Conqueror’s Path Guide – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be explaining how the Conqueror’s Path event works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Mafia City – Conqueror’s Path Guide

This event is only open to players that have level 17 or higher mansions. Only 100 players that have level 17 to 25 mansions can join the battlefield. However, there’s no such limit for players that are Mansion 26 or higher.

Each battle is fought between 3 cities. The goal of this event is to defeat the other 2 cities either by eliminating their strongholds or by scoring the most points.

There are 5 stages for this event. The first stage is the qualifying stage where you’re placed in a group with 8 other cities & you get to play 3 matches within your group. You get 3 points for winning a match, 1 point for finishing 2nd & 0 points for 3rd place. If 2 cities get eliminated then the surviving city gets first place regardless of how many points they score & the city with the most points among the two eliminated cities gets 2nd place. So, even if you last longer than the other city, you could still get 3rd if you can’t beat the score of that city. Also, I’m not sure what happens if no one shows up & there’s a tie between the 3 cities. My guess is that the city with the most power will get 1st & the city with the least power will get 3rd. However, if you find out, let me know in the comments down below.

After 3 matches, only the cities that are at the top of each group will move on to the next stage. In case there’s a tie between 1st & 2nd place within the group then the city that has more power will get promoted. The power of a city is nothing but the sum of the powers of the Top 20 players in that city.

The next stage is the 81 city stage. In this stage, they’ll again be placed in groups of 9 cities & they’ll again get to play 3 matches within their group. However, after the 3 matches, the top 3 cities from each group get promoted to the 27 city stage. Again, in case of ties, the cities that have more power will be ranked higher in the group.

Once you reach the 27 city stage, all the matches that you play are elimination matches. You get eliminated if you lose a match regardless of how many points or how much power your city has.

After the 27 city stage match, the winners get promoted to the 9 city stage, where again they face 2 other cities each in an elimination match & the 3 winners of the 9 city stage get promoted to the final tri-city stage where they fight to win the whole event.

There are 2 different types of points that you can score in this event. There are gathering points & then there are kill points. Gathering points are the points that you get for occupying buildings like Bars, Casinos & Malls on the map & kill points are the points you get for killing or injuring enemy troops. Your city’s score is the sum of the gathering & kill points of all the players from your city participating in this event.

The kill & gathering points obtained by each individual player can be used to redeem useful items like roadster points & godfather coins. In my opinion, it’s best to exchange all the kill points you get for godfather coins & all your gathering points for either roadster points or leader experience.

Before the event begins there’s the territory division phase on Sunday & Monday where the system decides which cities you’ll be facing. From Tuesday to Thursday, the mayors & secretaries of the cities get to vote for a time for the match to be held. If the voting results in a draw, the the system automatically selects a time for the match. The Mayor & Secretary also automatically become commanders for the match & they get to select 10 more commanders during this period. On Thursday, the time for the match gets decided based on the votes. However, the mayor & secretary are still allowed to appoint or remove commanders until the match starts. Finally, the match takes place on Saturday.

When the match starts, there’s a 15 minute preparation phase where players can reinforce their stronghold & teleport around the map. However, no attacks can be done during this phase. In the previous seasons, players were even allowed to gather from the resource nodes near the stronghold. However, since this season, gathering during the preparation phase is not allowed. After the preparation phase, the battle begins & players get to attack all buildings on the map including the enemy defense towers & strongholds.

During the match, commanders get a few more advantages than normal players. They can activate commander buffs for themselves, they get to use more teleports than normal players & they also get to set city raids.

City Raids are just like super raids where all players joining the raid get the stats of the person that initiates the raid. However, city raids have a fixed maximum capacity of 5 million troops & they can be done for free. Each city can only do 10 city raids during a match.

Almost all battles in conqueror’s path result in losses. Your troops only get sent to the hospital when you’re defending your turf or your stronghold.

All the buildings on the map have a capacity of 5M troops. During the battle, your hospital capacity increases to 2.5 times of the actual capacity so you can fill a lot more troops in your hospitals during this event. However, healing them will cost resources & speed ups as usual. Once the event ends, even if you have more than your original capacity in your hospital, you will not lose those troops when you return to your city. However, your hospitals will be considered to be full until you reduce the number of troops in there to less than your hospital capacity. Injuring any of your troops, even while attacking street forces will result in losses while your hospitals are full.

There are 5 different types of buildings in conqueror’s path:

There are the Strongholds that are the most important buildings in the game. Each city has one stronghold & if their stronghold is destroyed, they immediately get eliminated.

The strongholds are protected by 2 defense towers. Your enemies will have to destroy both your defense towers first in order to be able to attack your stronghold. Always make sure both your defense towers are fully reinforced before the preparation phase ends so that you’re fully prepared for speed attacks. You should also be able to find a lot of level 1 Bars around your stronghold. You should be able to send your troops to gather from those bars once the battle begins after the preparation phase. Each Bar can hold troops of upto 5 players. The more troops you send, the faster you gather. However, the maximum number of troops you can send to a single tile is only 50,000.

Then you have the neutral bases. There are 4 of these buildings on the map. Capturing these buildings allows players from you city to gather from the tiles around them. The neutral base in the center is the best to capture as it allows you to gather from level 3 Malls which give you the fastest gathering speed. The other 3 neutral bases only allow you to gather from level 2 Casinos that give you a slightly lower gathering speed than malls but a slightly higher speed than level one Bars. The gathering for these tiles works the same as it does for level one Bars, the only difference is that they have a slightly higher speed.

Then you have the wreckage sites & gas stations. Occupying wreckage sites for a while allows your commanders to activate commander buffs while occupying the gas station for a while gives every member a teleport chance. Commanders get 5 times the amount of teleport chances that normal players get.

For the initial rounds, most cities just fight it out. You may encounter a lot of inactive cities during these stages & getting wins might be easy unless you’re unlucky. During later stages a lot of cities make agreements to avoid huge losses especially if they’re equal in strength.

So, that’s how the event works. Apart from the kill points & gathering points you get after every match. You also get ranking rewards based on your city’s rank when it is eliminated from the event. There are 3 types of rewards. The mayor rewards that can only be obtained by the existing mayor whenever the event prizes are given out. Individual rewards that can be sent by the mayor or secretary to 10 different players & they have city rewards that everyone in the city gets. Players also get individual rewards for the highest kill points scored in a single match & the highest total kill points scored in all matches combined.

The city that wins this Conqueror’s Path also gets to change the look of their city hall. So, that was pretty much all I had to talk about the Conqueror’s Path Event.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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