Godfather Equipment Guide – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be talking about Godfather Equipment. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Godfather’s Equipment Guide – Mafia City

Currently, there are 10 unique pieces of Godfather Equipment & each piece can be of 5 different colors. The Green Pieces only give you one fixed attribute per piece. The blue pieces give you a fixed attribute along with a random attribute that you can customize. The purple pieces give you 2 fixed attributes along with one random attribute. The orange pieces give you 2 fixed & 2 random attributes & the golden pieces give you 3 fixed attributes along with 2 random attributes per piece except for the Golden Level 42 Godfather’s Watch which gives 3 fixed attributes along with 3 random attributes.

Once you unlock a godfather equipment that gives you a random attribute, you’ll be able to change it’s attributes for free twice a day. However, if you want to do more than 2 alterations in a day then you’ll need to spend gold depending upon the level & color of the godfather equipment being altered.

On reaching SVIP 5, you’ll unlock the multi-alter feature which will allow you to do 10 alterations at the same time for 5% less gold. This is a very useful feature if you’re planning to spend a lot of gold to get better stats on your equipiment.

You can also lock certain attributes while you’re altering stats. However, locking an attribute only locks the attribute type & not the percentage of the attribute. This means that the percentage of the attribute will keep changing even after it is locked. Also, from what I’ve experienced, locking an attribute always reduces the probability of getting high quality attributes on the equipment, so I wouldn’t recommend locking attributes on your blue or purple godfather equipment since they only give you one random attribute each. However, it’s better to lock attributes once you start working on your orange & golden equipment especially if you’re looking for 2 very specific attributes.

Now, let’s take a look at the 10 different pieces of Godfather equipment.

The first one is the level 1 Godfather’s Ring. It’s fixed attributes give you Cargo Producation, Resource Gathering Speed & Crew Load. It’s random attributes could give you, Crew Load, Resource Gathering Speed, Resource Production & Gold Gathering Speed. This piece of equipment is mainly useful for farms. However, you could also use it on your main account while collecting resources, gathering gold or while emptying farms for that extra crew load.

The next one is the level 5 godfather’s diary. It’s fixed attributes increase your training speed, reduce your upkeep & decrease your training cost. It’s random attributes can increase your training speed, training capacity, normal crime ops speed or increase crime ops speed while attacking street forces. This equipment is useful while training troops as it can save you a ton of resources & speed ups & you can also use it while attacking street forces to get a huge boost in your Street Force Ops Speed.

The next one’s the level 10 Godfather’s Necklace. It’s fixed attributes increase your healing speed, wounded capacity & reduce your healing cost. It’s random attributes could give you more Healing Speed, Wounded Capacity, Resource Production & Vault Capacity. The Necklace is very useful during City Royale or any other event where you have to heal a lot of troops. It can also be used to temporarily increase Wounded Capacity if you plan on defending an attack from a strong player.

The next one is the Level 15 Godfather’s Scarf. It’s fixed attributes increase your Reinforcement Ops Defense & Attack and Reinforcement Ops Capacity. It’s random attributes can increase your raid capacity, reinforcement capacity, reinforcement ops capacity, reinforcement ops speed & Reinforcement ops attack, defense & counter stats. I’m still not sure how the counter stats help. However, the reinforcement ops attack & defense give your troops extra stats whenever you reinforce someone so make sure you use the Godfather’s Scarf if you’re reinforcing your clanmates. The scarf is also good for setting raids as it can give upto 400,000 more raid capacity.

The next equipment is the level 20 Godfather’s Sunglasses. It’s fixed attributes increase your Defense Weapon Attack & your Crew Defense & Attack while Defending your Turf. It’s random attributes increase defense weapon attack, defense weapon damage, defense weapon build speed & wall durability. This is probably the most useless godfather equipment in the game as none of it’s random attributes are useful. The only 2 useful attributes it gives are the 10% Crew Defense & Attack while defending your turf so even an orange coat could easily beat it.

The next one is the Level 25 Godfather’s Coat. It’s fixed attributes give you more Crew Defense, Attack & Ops Capacity. It random attributes could increase your crew attack or defense while attacking turfs, during resource battles, while defending turfs or during normal battles, they could also increase your crime ops capacity. The level 25 Coat is probably better than the Level 30 Godfather’s Knife & Level 35 Godfather’s Gun since the knife & gun only give you an attack buff while the Coat gives you an attack as well as defense buff. It’s obviously better than the level 40 Godfather’s Cane as well since the Cane is only useful during Cross Server Battles. I’d always suggest using the Purple, Orange or Golden Coat for the Underground Tournament since it’s clearly better than the Purple, Orange or Golden Knife & Gun.

The next one is the Level 30 Godfather’s Knife. It’s fixed attributes give you crew attack, turn a few of your losses to wounded whenever you attack other players & also increase your crime ops capacity. It’s random attributes are the same as the Godfather’s Coat except the Knife doesn’t give you any resource battle buffs. I’d suggest using the Knife while attacking other players turfs to reduce your losses.

Then you have the level 35 Godfather’s Gun which is very similar to the knife. It’s fixed attributes give you Crew Attack, they turn a percentage of the enemy’s wounded troops to losses whenever you attack their turf & they also increase your Crime Ops Capacity. It’s random attributes are the same as the Godfather’s Knife but slightly better. The gun is again useful while attacking turfs especially if you’re attacking someone with big hospitals & want to kill a few of their troops.

Then we have the level 40 Godfather’s Cane which is mainly for Cross Server Events. It’s fixed attributes give you more Crime Ops Capacity, Raid Capacity & Crew Defense all during Cross Server Battles only. It’s random attributes are the same as the Godfather’s Gun but slightly better. This equipment is only useful during cross server events. I really don’t see the point in using it during normal events.

Finally, we have the level 42 Godfather’s Watch which is currently the best Godfather Equipment in the game. It’s fixed attributes give you Crew Attack, Defense & Crime Ops Capacity & it’s random attributes are again the same as the level 40 Godfather’s Cane but slightly better. The watch can be used for literally anything, you can use it for the tournament, during cross server events or even while attacking turfs. It’s like an enhanced version of the Godfather’s Coat with an extra random attribute slot.

So, that’s all I had to talk about Godfather Equipment in this post. Before I end it, I’d like to give a shoutout to Tefflon from city 126 for sharing screenshots / info of higher level Godfather Equipment.

Also, I’d like to thank my patrons Kamikaze77 (City 407), Jon Philips, Zippo (City 72), Lavialle Xavier, Pope Bathory, K K, DJ Danny D (City 440), Sidney Heath, Psychaos (City 158), Adam Quinn, BiggRyan (City 642), Chris, Andy Rodrigues, Saharudin31, Sidney Rich, Sage (City 519), Fluffy (City 509), Calculated Gamer (City 178), J Lopez, 12cz, PadrinoOfTheIRS (City 105), Nik0708, XxXReaperXxX (City 507), Casper, Cali Bug (City 487), Punisher (City 454), Achilles (City 429) , Don Hugo (City 487), Purple Swirl (City 153). If you wanna support me on patreon, here’s the link: https://www.patreon.com/flaviogaming

So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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