How to Get 10 Free Babes – Mafia City

Recently a lot of people have been asking me how to unlock 10 babes within a short amount of time because they want to get gems or some other premium currency in other games that they play. So, in this post I’m gonna be showing you all the different ways of getting babes for free in this game along with an estimate of how long it’ll take to unlock 10 of them for free.

How to get 10 Babes Without Spending – Mafia City

Currently, there are a total of 27 babes in the Game out of which you can only unlock 15 without spending.

The first 5 babes are extremely easy to unlock. You unlock Diana immediately after you start the game & then you can get 4 more babes, Mai, Grace, Catherine & Karina by simply upgrading your mansion level upto level 19.

However, once you get these first 5 babes it becomes a lot more difficult to get them without spending.

There are 2 babes that you can get from the Mafiapoly event which is an event that takes place once every 3 weeks for 7 days. You should be able to get 5 fragments daily while this event is going on. i.e. 35 fragments every week that it happens. You need a total of 150 fragments to unlock a babe. So you’d have to do this event 5 times to get one which would take at least 15 weeks since the event only takes place ones every 3 weeks.

There are 2 babes that you can unlock this way – Marie & Lin. So it would take about 30 weeks or 7.5 months to unlock both of them. For unlocking Lin, you first need to unlock the babe Angela which we talk about later in this post.

The next 4 babes that you can unlock for free are the family babes.
To unlock these babes, you first need to be at least Mansion 16 to unlock the family feature. Once that feature is unlocked, you’ll be able to level up your reputation level mainly by attacking high level street forces.

You’ll have to get your reputation level of any one family all the way upto friendly + 1 in order to unlock the babe of that family in the family store, then you’ll have to purchase 150 babe fragments to get the babe in the game. Once you’re done, you move on to the next family & repeat the same process.

In order to get a reputation level of friendly + 1, you need around 9.5 million reputation points in total. The maximum amount of reputation points you can get daily is capped at 258,000. That means it would take about 36 days to unlock a babe this way.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Getting 258,000 reputation points daily itself is a huge challenge, especially in newer cities where there are no high level street forces.

Assuming, you only attack level 35 street forces. You’d still have to kill 85 street forces with the blue devil roadster daily to hit that goal of 258,000 or you could kill 170 street forces without blue devil. Either way, it’ll cost you at least 850 energy daily since you need 10 energy to attack one street force. Assuming, you can get upto 250 energy for free, you’d still have to buy the remaining 600 energy which would cost at least 1800 gold every single day.

However, that’s not really that realistic since it takes about 9 months to unlock level 35 street forces in a city. So, if you’re in a new city, you’ll only be able to hit level 20-25 street forces in after playing the game for 2 months which give a lot less reputation points than the level 35s. Meaning, you’ll have to spend way more than 1800 daily gold on energy if you want to max out your reputation every single day.

Instead of 36 days per babe, I think a more realistic estimate would probably be 2-3 months per family babe. So it would take anywhere between 8 months to a year to unlock all of them if you’re just starting out in a new city.

Finally the last 4 babes that can be unlocked for free are the auction house babes which you can buy using gold. These include Angela, Ginger, Lena & Bella.

Angela costs at least 200,000 gold since you only need to buy 100 of her fragments to unlock her while the other 3 cost at least 300,000 gold each since you need 150 fragments. Obviously, they’ll end up costing you slightly more than that because 200 & 300k are just the opening bid prices.

It’s extremely difficult to get gold in this game. I have a video on how you can get enough gold to stay shielded during kill events without spending. I’ll leave a link to it in the description below if you want to check it out.

But let’s make an aggressive estimate here, let’s say you can get 50,000 gold every month which is really difficult to do as a non-spender but it’s definitely not impossible, we’ll also ignore how much of that gold you’ll be spending during the month.

If you’re able to get 50,000 gold every month, it would take you about 4 months to unlock Angela alone & around 6 month each for the other 3 auction house babes.

So, for the last 5 babes, I think it would be best to unlock the 2 babes from the mafiapoly event, 2 family babes & Angela from the auction house.

So it should take you anywhere between 7.5 to 9 months to get the remaining 5 babes without spending.

Obviously, you can also spend if you want to unlock these babes & it would cost you anywhere between $75 to $500 per babe depending on which babe you buy & how you buy them. You can also probably do it for as little as $10-15 but that would require months of buying $1 packs during the exclusive purchase events to get those 10 free babe fragments.

So, those were all the different ways you can unlock babes for free in this game.

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      1. I would like to know how to unlock Lin. I already have and maxed Marie but I still cant get Marie. What else do I need to do?

  1. Hello, there is a condition if you unlock Lin. It says you have to unlock angela first then you can unlock lin via mention event

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