Family Treasure Guide – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be explaining how the Family Treasure event works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

The family treasure event is a gathering event that takes place every 2 weeks. Player need to be at least Mansion 19 to be able to join this event. On entering this event, you get to choose from 16 timeslots from 6 am to 10 pm city time. Each round lasts 1 hour & has a maximum limit of 2000 participants. You can apply upto 10 minutes before the start of each round & it costs 100 gold to apply. Once you apply for a time slot, it can not be changed.

Once you join the event, you’re required to gather resources from the Fortified Mansions on the map.

Your gathering speed will depend upon the level of the fortified mansion you’re gathering from. The level 4 fortified mansions at the center of the map give you the highest gathering speed. Using a gathering speed buff or the getaway drivers skill in this event will not increase your gathering speed. So, there’s no need to use gathering speed buffs during this event.

Now there are a few special rules for this event. If you lose a turf battle, your turf will not burn but it’ll be moved to a random location immediately. Also, all battles in this event will only result in wounded troops & you’ll have infinite hospital capacity just like city royale. You do not get any losses. You healing speed is also greatly increased in this event & healing doesn’t cost any resources.

Another important rule to be aware of is that the gathering points will only be added to your score once your troops return back to your turf. They will not get added when you recall them. So, you wanna make sure that you use the beck and call skill a few seconds before the event ends because it takes 3 seconds for your troops to return even after using that skill.

You get 2 types of rewards during this event. There are cumulative rewards that you get based on the amount of resources that you steal & there are ranking rewards that everyone who joins the event gets based on their rank during the event. Even the ranking rewards for the last 1000 players is pretty good so I think it’s totally worth joining this event even if you’re not going to play.

If you’re a non spender then you’d want to aim to get at least 8 to 15 thousand family treasure points so you can get those hitman coin production boosts. Since scoring 50 to 100 thousand points is almost impossible for non spender.

So that’s how the family treasure event works.

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So that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

2 thoughts on “Family Treasure Guide – Mafia City”

  1. Do you know if there’s a way to increase your march speed in this event? I feel like I’m a lot slower than others once I get into the event so that makes it hard to compete

    1. A lot of players use only bikers so their troops move fast. However, that significantly weakens their defense

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