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In this post, I’m going to be talking about all the new features added in this recent update. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post.

So, the first thing they’ve added is the Family Business zone Feature which allows you to farm Family Gold. In order to activate this building, you first need to build it next to your turf. Once it is built, it’ll start producing family gold over time. The Building can be attacked by other players. When a player successfully attacks your Business zone, they’ll immediately steal some of the family gold produced by it & they’ll also enter your Business zone. Once the enemies enter your Business zone, their troops will collect the family gold that it produces based on their gathering speed. The higher the difference between the enemy’s mansion level & your mansion level, the lower will be the enemy’s gathering speed.

Also, keep in mind that all the battles that happen in the family business zone will result in losses for both sides. Troops will not be sent to the hospital. Each player only get 3 chances per day to attack other player’s family buildings. The amount of family coins your troops gather will depend upon your crew load. So the more troops you send, they longer they’ll be able to stay at the enemy’s family business zone to steal their family gold.

This update is great for people with farms, since they can rob their farms’ business zones with their main accounts to get extra family gold on their mains. If you have a lot of farms, you’d wanna max out the mansion levels of at least 3 farms to increase the family gold robbing speed of your main account.

So, that was about the family business zone.

They’ve also added 3 now combination turf effects. The Sandstorm Lion Lair that gives 10% Bulker Attack & 5% Crew Attack when maxed out, the Guardian Season Wings that gives 5% Crew Attack & 10% Crew Defense when maxed out & the Damocles’ Cudgel Sword that gives 10% Biker Attack & 10% Crew Defense when maxed out.

And they’ve also added 2 new Ops decorations, the lucky clover ops & the skull air balloon ops effect that don’t give any buffs.

They’ve also added an auto throw feature for the dice game, they’ve added an option to disable notifications for the reputation reports & they’ve also added a new emote this update.

So, those were all the new features added in this recent Febuary 27th update.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

15 thoughts on “Family Business Center – Mafia City”

  1. Should I invest in all the business agency investments or just focus on the ones for my family ? Do they all improve stats overrall ? I cant find a section where you talk just about family agency investments. Thanks !

  2. Hi Flavio,

    Do you know if business zone can be destroyed? especially from the inactive players, since they are taking up space in our hive.

  3. Hey flavio
    Good day hru bro? Gonna ask u if change a family can loose the buffs from previous? For example from cosa nostra to the bratva
    My current is cosa nostra and want to change to the bratva , will can I be loose my buffs from cosa nostra ? Thanks bro looking for reply from you

  4. this is nice but it doesn’t tell you the steps to building this building.
    Where do you get the building from, do you have to be a certain level or power???

  5. I have the same question…we have migrated and are setting up out new hive and the place is littered with defunct business zones. Can they be destroyed?

    1. Yes. Just keep your troops in the business zone for 2 hours straight, then you should find an option to destroy the business zone

  6. Flavio,
    Hey man wanted to say hi and ask you a question I couldn’t find in some of your vids and other stuff. Once you’ve reached the family babe I’ve stared her up and I was thinking of switching family’s to get another babe. Do the buffs you get from being friendly plus one get reset . I know your starting again so your neutral but that means your loosing those attack and crew defense stats .? From the family you switched from. Hey thanks again and if you have any info or a link to something I may have missed I’d appreciate it. Doin much better with your help and vids. Goin e4 soon. Thanks bro

    1. Yes. You keep the reputation level of your old family, but lose all it’s buffs when you switch, you get the buffs of the new family. However, the buffs that you get from the family investments are permanent.

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