Age of Apes – How to quickly finish your Daily Quests

In this post, I’m gonna showing you the daily quests that are easy to finish so you can get you 200 points quickly every day. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Daily Quest Guide – Age of Apes

There are a few quests like training, building & research that will be very easy to complete in the initial stages of the game. However, as you make progress in the game, it’ll become increasingly more difficult to finish these quests. Because they’ll take much longer & will require a lot of resources which might make it very difficult to do them daily, so we’re gonna ignore these quests. We’re only gonna talk about quests that can be done consistently throught the game no matter what level city hall is.

So, The first thing you’d wanna do to immediately after you login would be to send your troops out to gather 20,000 food & 20,000 iron. You’ll immediately get 40 points after they return home with the resources. Then send your remaining marches to attack mutants. If you have 2 or more remaining marches, send them all to attack the same mutant as it’ll be counted as 2 or 3 kills depending on the number of marches you send & you’ll be able to kill mutants much faster this way. You need to kill a total of 5 mutants to get 25 points. Then you simply wait for them to return home & heal your wounded troops. You should get another 10 points from the healing.

While you kill you’re killing mutants, you can do the following to quickly get more points. First, use an 8 hour food production buff, an 8 hour iron production buff & an 8 hour gathering buff from your items. Each of these buffs give you 20 points & the best part is that you can actually get back these buffs from the 120 point chest. So, you’re not really losing anything by using these buffs. Also, once you activate the 8 hour gathering speed buff, the gathering speed of the troops that you’ve already sent out to gather food & iron will increase which means they’ll return home sooner.

Then you’d want to use any resource item from your inventory for another 15 points & if you’re training some troops, you’d want to use maybe a 1 minute or 5 minute speed up to get 15 more points. Then you’d wanna go to the Horde Shop & buy 2 1 minute speed up items which are the cheapest items there. That should give you 10 more points.

For the remaining points, you’d want to go to the arena to watch 3 legendary fights by using your premium tickets. Doing so will give you 15 points & a premium ticket. You also get a premium ticket from the 150 point chest, so you’re effectively only spending 1 premium ticket to finish this quest. Then you’d want to go to your fighter’s interface & use one experience item on them for another 30 points.

Once you’re done healing & your troops are back home, you should have just enough points to get all the daily quest rewards.

So, that’s how you do the daily quests quickly in the game.

You can watch the video above if you want to see how long it takes for me to complete them.

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