Babe Growth Fund Guide – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be comparing the stats of the babes that you can get from the growth fund & I’ll also be explaining which babes are the best to get first & why. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Babe Growth Fund Guide – Mafia City

As you all probably know, the babe growth fund gives you a total of 35 Babe Growth Cards every month for $25. You usually need 150 fragments to unlock a babe, which means that it takes 5 months to unlock one babe and costs around $125. The Growth Cards give you an option to redeem fragments of 4 different babes – Angela, Bella, Ginger & Francesca. Out of these 4, Bella, Ginger & Francesca require 150 fragments each to unlock, while Angela only requires 100. This means that you can unlock Angela in just 3 months for $75 while all the other babes require 5 months & $125. So, my first pick would always be Angela since you can unlock her the fastest & start upgrading her to get your stats up quickly.

As far as the other 3 babes are concerned, let’s take a look at the stats that they give. You’ll notice that these 3 babes give a lot of common stats. So, the first step in comparing their stats would be to remove all the common stats to find what’s not common in these babes. After we’ve done that, it becomes a lot easier to compare them, BUT, there are still a lot of stats to compare. So, our next step would be to eliminate the useless stats so that we can only focus on the useful ones. The useless stats are the stats that have no impact on your battle reports, for example, Training Capacity & Hospital Capacity or Stats that have a very small impact on your battle reports like Vehicle & Shooter Stats.

After removing all the useless stats, you’ll notice that we’re only left with Bulker & Biker Stats & the Crime Ops Capacity Stat. Now It’s a lot easier to compare them.

If you’ve read my guide on How to Compare Stats, you probably know that damage reduction is the most important stat, followed by damage, health, defense & then attack. If you look closely at the stats these 3 babes give you, you’ll notice that Ginger is the only one that gives all 3 of these stats & even her damage stats are way higher than Bella’s damage buffs who is the only other babe that gives damage buffs. So, obviously, Ginger is the best out of those 3 babes & you should always pick Ginger after Angela. For, the last 2 babes, I don’t think it’ll make a huge difference which one you pick first since both Bella & Francesca give almost the same stats. You can cancel out Francesca’s 4% attack buff with Bella’s 1% Enemy Attack & 3% Enemy Defense Buffs & you’re finally left with 2% Damage vs 3% Health. I’d probably go for Bella’s 2% Damage if I had to choose, but, even choosing the 3% health buff wouldn’t make much of a difference. So, the order in which you’d wanna pick your babes would be Angela – First, Ginger – Second, Bella – Third & Francesca – Fourth.

I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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  1. Hey can you uodate or do a new Posts with the new babes? In which row i should unlock them?
    Thanks and regards

  2. Hey Flavio,
    Thanks so much for all you do for the community. Can you put something together that has the “Star Up” abilities for the girls? I mean the ones that only appear after you’ve maxed them with the cup game. Angela for instance (on PC at least) gives you an ops boost of 3,500 at her second star. Her other star ups are useless but the troops makes her worth it.

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