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In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the 3 new events that just started in the game, the Strongroom Heist Challenge, the European Heritage Day & the Bank Takeover Scheme. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

First up, we have the Strongroom Heist Challenge which is very similar to one of those chest collecting events that we had in the past. You need to collect Secret Map invitations in order to participate in this event. You can obtain 2 Secret Invitations daily from attacking Street Forces, 2 more from Gathering Resources & 6 from the Daily Mission Chests.

The rules of the game are quite simple, there’s a clamp that will move horizontally back and forth.

You hit the “Grab” button once to lower the clamp & you hit it the 2nd time when it’s over a chest to grab the chest.

Chests can not be grabbed while the Clamp is moving up.

You can also use a few different skills during the event.

There are 3 difficulties for this event,

there’s normal mode where the clamp moves at normal speed & all chests are visible. There’s speedster mode where the clamp moves at a much higher speed
& then there’s Shadow mode where the clamp moves at a normal speed but all chests are hidden.

Shadow mode & Speedster mode, both give the same rewards. So, I would recommend only doing the speedster mode once you unlock it. Since it’s pretty much impossible to complete shadow mode without spending gold on the skill to grab all chests.

For rewards, you’d wanna get roadster points & VIP points from the purple & orange chests, from the gold chests, you’d wanna get Godfather Coins, Family Gold, Silver Points, Experience & Purple Gem Boxes.

The next event is the European Heritage Day event.

This event requires you make pots & vote for pots made by other players. You can make pots & color them at the event page by clicking on the “Go” Button.

You can also vote for pots made by other players using Voting Tickets.

There are 5 different ways of getting voting tickets daily.

You can get 100 from Street Forces, 20 from the black market, 80 from tasks & 40 from Gathering. So, in total you can get 240 voting tickets for free per day. You can also get more by buying packs.

You can also collect pattern fragments that you can use during the event to unlock exotic patterns for your pots.

You can get 2 from the Black Market, 5 from street forces, 2 from daily tasks & 3 from gathering. So, in total you can get 12 of these pattern fragments daily.

You get rewards for voting for other players as well as for unlocking exotic patterns. If you unlock 10 exotic patterns, you get 1000 substance z & if you do 20, you get 3000 family gold. 10 exotic patterns will cost at least 15 Pattern Fragments if you buy all the fragments that cost 1 & 2 pattern fragments each. So, i’d recommend getting at least 10 exotic patterns to get the 1000 substance z. However, for the remaining pattern fragments, you can use them to redeem VIP points. You can get upto 84 pattern fragments from this event. If you use up 15 of these, you’ll be left with 69 which you can use to get 69,000 VIP points. Getting the 3000 familiy gold for 20 exotic patterns will end up costing you 35,000 more vip points, so I don’t think it’s worth it.

Finally, you also have City & Global Personal ranking rewards & well as clan ranking rewards for this event where players & clans are ranked based on the number of votes their pots get.

The Clan that ranks 1st in the city gets the permanent EU Heritage day nametag & the clan that ranks 1st globally gets the permanent EU Heritage Chat Bubble & Clan Badge along with other rewards.

Finally, the last new event is the Bank Takeover Scheme event.

This event requires you to occupy mafia banks by connecting your clan towers to them using Trust Centers.

Trust centers are like mini clan towers that have a certain area of effect. The first trust center needs to be built inside your clan territory & after that more centers can be built within your clan territory or withing the jurisdiction of other trust centers.

The Trust centers need to be linked to your clan territory for them to be operational. Each trust center will produce some resources over time which can be collected by your clan. Trust Centers also allow you to connect your clan territory to Mafia Banks so you cans can successfully takeover the Banks. Banks that are not connected to your clan territory, can not be taken over or attacked.

Even if you wanna attack enemy banks, you cannot do that directly. You first have to connect them to your clan territory via trust centers to do so.

All trust centers will be destroyed once the event ends.

24 hours after the event begins, the mafia banks will lose their shields & clans will be able to attack them to gain Embezzled Funds. Higher level Banks Generate more funds per hour. There are clan ranking rewards based on the number of Embezzled funds your clan has collected.

You can also collect debts during this event by visiting pubs on the map. There are 2 types of items you get from pubs, there’s the pub owner’s incentive item the you always get & the pub owners debt item that you get sometimes.

You can visit as many pubs as you want daily. However, the more pubs you visit per day, the less likely you are to find pub owners debts.

The debts that are collected will be added to the Clan’s Construction Funds which can be used to Construct more Trust Centers.

There’s are personal as well as clan objectives for debt collection. You’d wanna collect 350 debts to max out your personal rewards. & you clan will have to collect 18,000 debts or construction funds to max out clan rewards.

There’s also individual rankings for the players that collect the most debts during this event.

So, that’s pretty much how all these 3 events work.

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my patrons
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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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