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In this post I’m going to be doing an account overview of my city 300 Mansion 23 account so that you guys can see how I’ve built my account & hopefully learn a thing or two from it. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

So, right now I’m at around 13M power & my crew power is at around 10M so that means if I get zeroed, my power should be around 3M. Apart from troops, most of my power comes from the hitmen services that I’ve invested in because those services just give you so much more power than buildings and investments.

So, that was a breakdown of my power. Now let’s take a look at my stats. I’ve got around 190% bulker attack & 200% biker attack unbuffed. & I also have around 130% bulker & biker defense unbuffed which isn’t that good in general but most players consider it pretty good for a mansion 23.

Now let’s take a look at the breakdown of these stats. I get around 20-25% stats from my leader talents. I get around 8-10% stats from my investments. Not a lot of attack, but around 10-15% defense from my Contract Agency. Around 10-13% stats from my babes & then there’s clan property which increases my damage by around 10%, which is way more important than attack.

And finally the two main sources of stats for me are my Vigilantes, which give me 10% biker attack, 40% bulker attack, 50% bulker defense & 50% biker defense which I get from all the passive skills of my vigilantes.

And then there’s equipment which gives me an insane 84% bulker attack & 125% biker attack.

Obviously there are 2 more sources of stats which haven’t been considered in this breakdown. There’s the SVIP 7 buff that gives me 15% attack and defense, 17% health, 5% attack for bulkers & shooters & 2% attack for bikers & vehicles.

And the 2nd source is my level 23 plantation with a level 5 plantation store which gives me 2% crew attack.

So, that was about my stats. Now, let’s take a look at the buildings I have in my turf. All of my buildings except for the contract agency are either level 23 or level 22. My contract agency is still at level 13 because it’s not really an important building to upgrade, since you can still invest in a lot of services even when the contract agency is at a low level.

I’ve upgraded my Diner to level 23 to get a higher march size. My unbuffed march size right now is around 111,000. I’ve also upgraded my invest center to level 23 to so that I can invest in more investments. I’ve upgraded my black market to level 23 to get more resources & checks from trades. & I’ve also upgraded my pawnbroker to level 23 to save a few checks & speed ups while exchanging equipment. And I also have my counterfeiter at level 1 and all other resource buildings at level 23 including the hitmen hotels which are the 2 buildings that I always max out immediately after upgrading my mansion.

The reason why I have maxed out my resource production buildings in this city is because I do not have any farms here, so the extra resources from my resource buildings help a lot. However, if you do have a lot of farms then there’s no need to focus on your resource buildings & you should focus on your hospitals & clubs instead.

Apart from the buildings mentioned earlier, all my other buildings are at level 22.

A lot of people also ask me how many resource buildings I’ve built outside my Mansion and so here are the numbers.

I have,
1 Level 1 Counterfeiter,
2 Hitmen Hotels,
2 Cargo Hubs,
8 Weaponaries,
8 Smelters,
8 Hospitals &
8 Clubs

So, reason why I have only 1 level 1 counterfeiter is because the game allows me to upgrade my counterfeiter for free any time I want, even when both of my building queues are occupied. This helps me easily finish the upgrade building contract, that gives me 30 daily contract points.
Not only that, since the counterfeiter is level 1, it also allows you to use a resource production buff on it for only 2 gold.
There’s another daily quest that requires you to use 2 resource production buffs on your counterfeiters for 10 points. And the good news is you don’t need 2 counterfeiters to finish this quest, you only need one. Since you can buff the same counterfeiter twice to finish this quest.
In fact this is something that I learned from another player in my clan. We were having a discussion about our resource buildings in clan chat & then this guy tells everyone that he has only one counterfeiter in his turf & so I instantly tell him that he should build one more so that he can complete the daily contract & then he tells me that you don’t need 2 counterfeiters to complete the daily contract, all you need to do is buff the same counterfeiter twice & you’ll be done with the the contract. & I was like, “Wow! Why did I never think about that” & that’s when I demolished my extra counterfeiter & built my 8th Weaponary which made my building composition feel a lot more complete. (The only problem with keeping your counterfeiter level 1 is that you’ll have problems upgrading your radar as you need to upgrade your counterfeiter first in order to upgrade your radar)

So enough of storytelling, now let’s move on to investments. So, for investments, I’ve maxed everything out for mansion 23 except for my resource investments. I have Turf Defense maxed out, Vigilante maxed out, Equipment maxed out, Mercenary & storehouse investments maxed out, Advance Arms maxed out, Crew Capabilities maxed out & also Criminal Enterprises maxed out for Mansion 23. The only investments that aren’t maxed are my resource investments which I’m probably not gonna max out anytime soon as I’m planning to upgrade my Mansion very soon.

