Flavio, thanks for the post. I’d like to ask some questions tho.
    If I send 80k troops, I’ll gather 1 in about 6.25 minutes. It’ll take me about 10hrs 15 mins to gather 100 boxes which is the max.
    If I decide to reinforce after every 4 hours, what happens after gathering 100 boxes.
    Also can I contact you by email or Line?

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