How to get the Warlord Set for $700 – Mafia City

NOTE: This trick works on the Dominant Set but does not work on the Supreme Set because there’s no level 42 normal equipment in the game that you can synthesize it with. It also doesn’t work on the Ultimate Set because the game doesn’t allow you to dismantle Ultimate Equipment.

This post is going to show you how you can get the full golden quality Warlord Set for $700. You can either watch the videos below or continue reading this post.

How to get the Warlord Set for $700
Proof that this technique works

Normally, the warlord set costs a total of $6,600 & some golden gems to make. You first need to spend $3,000 & some golden gems to make the full golden Massacre Set, then you need to spend $1,800 to upgrade it to the dominant set & then spend another $1,800 to upgrade the Dominant Set to Warlord. This method will only require you to spend $700 & you’ll be able to get the warlord set, however it is very time consuming & will also cost you a lot of gems & checks.

First, you need a Golden Massacre piece of any of the 6 types (shoes, pants, clothes, weapons, accessories or guns) for this to work. You can easily make a Golden Massacre piece of equipment for $100 as I have shown in my post on How to Get the Massacre Set for $100. You should easily be able to make a blue piece of the Massacre Set using the Fragments & Special Gems you get from the Massacre Pack. You would then want to make 3 blue level 30 normal equipment to synthesize the Massacre Equipment to purple, then make 3 purple level 30 normal equipment to synthesize it to Orange & finally make 3 orange level 30 normal equipment to synthesize the Massacre Equipment to Gold. Once you have a golden massacre piece, the next step will be to upgrade it to a Dominant piece & then to a Warlord piece.

The upgrades can only be done during the Set Enhancing Event, so make sure this event is going on in your city while trying to do this. According to the new game rules, the set enhancing event can only be seen by players if they have spent $1,000 or more on the game. So make sure you have spent that amount before trying this. You could also try contacting GM directly to get these packs before reaching the $1,000 limit, as one of my friend’s who faced this problem informed me.

Once you have your Golden Massacre Equipment ready, you’ll need to buy Massacre Set Enhancing Coupon fragments by clicking the Set Enhancing Coupon on the Event page. You need to buy 3 of these packs to be able to make a coupon which you can then use to upgrade your Massacre Equipment to Dominant Equipment. Once you get the Dominant Equipment, you’ll need to buy 3 Dominant Set Enhancing packs to upgrade that to Warlord.

So, this is how you spend your $700.
– $100 for the Massacre Piece
– $300 to upgrade to Dominant
– $300 to upgrade to Warlord

Once you make a Warlord piece, you’ll need to go to the Pawnbroker & dismantle the warlord equipment. Unlike the Massacre Equipment, which only gives normal gems for dismantling it, the Warlord Equipment will give you the special ‘Aquamarine Gems’ which you can use to make 6 Warlord pieces. The last few steps are similar to the steps for upgrading the Massacre Equipment. You’ll need to make 3 pieces of level 40 normal equipment of the same color as your warlord equipment to upgrade your warlord equipment to higher quality. You need to keep repeating this process until you get golden quality warlord equipment.

While making the warlord set, make sure you use your aquamarines sparingly so you have enough of them to make 6 pieces. You can always adjust the amount of blueprints & special gems you want to use by clicking on them.

If you have any doubts about this process I’d suggest watching the videos above. The first one explains the process & the second one shows you how to dismantle your equipment & select the amount of special gems & blueprints. I hope you found this post helpful

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63 thoughts on “How to get the Warlord Set for $700 – Mafia City”

  1. Hi, do you know how many special gems it will give me if I dismantle warlord? I’m preparing equipment to synthesize before dismantling, so I have them ready to replace the one that will disappear. But I need to know if I need to make gray or green or blue equipment. Thank you.

      1. hey,
        first of all thank you for all your tutorials and videos. Can you do a babe comparison video and wich one is the best to pick or rather a bracket comparison that would be realy nice of you you also could do the same princip on the equipment 🙂

            1. In your video in this blog the result from breaking down the Warlord piece was 48 gems. I finally did it and only got 45 gems so it must be a variable amount that it breaks down into. Still, I can make a blue piece, 4 greens, and 1 grey that “might” turn out to be a green. Its all good but still a lot of work and expense. If I had to do it all over again I would probably not do it. I do not think it is worth the time and expense, but just my opinion.

              1. Yes. It’s 40-50 gems. It’s really upto each player whether they want to do it or not. I’ve already mentioned in the post that it takes a whole lot of time. It’s usually players who can’t afford it that use the massacre & warlord tricks. For other players that can afford the sets & don’t want to wait for long, they prefer doing it the normal way.

  2. Oops post wrong spot previously.

    It cost $6600 for warload and those stats pretty good…

    But gold lvl 43 of regular equipment looks slightly better.

    Why don’t any top players use gold lvl 43 regular equipment?

    1. Because you need 100 blueprints to make level 43 regular equipment & blueprints are very difficult to get in this game.

  3. Hey Flavio.
    At first, thank you for all your great suggestions. Ive learned a lot. Short question about this post.
    Does anyone know if the dismantle is still working yet? Or was that fixed?

    I have 6 massacre equipmwnts in orange and thinking if I am upgrading to the warlord. After this proposal.

