New January 16th Update – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be talking about the recent January 16th Update. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

January 16th Update – Mafia City

They’ve added a lot of new features this update.

They’ve added a new vigilante called Nora Hsu that increases your shooter stats. She has 4 passive skills & one active skill. Her first skill is a passive skill that gives 5% shooter defense, her second skill is again a passive skill that reduces shooter received damage by 5%. Her 3rd skill is a passive skill that increases shooter attack by 15%. Her 4th one is an upgadable active skill that increases shooter damage by 10% at level 1 & 30% when maxed out & her final skill is another passive skill that increases shooter health by 10%.

They’ve also added 2 new vigilante skins. The Kung Fu Master Bruce skin that gives 2% Bulker Health & 2% Crew Defense & the Triad Berserker James skin that gives 2% Biker Attack & 2% Crew Attack.

There are also a few new decorations. The Magic Koi Ops Effect that doesn’t give any buffs & the Prince Nezha Combine Ops effect that gives 10% Biker Attack & 5% Crew Attack.

There’s the new Lion Dance Turf Effect & the Spring Festival Column Decoration that don’t give any buffs. And finally there’s the Dragon Palace Shrine Turf skin that gives 5% Crew Attack & 10% Crew Defense When maxed out.

They’ve also unlocked the level up feature for a few more babe skills. So now, you can use your jewelry cards to upgrade even more skills.

The Family Resistance & Family Damage Stats that players get from the family business investments will now also take effect in the Underground Tournament.

They’ve also added a flip all feature for the Mafia Card Matching Event which you can unlock once you reach SVIP 10 & they’ve finally added a migration chat for all cities that are in the same group.

So, those were all the important features added in this update. There was also the relationship feature that they added during this update where players could obtain hearts by getting resources or reinforcements from other players & also by joining raids. However, there were just too many bugs with that feature so they ended up removing it from the game & they’ll probably add it back very soon.

There are also the spring festival events currently going on. One of those events is the fresh new year event which requires you to synthesize Gunpowder & Metal Compounds to make fireworks. These fireworks can be used to gain various rewards. You can get upto 200 gunpowder by raiding Maroni’s Factories on the map while you can only get 100 Metal Compounds per day. 40 from street force, 30 from gathering resources & another 30 from trading at the Black Market. This means that you can only make a maximum of 20 fireworks per day because there are no other ways of gaining metal compounds, you can’t even buy packs to get them. So, it’s definitely not worth raiding more than 20 Factories on an average per day during this event. In my opinion, it’s not worth even raiding a single factory because the rewards just don’t seem to be good enough.

There’s also the Lunar Blessings & the Defend the Gala Event currently going on that are quite similar to the Halloween Events. I’d highly recommend checking out my post on the Halloween Events if you want tips for those events. Here’s the link:

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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