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This post is going to show you a few ways to increase your Battle Stats in the game. Battle Stats are basically the bonuses that your troops get in battle  which help them do more damage to the enemy troops while taking less damage from the opponent. There are many ways in the game to improve your Battle Stats. Let’s go over them one by one. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

The most common ways of getting battle stats are from Investments and Leader Skills.

You can increase your troop attack, defense and HP by investing in the crew capability investments. Also, the War Maniac investment under the Advanced Arms Category can increase your troop attack. You can also get a slight stat buff from the equipment investments.

For leader skills, you should invest all your skills in battle category to get the best battle stats.

Another way of getting more stats is by upgrading your VIP level. The VIP stats can give you a huge advantage during battles so always make sure you activate your VIP before doing attacks or before you get hit by other players.

You can also use the temporary Attack and Defense buffs to increase your stats. These buffs help a lot and should be used throughout kill events if you’re trying to get more kills & reduce troop losses.

Apart from all of that, increasing your babe favor and starring them up will also help you increase your stats. Vigilantes like Ethan, Bruce, Marcus, Andrew, Paul & Angie Lee increase stats of different troop types.

Also, the Grade 2 clan investments can help your stats a lot especially if they’re at a high level. The Mayor, Governor & a few of their official buffs can also give you a huge increase in attack and defense along with an increase in March Size.

You can also get extra stats for getting various mansion skins & once you reach Mansion 30, you can star up those skins for better stats.

And finally, the most important way of getting better stats is from your equipment.

I would suggest crafting only purple quality equipment when you’re starting off. Crafting anything higher than purple will cost you a lot of checks because you will quickly reach a point where you’ll be having maxed out equipment for your level & you’ll be left with no option but to craft purple equipment from scratch which will cost you double the checks.

Level 25 is a good starting point for building attack equipment since you start getting 4 attributes per equipment from level 25. If you want to increase your stats you should craft any equipment that has 3 troop attack attributes. You can only get attack attributes from Guns, Weapons, Accessories & Shoes. So, if you’re only focused on increasing your battle stats you can ignore the pants and clothes. But if you still want some extra attack bonuses from these equipment types then you’ll have to use pants & clothes from one of the 5 sets to get them.

Once you know you have enough gems to craft a level 25 orange equipment you can start crafting it immediately & later dismantle your purple equipment to get some extra gems. Keep in mind that a level 25 orange equipment is better than a level 35 purple equipment & in the same way a level 25 gold equipment is better than a level 35 orange. So, even if you dismantle a high level equipment to get a lower level equipment of a higher quality it could still benefit you.

Later in the game, once you have enough fragments & topaz you could switch to the Terrorizer Set which only costs 5 golden gems per piece. If you’re willing to spend you could get the Massacre Set which costs $500 & 3 golden gems per golden piece. That is, $3,000 & 18 golden gems for the entire set & after getting the Massacre Set, you can also upgrade that to the Dominant Set for $300 per piece ($1,800 for the entire set) & you can upgrade the Dominant Set to the Warlord Set for another $300 per piece (another $1,800 for the entire set)

Those were all the ways to improve your battle stats. Hope this post helps you improve your stats & win more battles. Good Luck!

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12 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Battle Stats – Mafia City”

    1. I would suggest using 30-40% tankers & 60-70% Assaulters since assaulters get a defense bonus while defending tiles. You could also mix in a few Assault Vehicles (10-30%) along with some shooters (less than 10%) just so that you have all troop types in your march.

      However, it’s very risky to use a full march on tiles when you’re offline. Because even if you win the first attack, the enemy can attack you again (or they could ask a stronger player in their clan to attack you) & all your troops will end up wounded in the hospital after the 2nd or 3rd hit. In case you’re robing with 5 full marches & if they all get attacked, it could lead to your hospitals getting full and your troops dying. I would suggest that you rob only with T2 (or T6 / T9 if you don’t want to train T2) Vehicles for minimal damage on tiles at least when you’re offline.

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