Mafia City – Bank Farms – Protect Resources without Bubbling your Main Account during Kill Events

(Note: This strategy will work best for players who don’t have a lot of troops i.e. If you’re using this strategy, you should be able to send all your troops out to Prisons, Secret bases & bubbled clan mates so that you won’t lose any troops if your mansion ever gets attacked. If you do have a lot of troops and you can’t send them all out, you could still use this strategy to protect your resources. However, in my opinion it will be better to bubble your main account during the kill event so that you don’t get raided and end up losing a whole bunch of power.)

The 3 day kill event is an event where people usually hit each other mostly for kills but sometimes also for resources. If you don’t have a lot of troops, it’s quite easy to protect them without using bubbles (truces) during this 3 day kill event since they can be sent to prisons, secret bases & they can also be sent to reinforce other players who are bubbled. However, doing so will make you vulnerable to attacks especially if you have a lot of resources stored in your mansion. So, a lot of players usually prefer to use 8 hour bubbles to solve this problem. An 8 hour truce costs 500 gold or 100,000 clan points. If you keep using bubbles every kill event, eventually you’ll run out of gold and clan points. So, what are you going to do when you reach this point and you’re not able to bubble during a kill event? How will you protect your resources? This post is going to deal exactly with this issue & will show a strategy that I personally use during kill events to protect my resources without using any bubbles on my main account. Even if you don’t reach a point where you run out of gold or clan honor to buy bubbles, using this strategy will help you save a lot of clan honor or gold that you would otherwise spend for buying bubbles. So, let’s get right into it:

To never use bubbles on your main account, you will need to have at least 5 farms. You’ll wanna donate daily on these farms every time you login. Try to donate 80 times a day per farm so that you get at least 15,000 clan honor per day per farm. So, over a period of 2 weeks (Kill event takes place every 2 weeks) you’ll be able to get more than 200,000 clan honor on each of your farms i.e. more than 1,000,000 clan honor on all 5 farms (which is enough to buy the 9 8 hour truces needed to protect your resources throughout kill event.)

The strategy is simple. Every kill event, one of these 5 farms are going to act as a bank to store all the resources that you have. This bank farm will bubbled throughout the kill event so this way you won’t have to worry about bubbling your main account to protect your resources and troops.

The bank farm will constantly attack your farms everyday until the kill event starts so that all the unsafe resources stored on them get transferred to the bank. One day before the kill event, if you find that your main account has a lot of resources on it then you would want to transfer all those resources to the bank as well by attacking your main. However, make sure you upgrade buildings and start investments that take very long on your main account before you transfer its resources. Once you’ve transferred all the resources, you can wait for the kill event to start & immediately when the event starts you will want to bubble this bank farm. The bank will stay bubbled throughout the kill event so you would want to keep a close eye on it. Try to time your bubbles in such a way that you can always login and re-bubble the bank whenever its bubbles run out. Every time it loses its bubble, make sure you hit your farm accounts to get the resources produced by their resource production buildings into the bank. You’ll be losing a lot of resources if you don’t do this. Also, Make sure you have the beck and call skill available on your bank so that in case someone tries to attack you while you’re hitting your farms, you’ll be able to immediately recall your troops and bubble up your bank.

When the kill event ends, you’ll want to select a new farm to act as a bank farm. There’s no need to transfer the resources on your old bank farm to the new bank farm when the kill event ends. Instead, you can attack it with your main account whenever you need resources there. This way you’ll be able to empty the old bank farm by the time the next kill event starts. However, in case you aren’t able to empty the old bank before the kill event, then you would have no option but to attack it with the new bank farm to transfer its resources.

This way you’ll be switching the bank farm every kill event & by the time you finish the 5 farm cycle, your first farm will have enough truces to bubble up for 3 days and this way the cycle will continue and you will never run out of bubbles on your farm accounts to protect you resources during kill events. And while you’re saving all the clan honor and gold on your main account that you would’ve otherwise spent on bubbles, you will be able to use them for getting better items like speed ups and advance teleports.

I hope you will be able to use this strategy to protect your resources. Let me know in the comments below if it works for you. Also, if you have some strategies that you want to share or if you have any suggestions on what I should post in the future, make sure you leave them in the comments down below as well.

Thanks for reading this blog post!

2 thoughts on “Mafia City – Bank Farms – Protect Resources without Bubbling your Main Account during Kill Events”

  1. Been following your guide on farms and its working out great, got 5 set up and rolling out cash ! Glad to see you post this as well.
    Keep up the stellar work.

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