How to Increase Power – Mafia City 2021

Over 3 years ago, I made my First ever Mafia City Video & it was about all the different ways you could increase power back then. However, since then a lot of new features have been added to the game so I decided to make an updated post about this topic. So, in this post, we’re gonna be seeing all the different ways you can increase power.

How to Increase Power – Mafia City 2021

There are now 7 different ways of increasing power in the game.

The first one is leader power which you can get by increasing your leader level. The higher your leader level, the more leader power you’ll be able to get. This source has a maximum cap since the highest leader level that you can get in the game currently is level 59.

The second one is crew power. This is the power that you get from all of your troops. The more troops you have, the higher your crew power will be. There’s no cap to this source since you can train as many troops as you want.

Then you have building power. This is the power that you get from all the buildings inside your turf. It goes up whenever you upgrade a building in your turf. Again this source has a cap since there are a limited number of buildings in your turf & each of those buildings can only be upgraded to Elite 6.

There’s Defense Weapon Power that is based on the number and level of defense weapons you have in your Turf. The more of these defense weapons you have in your turf, the more power you’ll get from this source. However, this source also has a cap since there is a cap on the number of defense weapons you can build in your turf which is based on the level of your wall & a few other factors.

Then you’ve got Contract Power. This represents the total power you’ve obtained by investing in investments, family businesses & hitman services. This is again capped since there are only so many investments you can do after which you’ll max them all out.

After that, you have equipment power which is based on the equipment that you have on. It also goes up if the equipment you’ve equipped has emblems attached to it & also if it is augmented. You also get extra equipment power from the Roadster Armaments that you attach to the Roadster you’ve equipped. Again, this source has a max cap since at a time, you can only equip 6 pieces of equipment, 1 godfather equipment & 1 roadster.

Finally, there’s vigilante power. This power is based on the level of your vigilantes & the equipment that they have equipped. The vigilante equipment power is not just considered for the vigilantes that you have on your wall, but it’s considered for all vigilantes that you have in your turf. So, for instance, if you have equipped 50 different vigilantes in your turf with equipment, then the equipment power of all those vigilantes 50 will be considered in your vigilante power & not just the 2 vigilantes that you have on your walls. Even though the equipment power of all vigilantes in your turf is considered while calculating this power, this source still has a cap since there are a limited number of vigilantes in the game. Once you have equipment on all those vigilantes & you’ve maxed out their levels, you won’t be able to get more power from this source.

So, these were the 7 sources of gaining power in the game.

You’ve probably noticed that there’s only one source of power that has no cap in the game & that is Crew Power. So, this means that even though there are a lot of different ways of increasing your power in the game. The only scalable one is to train more troops.

However, if you’re a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend training a lot of troops since even though they’ll give you a lot of power, a big player with much higher stats will easily be able to wipe them out in one hit & you’ll lose all your power in just a few seconds. Instead, I’d suggest that you focus on increasing your stats first & only train enough troops that can fit in your hospital. If you have way more troops than your hospitals can handle, then you can get rid of some of them during cross server events like governor & las vegas to get honor points which can then be used to redeem a lot of useful items like godfather coins, roadster points, leader experience, SVIP Points, etc.

So, those are all the ways of increasing your power in the game. In the future I might make a post on the maximum amount of power you can have from the 6 sources that have caps so we can find out what the max zeroed power in the game is. Let me know in the comments below if that’s something you’ll be interested in.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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