Now let’s take a look at my Contract Agency. The very first service that I maxed out here was the hitman coin discount. Then I’ve also invested in investment cost reduction & building cost reduction. Since, I don’t farm in this city, the cost reductions help me a lot to save my resources.

I’ve also maxed out bulker training cost reduction as Tier 7 bulkers are the troops that I train the most & they’re usually the troops that I use my speed ups on as well. I’ve also invested a little bit in bulker & biker defense as far as battle stats are concerned. So, that’s how my contract agency looks like.

Now, let’s take a look at my Equipment.
For equipment I’ve got 5 different sets. I’ve got the attack & defense set that I use for battle. This set has 4 massacre pieces, with the level 35 MP5 sub-machine gun and the level 25 Terrirozer’s Suit. The reason I’m using this combination is because it gives way more biker attack than the full massacre set. However, you do lose a good amount of vehicle & shooter attack which aren’t as important.
Then I have the street force set which is basically the attack & defense set with the blue devil roadster.
Then I have a set for T8 biker training which has the kingpin set, the golden godfather’s diary that gives me an extra 15% biker training speed & it also has the Deathrow roadster which is the best roadster in the game for training T8 troops.
I also have a T7 bulker training set which has the kingpin set, the orange godfather’s diary which give me an extra 12% bulker training speed & it also has the Mad Max roadster which is the best roadster in the game for training T7 troops. It gives me an insane 40% training speed for T7 and lower troops along with a 12% training speed for all troops.
And then I have a resource collection set that I use to collect resources in my turf. I use the Tidal Wave roadster for 40% resource production & I also use the 4 pieces of the kingpin set that buff resource production along with the Golden Godfather’s Ring for 70% more metal production. I use the resource collection set to collect Metal, Cargo & Cash in my turf & also whenever I use the shakedown skill. & whenever I collect arms I switch to the orange godfather’s ring to get 50% more arms production.

I haven’t work on my emblem’s much so most of my equipment doesn’t have them. I only have a level 2 bulker defense emblem on my MP5 Sub-machine gun & a level 1 cargo production emblem on my kingpin boots.

Now, let’s take a look at my skills. I am currently at SVIP 7 which means I get to switch for free between my 3 presets. My first preset is the battle preset, where I have invested mainly in bulker Health & Biker Stats (I haven’t invested in shooter & vehicle stats). After maxing out mobilizing limit at the bottom, I went all the way back to the top and invested my skillpoints in bulker defense.
For my growth preset, I’ve mainly focused on arms gathering & production, metal production & investment time reduction. And after maxing out investment time reduction, I invested the remaining points in investment cost reduction which helps me save resources.
And for my support preset, I’ve invested in Crew Training Capacity, Wounded Capacity, Street Ops Attack & Training Speed.

So, that’s about my skills, now let’s take a look at my vigilantes. For vigilantes I have Firelord & Marcus that I use as my main vigilantes for attacks & also for my wall as they currently have the best active stats out of all my vigilantes. I’ve mostly purchased all the other vigilantes for their passive stats & I’m yet to unlock a lot of the new ones as I slowed down a lot of my spending in the past few months.

And finally, my babes. I have Diana, Mai, Grace, Catherine, Karina & Angela, all at 5 stars & I have Marie currently at 2 stars & for their skills, I’ve only upgraded Karina’s Biker skill to almost level 3. My highest floor in the slammer is only floor 28 because I only have T8 troops & that is one of the reasons why my babe skills are still at a very low level.

So, that’s all I have for my account overview. I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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7 thoughts on “My Account Overview – Mafia City”

    1. Thanks a lot! Never though about that. However, I’m happy with my radar as long as it tell me the exact number of troops the opponent has. You only need a level 18 to do that.

  1. Flavio , i know your stat and your power is unrival at M23 , but i can never understand why you never upgrade your mansion beyond M23 . Before hitman arrived , i think I would be happy to have your account . But after hitman arrives , i think you are limiting you hitman hotel to level 23 only , and i think i can never have enough hitman coins . Jmho

    1. Because I don’t have farms as I mentioned in the post. No time to run farms. I gotta choose between making videos & farming lol

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