Canada Day Event – Mafia City

Hey! What is up guys? It is me Flavio here back with another Mafia City video. In this video, I’m gonna be explaining how the Canada Day Event Works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Canada Day Event Guide – Mafia City

The Canada Day event is another Raiding event which requires you to raid Maple Candy Factories to get Rewards. Each factory that you raid will give you at least 1 Maple Candy that you can use to get rewards & points. It requires 20 energy to raid a factory which is a little more than what it usually costs in these raiding events. However, the rewards still give you the same speed ups, resources, bonds, experience & vip points as usual. So, in my opinion it’s not worth raiding these Factories to get Maple Candies. You can also get upto 30 maple candies per day from the Daily Contract Chests, Attacking Street Forces & trading at the black market. I think it’s better to get your maple candies this from these sources instead of raiding factories. However, you’d still want to raid factories to complete the individual target of 300 Maple Candies for this event since it gives you a lot of family gold.

You also get a special turf effect whenever you use 20 maple candies at the same time which lasts for a while.

So, that’s pretty much all there is to this event. It’s not a pay to win event as you can not get any maple candies from packs so obviously the rewards for this event are not that great.

There are individual rewards that you get for using a certain amount of maple candies. I think it’s worth going all the way upto 300 points to get the rewards in the final tier of this event.

There are also clan rewards that you can get based on your clan’s rank in this event. The clan that finishes number 1 in the city will get the permanent Maple Leaf Avatar Frame. For the Global Rankings, there’s no Permanent Clan Badge since this is not a pay to win event. So, the top Global Clan will only get a 120 day Canadian Beaver Badge which gives the whole clan 3% more Bulker Attack & Defense. They also get a permanent Maple Leaf Name Tag & Chat Bubble.

So, that’s how this maple leaf event works.

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So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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