Limited Time Vigilantes Are Back – Mafia City

Finally, the limited time vigilantes are back again & that’s what were gonna talk about in this post. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Limited Time Vigilantes are Back – Mafia City

Apparently their definition of limited time vigilantes seems to have changed now. Since earlier when they released goro & kazuma, a ‘limited time’ vigilante was a vigilante that you would never be able to unlock or upgrade, if you failed to do so during the event.
When they released these 4 new vigilantes last month. They called them limited time vigilantes too & said that they don’t have any plans of re-opening the recruitment event for these vigilantes in the future. Making it seem like they were never going to come back again which made a lot of players spend a ton of money to unlock these vigilantes. However, a month later, 2 of the 4 vigilantes are back again & now you can unlock them for a lot cheaper.
So, suddenly, their definition of a ‘limited time’ vigilante seems to have changed from a vigilante that you’ll never be able to unlock in the future to a vigilante that will be available for purchase in the future, but ‘for a limited time’.

This new definition makes absolutely no sense. Since it would classify vigilantes like Daphne, Glori, Director, Sei as limited time vigilantes too because you their packs are only available for sale for a limited time, you can not buy them every single day.
Even Vigilantes like Wayne & Serj would be considered as limited time vigilantes by that definition for obvious reasons.

Anyway, this event is going to last 3 days & the recruitment packs reset every single day. You get 1 free recruit ticket at the start of the event & the 3 free tickets in total during the event from the free packs. So, by just buying 2 $5 recruitment ticket packs during these 3 days, you’re guaranteed to get 600 fragments of Kenta which should be good enough to unlock his first skill, or even his 2nd skill if you already have him at one star. After using your first 20 tickets, you’ll get 300 fragments of Kenta for every 20 recruitment tickets you use.

In the process, you’ll also get a bunch of Taurus fragments as well which you can use to upgrade Taurus.

So, that’s pretty much all I had to talk about this event. Let me know what you guys think about this event in the comments down below.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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