    At least I cant dismantel the massacre set at the moment…

  4. I have arrived at one Orange Massacre piece and I will synthesize it to gold very soon. So the questions start.

    First question. This system seems to work in Mafia City but has anyone yet tried it on Mafia City H5? There are some small variations in the two games and H5 is often lagging behind Mafia City.

    Second question. Once or twice a month I get a notice of an upgrade event but I have not spent $1000 yet so I do not see where to buy it. Is that the time to contact support and ask to buy the pack? Can I buy 3 packs at once or do I have to wait for the event to come around 3 times?

    Third question. Will the Gold Massacre piece instantly turn to a Gold Dominant piece or do I have to synth it up before I can advance to Warlord?

    In summary, its been a good bit of fun trying this, and I have a nice Massacre set to use while building the Warlord equipment. Thanks for the article.

    1. 1. I don’t know of anyone that has tried it on H5.
      2. You should be able to buy 3 packs at once if you contact GM since you haven’t spent $1000.
      3. You get Gold Dominant instantly

      1. I’m currently trying it on H5.
        The basics are there to get it done the same way.
        Hope the dismantle process works also exact the same and gives aquamarines also.

        Will keep updated.

        1. I was ready to try it today. The event is on but I cannot access the pack. So I contacted support on Facebook. Here is there reply:

          “Boss, I’ve confirmed it with the relevant staff. There’s a limit to the massacre set enhancing pack. The pack will appear after your cumulative purchase reaches 1000 USD. Sorry for the inconvenience that you encountered. 😢”

          Since this time, I have asked them what my cumulative purchases are over the last year and a half. I am contemplating moving on to another game. It is patently absurd that they will not take hundreds of dollars from me until I have already spent 1,000. My estimate is that I have only spent about $500 so far. Best to cut my losses as I cannot keep up with the spenders. That is unless someone has a better solution.

  5. I upgraded from massacre to warlord to then dissasemble it.
    When I did this, I realised my equipment is locked?
    Why is it locked, and how do i unlock it?

    This lock prevents me from dissasembling the warlord piece.

    1. Warlord costs about $6600 is that right?

      I don’t see any top players with gold lvl 43 regular equipment… Why not?

      1. Because you need 100 blueprints to make level 43 regular equipment & blueprints are very difficult to get in this game.

  6. Hey Flavio,
    First thanks alot for this, you helped.
    Now question:
    I got Massacre for 100. Now i have 4 orrange, 1 white and 1 blue. I will go for all orange, then 1 by 1 to gold.
    My question is can i make full dominant for 300$? I saw on video how to go directly to warlord but can i do that for dominant only?
    And second question.If i understud this correcly, i need only 1 gold massacre to buy full warlord or no? Am i wasting time getting massacre all to gold?

    1. Yes. It also works on dominant the same way it does for warlord. You also need only 1 massacre piece to get full dominant / warlord. You’ll be wasting time getting all massacre to gold if you’re going to upgrade to dominant / warlord.

      1. Bro, important question.
        As you see in previous question, I got to dominant. I have domintant Gun Gold. When i click to dismantle it say only “You will gain only 2 level 6 gems” i am afraid to click on it because I am not sure will I that 6 special gems so I can make 6 dominant equipments. Help please

        1. Watch the warlord set proof video in this post. It gives you the same message when you dismantle warlord but you still get special gems.

  7. Warning
    If you haven’t spent over a $1000 , you can’t see the set enhancement event! I found this out the hard way after synthesizing my massacre to make a gold piece. Now I’d have to buy massacre again!

    1. Thanks for the info. I had a friend inform me about this new $1000 limit they added. He managed to get the packs by directly contacting GM before reaching the limit. I suggest you do the same. I also added a disclaimer in the post about this new limit.

    1. It depends how much you’re spending on the game. Investing 600 in vigilantes is way better than investing the same amount in warlord. However, if you already have most of your vigilante passive skills unlocked then you might want to invest in warlord.

      1. Thx for response . Yeah I got most of the passive skills so probably wise to go for warlord. Do you know if they are ever going to issue city ports or merge cities. My city is dead 💀 thx

  8. Doing the massacre is taking forever. Any tips or tricks to make it go faster. Warlord would be brutal at this rate

    1. I would guess no since supreme is lvl 42 and the regular equipment does not have a lvl 42, just a lvl 43.

  9. Looks like crafting a Warlord takes a couple of days. The person who crafted it had a lot of speedups.

      1. Checks and gems are fine. Only speed ups is a problem. Credits to the person who tried and had so many.

  10. Could you also do a video on the main ways in increasing troop stats? I have seen some players with pretty high stats even though they aren’t formidable. Thank you!

  11. So it works for Massacre and Warlord but not Dominant? What about Supreme set?

    Does it mean that I can skip straight to Warlord with 1 Massacre then?

    1. It works for dominant & supreme as well. However, it doesn’t make much sense to build dominant (unless you want to stop at the dominant set) since you’ll have to jump to warlord eventually.
      The problem with supreme is that there is no regular level 42 equipment in the game that you can synthesize it with, so even though you get Alexandrites from dismantling supreme equipment, you won’t be able to upgrade the set to gold.

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